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    Hi Team,


    We have a server which is configured behind the NAT and with specific port 1234. Which we are trying to add as a NFS datastore on the ESXi version 5.5 which is continuously failing.


    Below are the steps whcih we followed from vSphere client to configure the NAT server with port as NFS datatstore :


    On the NAT Server (whcih we are planning to configure as NFS store):

    1) Added the entry in the /etc/exports like below:


    /dummyl <ESXi_Ip>(ro,all_squash)


    On the ESXi :


    2) Entered NAT IP with the port number

    3) An unresolved hostname error has come

    where  as per #2 step above, looks like the ip and port is not been able to differentiated.


    If we do not enter the port number in the #2 step it is throwing an error saying "could not get connect to the NFS server" (whcih seems like the EXi is not able to connect to the server whcih is behind the NAT as port is not been mentioned)


    Can you please let us know on how a NAT server with port can be added as NFS datastore on the ESXi?




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    Hi All,


    I am looking for some suggestions if we can utilize the VPN connection in place of DirectConnect for the Bare Metal instances we will be using to host the Tie Breaker & Witness Servers?




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    my VCP-DCV expires on the 21st of Jan 2019 according to the VMWare certification manager. I plan to attempt re-certification at least a week before so I can fit in a second attempt should I fail.


    My question is, if needed, can I book an exam for the 21st of Jan or do I need to attempt and pass by the 20th, i.e. before the 21st of Jan which is the date my VCP expiration?


    Any links to confirm the answer either way would be appreciated.



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    Hi everyone,

    I wrote a simple script that gathers informations from vCenter servers and I'm trying to making a port to Linux.

    I'm using CentOS 7, got PowerShell 6.1 Core installed and PowerCLI 11 directly from the online repository.

    When I try to connect to the vCenter server version 6.7 I get this error:

    Connect-VIServer : No such device or address

    The same thing happens with version 6.5.

    I get no problems at all if I connect directly to hypervisors.

    Do anyone had such kind of issue with PowerCLI on Linux?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi there..


    I am new to this space.. I am looking for a way to retrieve the VM host count using the custom attribute filter via programmatically. Can you please suggest me how can i achieve this?


    From my CI-CD script i am provisioning VM's using terraform and i want to have validation check before that (Limit the no of VM's to be provisioned per team).


    1) There is set of standard rest API's but it doesn't support for custom attributes.


    2) PowerCLI commands . but that doen't work on Ubuntu / CentOS due to this issue.



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    Hi There,


    I need to generate API documentation from vRO workflows and actions, so far i found that we can generate for workflows only but i need for actions too

    Is there any way to generate API Document from action?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Laxminarsaiah Ragi

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    I am unable to add the used percentage inside the doughnut chart, please help




    function New-FlashArrayReportPiechart() {

        Param (










        $chart = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.chart

        $chart.Width = 700

        $chart.Height = 500

        $chart.Left = 10

        $chart.Top = 10


        $chartArea = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.chartArea




           $legend = New-Object system.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.Legend

           $legend.Name = "Legend"

        $legend.Font = "Proxima Nova"

           $legend.Alignment = "Center"

           $legend.Docking = "top"

           $legend.Bordercolor = "#FE5000"

           $legend.Legendstyle = "row"



            $datapoint = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.DataPoint(0, $snapSpaces)

        $datapoint.AxisLabel = "SnapShots " + "(" + $snapSpaces + " GB)"



        $datapoint = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.DataPoint(0, $usedSpace)

        $datapoint.AxisLabel = "Used Capacity " + "(" + $usedSpace + " GB)"



        $datapoint = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.DataPoint(0, $freespace)

        $datapoint.AxisLabel = "Free Capacity " + "(" + $freespace + " GB)"



            $chart.Series["Data"].chartType = [System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.SerieschartType]::Doughnut

        $chart.Series["Data"]["DoughnutLabelStyle"] = "Outside"

        $chart.Series["Data"]["DoughnutLineColor"] = "#FE5000"


        $Title = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.charting.Title


        $chart.SaveImage($FileName + ".png","png")


        $Script:PiechartImgSrc = ConvertTo-Base64 ($FileName + ".png")

        Remove-Item -Path ($FileName + ".png")




    Output :



    I would like to get as below, used percentage in center


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  • 05/03/18--03:25: Edit/update Notes in VM
  • Hello, I have list of virtual machine where I need to modify existing notes, I would like to edit this notes (same for all) with powershell from a file (txt) Thanks

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    Hi all


    As the title says, we are having an intermittent issue with our hosts losing access to the NFS datastores.  This is being looked at, but the thing that is frustrating me most is that HA does not seem to be working correctly when it happens.   1 host will lose access, with the others being fine in the cluster but the vms are not shut down and started on the other hosts


    I believe I have set it up correctly using the aggressive option to retart VMs in case of APD.


    Anyone come across this issue?  this is on esx 6.5 with Netapp storage



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  • 01/07/19--01:27: Geting VM IP information.
  • Hi All,


    i am involving some automation activity. i want to get an ip of VM that was assigned by DHCP during PXE Boot time.

    in PXE boot we can see Client IP, Default gate way, Subnet mask.  i want to get those ips

    .  is there any way via Powercli or rest APIs.  i want to find out which ip the VM is getting to deploy OS.



    Karthick V

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    Hi All


    I have a Category called Prod which has various tags within it which are then attached to various VMs. What i would like to do is pull vROPS CPU & Memory demand metrics for all the VMs within that category for a given time period... I have the following so far:



         Connect-VIServer vCenter1,vCenter2 -User user -Password password

         Connect-OMServer vrops -User user -Password password


         $From = '14/12/18 07:00:00'

         $To = '14/12/18 20:00:00'

         $OMvmlist = Get-VM | where {(Get-TagAssignment -Entity $_ | Select -ExpandProperty Tag) -like 'PROD*'}

         $metrics = "cpu|demandmhz","mem|workload"

         Get-OMResource $OMvmList | Get-OMStat -Key $metrics -From $From -To $To | Select Time,Resource,Key,Value | Export-Csv -Path "c:\csv\cpumemdemand.csv" -noTypeInformation


    It seems to give me essentially what i want but to make it easier to use i would like the columns to be Time, Resource, CPUvalue, Memoryvalue. can anyone advise how i can go about doing this? Still very new to powercli so the fact ive got this far is a small miracle...

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  • 01/07/19--03:49: load based teaming logs
  • Does anyone know where Load Based teaming events (for example when a physical interface hits 75% and migrates a VMs NICs) would be logged ? It's not something I've ever been too concerned about (because it usually works well and to be honest, I rarely see physical NICs hit 75% anyway) so I've never been too bothered. But we had an issue last week that, at least in part, would be explained if LBT had migrated a VM to use one of the other uplinks.


    I can't see anything obvious in the usual log files (VMware.log, VMkernel.log etc) that refer to a LBT migration. Could be that the log isn't as obvious as I would expect, or I'm digging in the wrong place.


    Any help appreciated.


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  • 01/07/19--06:52: VR/SRM
  • Hi All


    Just looking for some understanding. I have been doing some reading around vSphere Replication and SRM. Can you tell me if its possible to use vSphere Replication with SRM to replicate from site A which uses an array (3PAR or NetApp or EMC) to site B which will have vSAN...


    No technology/software is older than circa 1 year and can upgrade to latest versions if needed.



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    I'm working on a customized role in vCenter to allow my technical team to perform day to day actions without being full administrator of the vCenter platform.


    Sometimes they need to update the vSAN HCL and I can't find the associated right in vCenter roles (6.5 update1).

    Error message is :


    The "Get latest version online" operation failed for the entity with the following error message.

    General vSAN error.

    Failed to enforce VC privilege check


    Even "Health Update Provider" does not seem to be enough.


    If someone would know which rights is requested to perform this operation, it would be great.


    Thanks for reading.

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    Since I don't see an executable for Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 how can I use UEM to make it the default program for certain file types?

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    I have resolved some of the issues listed in proactive findings, however they are not clearing on the next run of the collector. So how do you clear these events?


    Thanks in advance

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    Heute Vormittag habe ich noch entspannt mit meinem Computer gearbeitet. Im Laufe der Mittagspause wurde offenbar das Windows 10 Update KB4483235 automatisch eingespielt. Seitdem bekomme ich die Fehlermeldung "VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible. VMware Workstation can be run after disabling Device/Credential Guard. Please visit for more details", wenn ich versuche einer meiner virtuellen Maschinen zu starten.

    Ein einfaches Deinstallieren des Updates hilft NICHT weiter!

    Ist sonst jemandem etwas über dieses Problem bekannt? Gibt es schon Lösungsansätze?

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    Hello Experts


    I have a cluster where we have 30 ESXi host on vSAN, with DRS fully automated , are in the process of adding Two more ESXi host just for projects

    We need to keep the ESXi host free I.E we don't want DRS to move VMs to the New ESXi host

    How can I exclude ESXi host from DRS without Disabling DRS.


    This is very critical for our environment and can someone help me with my query please


    Many thanks


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    Hello everybody,


    i use the VmWare Workstation 15 and download the actual ISO from Microsoft Evaluation Center. I try to install the System in UEFI Mode but the system doen't boot from the ISO File. Only Boot in Bios is working (but i need UEFI Mode).


    Here you can found a GIF with my system configuration and the settings from the virtual machine.


    Has anybody the same problem?



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    I created a script to create scheduled tasks to move VMs among datastores based on the excellent page Scheduled Tasks - MethodAction - LucD notes

    It worked fine until I replaced the old vCenter 5.5 with a VCSA 6.5.

    I attempted to use the same script but I got lots of errors and I cannot see the list of created scheduled tasks.

    Should I change the script?



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