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    Hi All,

    I used ovftool to deploy a vm and got a power on error. Could someone have some experience on possible reasons?

    I searched online and someone mentioned resource limited resource. However, I didn't see such errors on the host.

    Thanks for the help!



    disk progress: 1%^MDisk progress: 2%^MDisk progress: 3%^MDisk progress: 4%^MDisk progress: 5%^MDisk progress: 6%^MDisk progress: 7%^MDisk progress: 8%^MDisk progress: 9%^MDisk progress: 10%^MDisk progress: 11%^MDisk progress: 12%^MDisk progress: 13%^MDisk progress: 14%^MDisk progress: 15%^MDisk progress: 16%^MDisk progress: 17%^MDisk progress: 18%^MDisk progress: 19%^MDisk progress: 20%^MDisk progress: 21%^MDisk progress: 22%^MDisk progress: 23%^MDisk progress: 24%^MDisk progress: 25%^MDisk progress: 26%^MDisk progress: 27%^MDisk progress: 28%^MDisk progress: 29%^MDisk progress: 30%^MDisk progress: 31%^MDisk progress: 32%^MDisk progress: 33%^MDisk progress: 34%^MDisk progress: 35%^MDisk progress: 36%^MDisk progress: 37%^MDisk progress: 38%^MDisk progress: 39%^MDisk progress: 40%^MDisk progress: 41%^MDisk progress: 42%^MDisk progress: 43%^MDisk progress: 44%^MDisk progress: 45%^MDisk progress: 46%^MDisk progress: 47%^MDisk progress: 48%^MDisk progress: 49%^MDisk progress: 50%^MDisk progress: 51%^MDisk progress: 52%^MDisk progress: 53%^MDisk progress: 54%^MDisk progress: 55%^MDisk progress: 56%^MDisk progress: 57%^MDisk progress: 58%^MDisk progress: 59%^MDisk progress: 60%^MDisk progress: 61%^MDisk progress: 62%^MDisk progress: 63%^MDisk progress: 64%^MDisk progress: 65%^MDisk progress: 66%^MDisk progress: 67%^MDisk progress: 68%^MDisk progress: 69%^MDisk progress: 70%^MDisk progress: 71%^MDisk progress: 72%^MDisk progress: 73%^MDisk progress: 74%^MDisk progress: 75%^MDisk progress: 76%^MDisk progress: 77%^MDisk progress: 78%^MDisk progress: 79%^MDisk progress: 80%^MDisk progress: 81%^MDisk progress: 82%^MDisk progress: 83%^MDisk progress: 84%^MDisk progress: 85%^MDisk progress: 86%^MDisk progress: 87%^MDisk progress: 88%^MDisk progress: 89%^MDisk progress: 90%^MDisk progress: 91%^MDisk progress: 92%^MDisk progress: 93%^MDisk progress: 94%^MDisk progress: 95%^MDisk progress: 96%^MDisk progress: 97%^MDisk progress: 98%^MDisk progress: 99%^MTransfer Completed

    Powering on VM: first_nestvm_vc-11238284

    ^MTask progress: 0%^MTask Failed

    Error: Task failed on server: Module 'MonitorLoop' power on failed.

    Deleting VM

    2019/01/09 01:06:36 UTC MainThread ERROR hwelib.common deployvc failed and took 3 minutes and 29.603 seconds. Please check error and try again

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  • 01/08/19--17:26: ovftool datastore naming
  • Hi All,


    I got the following errors when I use ovftool to deploy a VM.

    Is it the new datastore name for this newly deployed VM or some existing one which I should find somewhere?

    Although I used the suggested name ds-01 and avoided this error. I am wondering why. Thanks!



    Invalid target datastore specified (nest01-ds): Possible completions:



    Completed with errors





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    I have a VCSA 6.5 with the following Cluster configurations


    Tow Clusters

    ClusterA ip scope

    ClusterB IP scope


    My VCSA is in ClusterA with IP address of


    My requirement is to setup VCHA between the two clusters which are located in two locations with a RTT of 7ms

    Can this be done because the Subnet is different and is there a way to do this with different subnet


    Many thanks


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    Hi All,


    Using an Intel i7 4770 which has the Intel onboard HD 4600 graphics. I've passed this through to the Win10 VM and as a result I now have QuickSync/Hardware acceleration working for a CCTV tool I'm using.

    What is not working is the HDMI onboard of the motherboard and part of the HD4600 - if I cable this to an external display, I get no output at all.


    Any thoughts as to what I can check?


    Im using latest Intel drivers, Win10 updates and ESX


    Thank you

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  • 01/08/19--17:48: Mixed Workloads
  • IHAC with mixed workloads with a great disparity in their desktop composition. Have some 3D CAD graphics virtual desktops and then some lower-level knowledge and task workers who do not require the same kind of CPU speed. For CAD desktops, we are talking about 6 vCPUs per desktop. And with CAD, high speed cores are needed, like 3.2Ghz, at least. High speed cores dont usually come in high quantities, so CPU is a limiting factor when it comes to consolidation ratios.


    That said, there will be the smaller task and knowledge worker desktops sharing the same V-Series VxRail platforms with the CAD desktops. Each type will use 2 vCPUs per desktop. That will allow me to increase the consolidation ratio more than it would be if all the desktops were the 3D CAD ones. BUT it seems like a colossal waste to have them using the 3.2 Ghz cores. Besides building a totally separate cluster for the task and knowledge worker desktops with slower CPU cores (and more of them), can they be deployed on the same cluster with the CAD desktops BUT in a way so as to use only a portion of the 3.2 Ghz cores and perhaps allow me to double up their number (or something like that)  and further increase consolidation ratios?


    Am I making sense or talking kaka?

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    nsx privilege password is not working after the password change in nsx manager. however I didn't execute the write command. can you somebody help me to restore my old password.

    I even powered off the NSX manager appliance, still my old password is not working..


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    I see Solaris 11.4 is supported under ESX, but no listing for under Workstation 14 or 15.


    Where do we stand on getting support for Solaris 11.4 under VMWare Workstation Pro 15?


    I'd hate to have to revert to using Oracle VirtualBox just because VMWare can't figure out how to run 11.4...

    But if VMWare cannot deduce how to do this, perhaps I'd be better off with VirtualBox.

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  • 01/08/19--19:16: Cannot install VMware
  • Hello sir, I have any problem install VMware and it's show form message but it doesn't detail about error codeCapture.PNG@

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    I've installed an ESXi evaluation and stumbled upon a bug. Reported it to @vmwarecares on Twitter and they've told me to report it here. This isn't a question, but merely a bug report to the development department. I couldn't submit this through the support page, as evaluations aren't listed (it requires to select a product, but there are none for that reason).


    Product: VMware ESXi Version: 6.5.0 (Build 5224529) - Image profile: ESXi-6.5.0-4564106-standard (VMware, Inc.)

    Category: BUG

    Behaviour: When an invalid SSL certificate is uploaded through the vSphere web client, it's refused but applied nevertheless, crashing any and all of the management daemons.

    Expected behaviour: When an invalid SSL certificate is uploaded through the vSphere web client, vSphere web client throws an error.

    Steps to reproduce:


    1. Login to the vSphere web client (https://{$IP}).
    2. Navigate to Host -> Manage -> Security & Users -> Certificates.
    3. Click 'Import new certificate'.
    4. Import any, single PEM encoded certificate.
    5. vSphere will throw an error, rejecting the certificate.
    6. Wait a few minutes.
    7. Refresh the web client (hard refresh!), it will refuse the connection.
    8. Login to the SSH daemon, most management actions will be impossible (eg, vim-cmd, esxcli, will throw an refused connection error).


    Steps to diagnose:


    1. The VPXA log (/var/log/vpxa.log) contains this line:
      [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Failed to initialize the SSL context: N7Vmacore3Ssl12SSLExceptionE(SSL Exception: error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch) --> Panic: Failed to initialize the SSL context.


    Steps to fix:


    1. Execute: /sbin/generate-certificates
    2. Restart the management daemons: restart

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          Hi all. Recently, our company plans to get VMware Ready certification for the server. What do I need to do? How can I achieve this? Thanks for any and all answer.

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    we have a DELL server with installed VMWARE ESXI 6.7 and a virtual machine with Windows 10 Pro. We have connected a modem to the serial port of the server and in the "virtual hardware" of the virtual machine on "serial port 1" we setted "use physical port". After few commands sended to the modem it will no longer be reachable and the port com1 result that is occupied until the restart of the virtual machine. Are there any options to set on the host or on the virtual machine to fix this?



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    Cross vCenter vMotionを用いて仮想マシン移行を考えております。


    前提条件として、vMotion対象のvCenter Serverの疎通が必要ですが、

    vMotionのNWのみ疎通できれば、Cross vCenter vMotionの移行は可能でしょうか。







    iSCSI      :疎通が不要

    NFS        :疎通が不要

    vMotion     :疎通が必要

    vSphere FT    :疎通が不要

    vSphere HA   :疎通が不要



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    Hi All

    I've a VM which has 106 snapshots and still running on the snapshots.

    In the esxi datastore it has 1.81 TB space and only 814 GB space is available.

    I need your advise on whats  the best way to consolidate these snapshots. And what would be the steps and what are the risk involves.

    I can do V2V converter or disk clone using vmkfstool.

    Also, is it possible to find-out the reason of the creation of these snapshots. it looks to me someone create a snapshot year ago and forget to delete that. Which creates this mess.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Is there any way to change the blueprint associated with a managed machine? We have some old blueprints we want to get rid of as we are reorganizing vRA, but there are still active machines tied to them. I have tried using the bulk import method and changed the blueprint and component values, but after importing those values did not change. I suppose we could unregister them from vRA first and then try Bulk import, but I was hoping there was an easier solution.




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    Trying to get IPSec VPN working with certificates but I keep getting this error when trying to publish changes.  The certificates are valid and I can resolve the fqdn via DNS fine.  Works fine using PSK.  I have tried using the fqdn in the PeerID as the error suggests but it made no difference.  The hosts are on the same subnet so there is nothing blocking them.  The remote peer is a Palo Alto firewall if that changes anything. 


    Any thoughts as to why certs won't work please?


    Thank you.

    NSX ESG VPN error.JPG

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    Hi all,


    I'm running into this error:


    pwsh >  Get-PatchBaseline

    Get-PatchBaseline : The 'Get-PatchBaseline' command was found in the module 'VMware.VumAutomation', but the module could not be loaded. For more information, run 'Import-Module VMware.VumAutomation'.

    At line:1 char:1

    + Get-PatchBaseline

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (Get-PatchBaseline:String) [], CommandNotFoundException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CouldNotAutoloadMatchingModule


    Name                       Value
    ----                       -----
    PSVersion                  6.1.0
    PSEdition                  Core
    GitCommitId                6.1.0
    OS                         Darwin 17.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 17.7.0: Fri Nov  2 20:43:16 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4570.71.17~1/RELEASE_X86_64
    Platform                   Unix
    PSCompatibleVersions       {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...}
    PSRemotingProtocolVersion  2.3
    WSManStackVersion          3.0



    Any suggestions?






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    First I acknowledge  that  Fedora Rawhide is not officially supported.   Nevertheless, WS 15 works great on  that OS with kernel 4.21.0-0.rc0.git1.1.fc30.x86_64.  


    If  anybody has gotten WS 15  to compile on a distro using Linux kernel 5.orc1 I would be more than happy to try and confirm.


    If anybody at VMware is  working on kernel 5.0 I am attaching a zipped archive of vmware-5455.log and  vmware-apploader-5455.log


    Here we go again.  Thanks Linus.   BTW Virtualbox 6.0 fails to compile as well but of course that's another  forum.

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    1,使用windows server 2016系统作为RDS主机并安装好Agent 7.7;






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  • 01/08/19--15:52: VM Player and macOS
  • hi...perhaps I am straying from the intent of this board by using a VMPlayer modified to allow a macOS install. If so, I guess I'll hear about it.


    My intentions are noble. I am trying to help a friend who has a mac by loading it on my VMPlayer, which I normally use for Windows apps.


    I have a fairly in-depth knowledge of DOS/Windows under the hood and I am hoping to have a fairly in-depth discussion about how VMPlayer 14 and 15 boots a macOS system. Thus far, I have been unable to get VM Player to recognize the OS created by a conversion from mac dmg filer converted to an ISO file.


    I am just being introduced to EFI bios and it seems in many ways close to that of DOS, and maybe Unix. I understand thus far that EFI does not require a boot loader and that it can map the macOS in an ISO file directly into memory.


    That's a neat trick in itself but I am still perplexed as to which files it is mapping to get the OS install going. I have looked for script files with an nsh extension but I see none in the ISO, or even in the dmg as viewed by 7zip.


    Anyone familiar with this stuff and how I can explore it in depth rather than use stock vmdk images?

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    I just upgraded my ESX hosts from 6.0 to 6.7.

    Guest Introspection VMs have been upgraded correctly, however no way to deploy DSVA anymore, I get this error message : "Agent is not deployed due to incompatible host".


    (The Guest Introspection failed is in a different cluster, currently under upgrade)


    It doesn't look to be a compatibility issue, I checked the matrix.


    My versions :

    - vCenter 6.7

    - ESXi 6.7

    - NSX 6.41 Build 8599035

    - Trend Micro Deep security Deep manager 11.0.221


    Would anyone have an idea ?

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