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    New HPE DL380 Gen10 servers running the HPE customized ESXi 6.7 software

    Management is setup on standard switch, DVswitch used for VM, iSCSI, and vMotion traffic

    VMkernel ports are all setup for iSCSI and vMotion with iSCSI binding showing all storage volumes

    Reboot a host and the IP address information for the iSCSI and vMotion is gone! The IP address for the management network stays just fine


    Not sure if the problem lies with the setup of these new servers (BIOS or NIC settings) or with the HPE customized version of ESXi

    Any ideas?

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    MacOS: Mojave 10.14.2

    Fusion: 11.0.2


    After upgrading VMware Fusion to 11, and accidentally upgrading the VMs, all VMs (Windows XP, 2012 R2) are black screen. Using those VMs for developing and coding and I am fully blocked with no progress on projects.


    Please help.

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    How would this work ?


    I have ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor and vSphere Web Client set up in two VM"s in a testing environment. I'm trying to access the rest of my network eg namely my NAS, from within vSphere.

    Both ESXI and VSphere VM's are set as NAS and i know vSphere has its own virtual isolated network, however since it itself can rwse the internet by default, i must image its got some type of bridge ?


    By default in VMware, you must select "Bridged" networking to gain access to your network... I also tried this on the host (ESXi), but all that did was give me a new IPto log into Web Client with.


    I'm obviously missing something... one network adapter on either VM.


    Ideally i would want to have internet + local network (mapped drives) in Client, or either/or... Because i'm using Shadow Protect and then to resurrect  a failed vSphere scenario, the backup can't be stored on local drive. it would have to point over network..


    IP is 172.x.x.x range so probably add virtual ? I think i would have to add something else in Web client, not Fusion right?

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  • 12/21/18--11:03: Cluster Concept
  • In case, we are having 5 hosts on a cluster. We have mistakenly turned it off by manually one of the host. What will happen those VMs which all are in that powered off host?

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    I have a template of Windows 2012R2. The template is created with few files in its desktop. I have also a customization specification manager which will set the guest name of Windows same as Windows VM name.


    When I deploy a virtual machine with the template along with above customization specification manager, in the cloned VMs I don't see the files in my desktop.


    Why am I missing these files in the desktop? Is it because the Window name is getting renamed?

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    I am trying to deploy the vcenter PV2 .




    However during deployment at 77% i am getting this error:





    --> (converter.fault.CloneFault) {

    -->    faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,

    -->    description = "BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: Detected a write error during the cloning of volume \WindowsBitmapDriverVolumeId=[11-C5-11-C5-00-40-3D-6A-18-00-00-00]. Error: 1043333265 (type: 1, code: 65208329)",

    -->    msg = ""

    --> }

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    What my understanding for the Failover  operation (Planned and Unplanned)  from VMware SRM is actually bringing up the VM to other  site. As the same is handled  at VMware SRM UI level individually with two different option.


    Planned failover attempts to refresh  and sync the last pending delta  to Replicated site and performs operation.

    Unplanned Failover is actually to recover VM at Target site from available replicated data.


    As per SDK documentation, it details only one method to perform but there is no detail for separate option to perform Planned/unplanned Failover operation.



    void start(RecoveryPlan.RecoveryMode mode, @version5 @optional RecoveryOptions options)



    Please advise how to handle these individual actions from VMware SRM API.

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    Hello everyone,


    One of the ESXi host 6.5  stuck at maintenance mode at 19% and 2 VM's still running and fails to vmotions. Remaining all the VM's successfully migrated to another hosts.


    VCSA is 6.5.  Any help is appreciated.




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    I purchased VMUG Advantage and am trying to create/load Win10 in VMWare Workstation. I can confirm I downloaded the full Vmware workstation .exe with the disc images (iso files) from VMUG's onthehub site and have a valid license.


    After configuring my new VM for Win10 and attempting to boot, I get this message:


    EFI Vmware Virtual SCSI Hard Drive (0.0) ... unsuccessful.

    EFI Vmware Virtual SATA CDROM Drive (1.0) ... unsuccessful.

    EFI Network ...


    It is then followed up with a Boot Manager message; I've tried Enter Setup and tried both Configure boot options and Boot from a File. No success.


    Can anyone provide insight or guidance on resolving this? Have I missed a step?



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    I am trialling workstation pro 15. I wanted to ask vmware about some basics via support ticket. But as far as I can tell vmware doesn't offer support for trial products. Am I right about this or is there a way to ask vmware support about features and config? I don't want the trial to be used up while I'm still fiddling with basic questions.

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    Announcing the General Availability of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.0 Patch 2.


    The patch adds support for vRealize Network Insight 4.0 in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.0.


    Additional details are available at: VMware Knowledge Base

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    I'm having an issue configuring Usage Meter 3.6.1 to a vCenter server.


    Port TCP 443 is open from UM to the vCenter server and the vCenter server certificate is valid and the hostname I am using in usage meter is in the SAN of the SSL certificate


    This is the full error:

    • There was a problem checking the certificate for HOSTNAME:443. Connection reset -- Make sure you select a port with SSL


    Many thanks

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    Good afternoon.


    We have a few usage meters setup and operational, however for all instances (version 3.6.1) under automatic reporting, when setting this up you can select the reports to include in the email such as:


    Cluster History
    Customer Monthly Usage
    Horizon DaaS Tenants
    Monthly Usage
    Virtual Machine History


    I only have monthly usage selected as this is the only one we are interested in - however the email comes through to the team with all of the reports.


    This is affecting all instances. Is this a known issue?


    Many thanks

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    This is my second install of ESXi 6.7 U1 and I'm seeing the same problem. The performance monitoring graph on the host and on individual VMs only shows the last few minutes, no matter how long it has been up. This is the case with all counters (CPU/Network/Memory/Disk). Screenshots attached. Running the free license. I have tried restarting hostd, running with/without NTP, and, obviously, a full re-install. Any suggestions?

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    in a home lab running ESXi 6.7 i have a SecurityOnion VM running. i want to port mirror my pfsense FW from its connection to a managed netgear switch (jgs524 v2)  to the SecurityOnion VM.


    i have 6 LAN ports on the ESXi 2-port card and one 4-port card. one port on ESXi motherboard is the management port. all 7 ports connect to same netgear switch.


    when i mirror the pfsense port i'm trying to figure out what destination port on netgear switch to use so that gets to the SecurityOnion VM.



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    I'm trying to setup a VM with high latency sensitivity.

    My host runs ESXi 6.7 on Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 3.2 GHz, it has 6 cores and HT enabled, so 12 logical cores.

    The goal is to set up new VM with 8 cores (8 logical cores) there.


    All other VMs on this host have no CPU reservations.

    Total amount of assigned cores to other VMs is 4.

    CPU affinity is not set anywhere.


    The problem is that I'm unable to set more than 4 cores to High Latency Sensitivity VM.

    Here is what I tried:


    1) Powering on a VM configured with 8 cores and no CPU reservation.

    Failed - Invalid CPU reservation for the latency-sensitive VM. Need full CPU reservation: 25600 MHz (measured) or nominal processor frequency.

    It clearly comes from 8 * 3200 = 25600 so it seems reasonable and exactly what I expected after reading VMware Resource Management Guide.

    "OK!", I thought.


    2) Setting CPU reservation to 25600 MHz only to discover that I'm unable to set it as I have only 19200 MHz available for reservation.

    That seems to come from 6 * 3200 = 19200 and that is unexpected.

    Even if I set 25600 MHz reservation in .vmx file I still unable to power on a VM with an error:

    Failed - The amount of CPU resource available in the parent resource pool is insufficient for the operation.

    HT cores are not counted in host CPU resource pool?


    3) Powering on a VM configured with 8 cores and 19200 MHz or any other less than 25600 MHz CPU reservation (16000, 12800 etc) .

    The error is the same as in attempt #1.

    It wants reservation to be set exactly to number_of_cores * nominal_processor_frequency.

    Setting affinity explicitly choosing HT cores did not change anything.

    So HT cores are counted.


    4) Powering on a VM configured with 6 cores and 19200 MHz CPU reservation

    Failed - The amount of CPU resource available in the parent resource pool is insufficient for the operation.

    Ok, some of that CPU pool is consumed by other VMs (and reserved by the kernel?) and thus cannot be reserved by new VM.


    5) Powering on a VM configured with 5 cores and 16000 MHz CPU reservation

    The error is the same.


    6) Powering on a VM configured with 4 cores and 12800 MHz CPU reservation


    But way too little cores.


    Why HT cores seem to be ignored in CPU pool? How to assign HT cores to VMs so that they would count as reserved?


    All I want is to set reservation of 4 completely unused pCPUs (8 logical cores) to my VM.

    I clearly am missing something as any guide I've read does not mention such limitations of HT cores.


    I would be glad for any tips and directions.


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    Dear Team,


    We have a requirement, wherein we have to send logs from VMware View Server kept at custom path to Vmware Loginsight.


    We have installed Loginsight agent on server and it is forwarding few logs , but not all.


    So we need steps to send custom path logs to vRealize Loginsight.


    Thanks in Advance.




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    Hi Everyone,


    One of the ESXi host entered  into maintenance mode and it stuck at 19% but check the VM's edit setting be uase the Tasks is running. Can we see or check from Power Cli if any CD rom mounted or the VM's in local storage?  If yes, can we umount the CD rom from power Cli ?

    thanks in advance.




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  • 12/31/18--04:10: issue with HTML output
  • Hi,


    I am having issues in getting the output in html format



    ForEach-Object-Process {

        $_.guest.IPAddress |

        Select @{N='VM Name';E={$vm.Name}},

            @{N="IP Address";E={$_}}



    From the above output, I would like to declare variable for name and ip address and would like to get the output


    When I use the below method, I am getting blank


    $VMInfo = $null

    $VMInfo += "<th><center>VM Name</th><th><center>IP Address</th>"



    ForEach-Object-Process {

        $_.guest.IPAddress |

        Select $name = @{N='VM Name';E={$vm.Name}},

            $IP = @{N="IP Address";E={$_}}



    $VMInfo += "<th><center>$Name</th><th><center>$IP</th>"


    I have already have a HTML report, I would like to get this added along.


    Please help!!!

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    What counts as my second form of ID, a credit or debit card?


    Is there a list of acceptable ID ?

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