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    I am unable to see device list in vSphere console from existing ESXi server.


    Got work around to run ’./service restart’ command in esxi server manually. Then only i can see all device. I need to do this every time when add disk from storage. Permanent fix from support is to upgrading vcenter to 6.5. Current environment is 6.0 update 2.


    Is there any alternative solution available with power cli for my problem?

    Can I execute ’./service restart’ from poercli without logging to ESX server ?

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    Hello All


    I have installed a DLR and VM is connected with respected logical switch.I have check all self IP is pinging but from VM to DLR and DLR to VM ping not happening.I have allowed default rule bu all allow but firewall status is showing stooped.  Do I need to start firewall in DLR?




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    3x Fujitsu Primergy RX2510 M2

    running ESXi 6.5 u1 (Fujitsu VMvisor-Installer-6.5-5969303-v411-1) with Intel I350 4port NICs

    All drivers are as vmware/Fujitsu ISO standard.


    HP ProCurve Switch 5406zl  with cluster uplinks connected to the same 24 port Gig-T ZL module.


    all 4 uplinks on each port group are patched into the same switch, have the same switch port configs (untagged vlan xxx)

    I have an intermittent issue with 4 vmnic4 showing "no networks". The vmnic in question is one port on a 4 port Intel I350 P4 card.

    Once a vmnic shows this state, its stuck that way until I either down and up the vmnic, or reboot the host.


    A week later a second host did exactly the same with a different port on the same make/model of 4-port card.

    about 10 days later the 3rd host also did the same with a different port again.


    If i vmotion the VM to another host its fine.

    If i drop the problem vmnic out of the port group, the vms are fine on the remaining uplinks.


    the problem NIC on each server is one port in a 4 port card, with all 3 other links functioning perfectly before and after.


    I have been all over this including wiresharking the problem port from a VM.  The "no networks" uplink still shows some traffic from the LAN, however a lot of ARPs are going unanswered etc. so Im not convinced this is a flakey port.  However Ive also replaced the 4 port NIC in one server, only to have the issue reappear a week later.


    esxcli network nic stats get -n VMNIC4 reveal the following:


    Receive FIFO errors 57039176

    Receive missed errors: 57039176


    No other errors are shown.


    Any pointers on this would be a huge help!




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  • 01/07/19--01:36: LAN port not ping host
  • Hi

    I have installed a vmware pro 12.0.0 build-2985596 on my laptop with windows 7 64 bit and inside the vmware I installed two windows 7 one with 32 and other with 64 bit and every thing was fine regarding the wifi connection but I cannot communicate by LAN port with host with IP but the main windows can ping with this device (host).

    any idea please

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    As an assignment, we're supposed to create the following scenario:


    We only have access to one PC for the servers. Our instructor suggested creating a virtual machine inside VMWare Workstation and loading up VMWare ESXi in the virtual machine; then we are to create 4 virtual machines inside ESXi for the servers mentioned above.

    I don't quite understand why do we have to go through all this trouble. We've only been breathly introduced to Workstation so I don't know what advantage does ESXi have over just creating four virtual machines on the system. On the other hand, I don't know how to make the four virtual machines inside ESXi accessible through the switch. I thought of setting both Workstation and ESXi to bridge mode but I couldn't find anything online backing this idea. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with these two questions.

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    I have looked into few Python APIs and its very tough to find any host related operations which doesn't need vCenter.


    Is there any API in python to reboot/shutdown the standalone ESXi host ?

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    Good day! After installing the update on VCSA and the web interface, the VUM control disappeared.

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    I am running Linux in VMWare Fusion 11. My underlying OS is Mojave. Often times when working in my Linux environment, I need to screenshot for documentation. My preferred method of doing this on my Macbook is with Command+Control+Shift+4. This works perfectly when operating exclusively on Mojave.


    However, when I move to my Linux environment and try to execute the same selective screenshot commands, the window I am capturing mutates, distorts, and squirms out of my screen grabbing cross hairs. This is incredibly frustrating, as I often takes me multiple times to clip my screen. Speaking to a colleague, he has seen the issue as well.


    Has anybody experienced similar problems and found a resolution. I understand that there are other tools and ways to take a screenshot, however it would be optimal if the above was resolved, instead of suggesting new tools.


    Appreciate the help!

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  • 01/08/19--11:55: VMware Standalone converter
  • Official document for validating the creation of account "VMware_Conv_SA" being created automatically when vCenter Converter Standalone is installed/used.

    Please suggest.

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    Guten Tag

    Ich stelle unterschiedliches Verhalten fest bei Netzwerkunterbrechungen bei verschiedenen OS.

    Horizon Client auf Win7 - recht tolerant - Session bleibt lange erhalten und fährt dann weiter wenn Netzwerk wieder verfügbar ist.

    Horizon Client auf Win10 - gar nicht tolerant - Netzwerkstecker raus - Session wird geschlossen.

    Getestet auf derselben hardware (Dualboot mit Win7 und Win10)


    Im Büro auf win10 (andere HW) sieht es ein wenig besser aus, so ca. 5s, lustigerweise wird die Session noch aktualisiert und gleich darauf erhält man die Meldung, dass die Verbindung geschlossen wird.


    Somit liegt das Verhalten wohl nicht am server - Netzwerktreiber Einstellungen?


    Wie mache ich Horizon View tolerant gegenüber Unterbrechungen im Netzwerk (vorwiegend eine Thema wenn man Mobil unterwegs ist und nicht dauernd möchte dass die Verbindung geschlossen wird)


    Freundliche Grüsse

    R. Jutzi

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    We have a possible corruption with some files on a Linux machine production.  I am trying to do a low file restore using Veeam for comparison.  I have access to vmdk files from many backup restore  points.  After adding an existing virtual drive (using the restored vmdk) from the vSphere client to a new Linux machine, what do I need to do on Linux side?


    ls /dev/sd* (after a reboot shows sdb, sdb1, sdb2 in addition to sda, sda1, sda2).  Do I just mount the device sdb to a directory?  Its been a while..





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    I'm developing a plugin for vSphere html client(build number  I want to add a entry in the global object navigator, and limit the access to vCenter user who has privilege Global.Licenses(just for example here). Sample plug-in.xml below. I login with vCenter administrator which has all privileges, but when access it,  H5 client shows "You have no privileges to view this object or it does not exist.". It works if i remove the privilege metadata. This issue blocks the implementation of privilege control for the extension. Is it a H5 client defect? It would be appreciated if you can shade some light on this asap, tks.


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    When add a host to vCenter Server have a error:


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    I am using Vcenter's REST api to remotely shutdown all installed guest vms. To do this I use this call: REST API - shutdown


    Example call:

    POST https://{server}/rest/vcenter/vm/{vm}/guest/power?action=shutdown


    This works really well but only for those guest vms which have vmware tools installed. Unfortunately, there are a couple of vm installations which operating system is not supported by vmware tools, therefore it cannot me installed.



    Is there any way to trigger a graceful shutdown remotely by sending a (service) call to vcenter even if the guest vm doesn't have the tools installed? (Doesn't have to be REST – Can also be anything else like SNMP)




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  • 01/09/19--00:15: Search for vsphere webclient
  • Hi Team,


    I have esxi 6.7 running on a poweredge.

    What I'm having a hard time is trying to locate the vsphere web client for v6.7.

    The portal of the esxi 6.7 has a link to get me to the vcenter , but I just need the vsphere client to manage the gui of my esxi.


    Could you have a link to download the vsphere web client copied to this thread.


    Thank you


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    I tried to update an existing SUSE-Linux 9 on vmware Fusion 11 on High Sierra. The vm-machine was running fine with vmware 6 on macOS 10.10.

    I logged in as root and ran ./vmware-install. This worked, but at some point I got the following messages, like shown in the screenshot.

    I am not a total linux expert, but I need this old Linux mainly because of an perfectly working Lyx.

    Thanks for all support!

    EDIT: Would it make a difference, to start to install SUSE-Linux from scratch on Fution 11? (I would have do get an external DVD-Player first, that's why I am asking and not trying immediately...)

    Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-01 um 14.48.06.png

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    I have to renew my VCP6-DCV by April and I"m trying to download ISO's for Vsphere 6.5 but I get an error message saying I'm not entitled to download. When I go to the free trial section it takes me to Vpshere 6.7, I don't want this version, I want 6.5. What is the correct way for someone who is investing their time and money getting certified on the VMWare product line to obtain the required software for their lab to complete their training?

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  • 01/08/19--06:39: vCenter Upgrade Name
  • Hello,
    today i upgrade my vCenter from  6.0 to 6.7 like this
    The upgrade works fine.



    After the upgrade my old appliance VMCBDF01 shuts down.
    My new appliance gets the internal name and the IP from the old appliance (VMCBDF01).
    In vSphere the name of the VM was VCSABDF01 (the name i give during the update process).

    I rename the old appliance name in vSphere to VMCBDF01.old and rename the new appliance name to VMCBDF01.
    After that the vCenter doesn't work.



    I revert the snapshot (i create one after finishing the update process) and rename the name of the appliance to VCSABDF01.
    Then the appliance works fine. The internal name of the appliance is VMCBDF01.



    Then i do a storage vmotion of the old appliance (VMCBDF01.old), rename the new appliance in vSphere to VMCBDF01, do a storage migration and now all works fine….


    But i don't understand ??!!I

    Was the renaming of the new appliance in vSphere the problem?

    All the time the internal name of the new appliance was VMCBDF01 (same like the old one).




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    since a few weeks I can't anymore suspend Win10 VMs. If I try to suspend a Win10 VM the progress bar appears and it seems to suspend the VM but then it stopped and the progress bar disappears and the VM is still active. The only way to is to shut down the Win10 VM  itself. Any idea?


    Best regards


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    When I try to copy files or folder with copy/paste from my local Windows 10 VM to a Windows 10 (x64) 1809 guest the VM will hang intermittently during the copy.

    The copy dialog remains forever without any further progress:


    If I try to exit VMware Workstation I get an error message that the VM is busy:

    The only thing left I can do is reboot the host but after that the VM is boots up with a black screen and is unusable.


    The host is running 1809 insider preview build 18305

    I tested both WS14 (14.1.5) and 15 and both show the same behaviour.

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