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    Hello everone


    I have deployed Cisco CSR appliance on my ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (12 CPUs x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6126 CPU @ 2.60GHz), the VM have one socket with 8 cores , the vm has two SR_IOV interfaces


    I disabled the Hyperthreading , np CPU affinity enabled  and I'm not sure is it right or wrong .


    the result after connecting few hundreds of clients to the machine( vm) . IO got CPU 70% usage and I saw the load is different on all cores as detached .







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    Доброго времени Уважаемые коллеги.

    В данный момент занимаюсь оптимизацией виртуализации vmware.

    Все 5 хостов объединены в кластер HA и есть некий сторадж, который хочу отключить на время, но заметил, что на данном сторадже некие файлы.

    Подскажите пожалуйста, что это за файлы и как они соотносятся с нашим кластером ?

    Если это так, как правильно и куда их перенести ?



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    I have inquiry from a customer and wonder if anyone can clarify.


    A customer (service provider) wants to set up a web page which their customer can access and download VMware Remote Console. By doing so, their customer does not need to create user account of My VMWare.


    Is above arrangement allowed or not?

    If it is not, are there any better way for the customer to download and use VMware Remote Console, other than each customer create My VMware user account solely for downloading VMware Remote Console?


    Please kindly advise.




    Tsuyoshi Kondo

    Licensing Support

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    I'm attempting to upgrade vCSA from 6.5U2c to 6.7U1, but keep getting a pre-ugprade check failed message.

    Error Message:

    Cannot validate target appliance configuration as not enough information from the source appliance can be collected. For more details check out the server logs


    I've restarted the 6.5U2 and even restarted the upgrade process with no luck. A search does not bring up anything unfortunately. Anyone have an idea what I might need to possibly check for?

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    「このホストには (1) に対して有効な指定のライセンスよりも多くのコア (2) があります。別のライセンスも指定してください。」というエラーになり、




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    Fusion Pro 11.0.2

    Mojave 10.14.1 or 10.14.2 guest on Mojave 10.14.2 host


    The process "Preview" hangs when opening JPG images, but works fine for GIF or PNG images.


    Finder's "quick look" behavior is the same (when attempting to preview the file by pressing the space bar with the file selected).  This appears to be handled by the process "QuickLookUIService (Finder)".  Running "qlmanage -p <file>.jpg" similarly fails.


    In Finder's Gallery View, the JPG thumbnail appears normally.


    The problem exists regardless of whether VMware Tools are installed.


    What makes one file type different than others?


    Reverting to an earlier virtual hardware version does not help (I tried available values back to version 11).


    Here is the end of the stack trace that shows JPG-specific calls waiting on a mutex on Intel graphics hardware that never unblocks.


      35  IIO_Reader::CopyImageBlockSetProc(void*, CGImageProvider*, CGRect, CGSize, __CFDictionary const*) + 101 (ImageIO + 100125) [0x7fff4ebc871d]

      35  AppleJPEGReadPlugin::copyImageBlockSet(InfoRec*, CGImageProvider*, CGRect, CGSize, __CFDictionary const*) + 1708 (ImageIO + 104576) [0x7fff4ebc9880]

      35  AppleJPEGReadPlugin::createImageBlockSetWithHardwareDecode(InfoRec*, CGImageProvider*, CGSize, bool*) + 85 (ImageIO + 926615) [0x7fff4ec92397]

      35  AppleJPEGReadPlugin::createImageBlockSetWithHardware_intel(InfoRec*, CGImageProvider*, __CFData const*, CGSize, bool*) + 343 (ImageIO + 531227) [0x7fff4ec31b1b]

      35  AppleJPEGReadPlugin::createIOSurfaceWithHardware_intel(CGImageProvider*, __CFData const*, unsigned int, VPA_HWJPEGDecodeSession*, __IOSurface**) + 74 (ImageIO + 527770) [0x7fff4ec30d9a]

      35  AppleJPEGReadPlugin::acquireSession() + 24 (ImageIO + 526358) [0x7fff4ec30816]

      35  _pthread_mutex_firstfit_lock_slow + 226 (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 5303) [0x7fff794ab4b7]

      35  __psynch_mutexwait + 10 (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 15990) [0x7fff793f5e76]

    *35  psynch_mtxcontinue + 0 (pthread + 10095) [0xffffff7f8204076f]


    Any ideas?


    Message was edited by: Octovon

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    Hi guys,


    After 10 years off Macword I try to be back on windows I've a fresh windows 10 pro with WSL enable and dockers.


    I installed VMware workstatin 15 but when I try to turn on my first VM I've a complain about DeviceGuard and/or Credential Guard.


    So I checked M$ website and I disabled explicitely these options. I read some conflict with Hyper-v, so I completely uninstall hyper-v in the optional features.


    Hower I still unable to start my VM with VMWare...


    Do you have an idea or a tips ?




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    On the findings page , Skyline is not showing any data, even after 48 hours.


    Please see attached screenshot


    I can see the collector and objects on the account page:


    Collector id is f719634f-f4ac-4a15-ae3e-10a0e6d9f807


    Many thanks

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    I have resolved some of the issues listed in proactive findings, however they are not clearing on the next run of the collector. So how do you clear these events?


    Thanks in advance

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    Failure Reason:Error creating virtual machine snapshot. The operation is not allowed in the current state. Snapshot creation attempt took [00:00:02] Graphics card is attached . How to perform snapshot. Can anyone suggest please.


    NVIDIA Corporation GP104GL [Quadro P4000] is attached.

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    Just upgraded to Fusion 11 and I find that 'vmrun' only works some of the time, it seems to crash randomly with the following output on Mojave.


    $ vmrun start ./virtuals/ nogui


    2018-10-22 12:28:02.050 vmware-vmx[2307:21400] GetInputSourceEnabledPrefs user file path = /Users/seanhig/Library/Preferences/

    2018-10-22 12:28:02.050 vmware-vmx[2307:21400] GetInputSourceEnabledPrefs effective user id path = 0

    2018-10-22 12:28:02.050 vmware-vmx[2307:21400] GetInputSourceEnabledPrefs user pref content = <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce1660d0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 4,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa39ba6a8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "AppleSelectedInputSources"} = <CFArray 0x7fe0ce167040 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable, count = 2, values = (

    0 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce166530 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 3,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fffa39de4a8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Keyboard Layout"}

    1 : <CFString 0x7fffa3993c68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout Name"} = U.S.

    2 : <CFString 0x7fffa39ca5e8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout ID"} = <CFNumber 0x37 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{value = +0, type = kCFNumberSInt64Type}




    1 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce166fc0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 2,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fe0ce1665b0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Non Keyboard Input Method"}

    1 : Bundle ID = <CFString 0x7fe0ce166f90 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = ""}





    1 : <CFString 0x7fffa399b748 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "AppleEnabledInputSources"} = <CFArray 0x7fe0ce128e60 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable, count = 4, values = (

    0 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce167080 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 3,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fffa39de4a8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Keyboard Layout"}

    1 : <CFString 0x7fffa3993c68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout Name"} = U.S.

    2 : <CFString 0x7fffa39ca5e8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout ID"} = <CFNumber 0x37 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{value = +0, type = kCFNumberSInt64Type}




    1 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce162fc0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 2,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fe0ce162f60 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Non Keyboard Input Method"}

    1 : Bundle ID = <CFString 0x7fe0ce162f90 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = ""}




    2 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce1630a0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 2,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fe0ce163040 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Non Keyboard Input Method"}

    1 : Bundle ID = <CFString 0x7fe0ce163070 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = ""}




    3 : <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce165fd0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 2,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fe0ce165fa0 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Non Keyboard Input Method"}

    1 : Bundle ID = <CFString 0x7fffa3a03d48 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = ""}





    5 : <CFString 0x7fffa3a0cda8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "AppleCurrentKeyboardLayoutInputSourceID"} = <CFString 0x7fffa3a2a808 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = ""}

    6 : <CFString 0x7fffa398b5a8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "AppleDefaultAsciiInputSource"} = <CFBasicHash 0x7fe0ce166050 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{type = immutable dict, count = 3,

    entries =>

    0 : <CFString 0x7fffa3998f68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "InputSourceKind"} = <CFString 0x7fffa39de4a8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "Keyboard Layout"}

    1 : <CFString 0x7fffa3993c68 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout Name"} = U.S.

    2 : <CFString 0x7fffa39ca5e8 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{contents = "KeyboardLayout ID"} = <CFNumber 0x37 [0x7fffa392a8e0]>{value = +0, type = kCFNumberSInt64Type}





    2018-10-22T12:28:02.132| ServiceImpl_Opener: PID 2308



    But it will work if I try the command a 2nd or 3rd time.  Sigh.  Looks like some sort of Objective-C dump.  But nothing useful.


    And VMware now makes it so impossible to file a bug report I think the only logical thing to do is go back to Fusion 10, and maybe just consider a move to KVM overall... this is not quality... and it shouldn't be so hard to file a bug about sloppy software getting shipped and then sold to poor folks like me that actually expect it to work.

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  • 12/27/18--08:36: VPN Failover - Automated
  • What is the best way to configure VPN connectivity between 2 sites (1 is NSX based and other is physical firewall)?


    Scenario (Current Configuration):

    • Site 1
      • 2 IPSec VPN Configuration configured as a Primary and Backup
      • Primary goes to corresponding Site 2 Internet Provider 1 Public IP
      • Backup goes to corresponding Site 2 Internet Provider 2 Public IP
    • Site 2
      • 1 physical Firewall with 2 different WAN (2 different Internet Providers)
        • 2 different Public IP
        • 2nd Internet provider is a standby provider
      • VPN Configuration is setup to fail/roll to backup link if primary fails


    Currently it is a manual process to disable Primary VPN in NSX and enable Backup, wanted too see if there was a better approach like using Certificate or different method?

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    after successfully resized a disk with :


    vmkfstools -X 25G -d eagerzeroedthick  /vmfs/volumes/FOOBAR/FOOBAR.vmdk


    How can I update inventory programmaticaly, via a Linux command line or via any API/script ?


    The size did not changed in vsphere 6.0.0 web client even after disconnecting and reconnecting, I need to unregister the VM manually from inventory and re-add it to see the disk changes via vSphere.


    Regards, GQ

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    is there a possibility to retrieve data via SNMP form Unified Access Gateway-Appliance v3.3.1??



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    How do you view the graphs on a generated vSAN Observer bundle? When I open stats.html, none of the graphs load in Chrome or IE. Any tips?


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    Hello guys,


    Does anyone know how to stop the emails of a new VMware Skyline Operational Summary Report being ready for download? I don't want these emails, I log on to Skyline when I feel like it to check it out.


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    Can I connect directly to a virtual desktop in a clone pool through Remote Desktop?

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  • 12/20/18--13:10: Instant Clones and vGPU's
  • Hi ,


    We have been using vGPU's for a long while now ( P4's - M60's - K2's ).

    However we are NOW just heading into Instant Clone Territory.


    Did i hear correctly that we have to use Dedicated IC's for vGPU's ?.. or are Floaters ok ?


    We will be using Win 10 rev 1803 probably ( is 1810 being forced on us yet ? )


    Anyone have any Advice for getting vGPU's working w/ Instant Clones ?.


    Trying to figure out how the POOLS would be designed ?


    One Pool Per Card Type Per Profile ?


    We try to only have One Profile per Card.. makes life easier .


    However we Do use M60's and P4's.


    Granted the M60's and P4's DO use the dame driver i believe atm.


    So in that case would I have one Pool per Q profile ?


    So a new pool for users that have either a P4 or M60 but all have a 2q profile lets say ?


    Users with a 4Q would require their own pool ?


    Anyone know of Docs Specifically for getting Instant Clones to work with vGPU's ?


    Thank you ,

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    I recently connected our vRealize Business appliance (7.5) to our AWS accounts, and discovered that I had to use detailed billing reports with resources and tags as a data provider. AWS is trying to sunset these reports and replace them with cost and usage reports:


    Detailed Billing Report with Resources and Tags - AWS Billing and Cost Management


    Right now you can only create detailed billing reports by setting them as a "preference", which limits it to 1 S3 bucket. Due to these limitations and the fact that these detailed billing reports are going away, can the vRB development team look into changing their data source for billing information? I know the developers and VMware product owners/employees occasionally frequent these boards.


    Thank you!

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    I've now had three reports of this so I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered it before opening a support case.


    We have a few users that have reported repeating characters when typing. This is seen on Horizon 7.4.0 (Connection server and agent) and the users have the latest 4.10.0 Horizon Client. One user has both a Mac and Windows machine and sees it on both. We only use the Blast display protocol.

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