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    I'm experiencing a weird problem today, the VMs on one of the datastore -which is backed by a LUN on NETAPP FS8040- are neither able to be vmoted, storage vmoted, or even powering them on (if I power off any of them). And when I try to create a folder (for testing) on that datastore via SSH, the operation fails with the error "input/output locked". VMware support team have investigated the issue, but nothing is locking the VM files. Only one host has succeeded in creating and deleting a test folder on that datastore, but it's holding one of the victim VMs and I won't be able to reboot it (assuming that it's locking that datastore).


    I'm using vSphere 6.5, and VMFS6


    Note: other datastores no the same SAN are healthy.



    What do you think guys?

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    Application - VMWare Workstation 12 Player

    Version - Build Number: 5813279 (latest version)


    A couple of days ago, Windows 10 installed the Fall Creators Update on my PC.  Since then VMWare Player throws an error every time I attempt to Power On the VM.


    Here's the error:


    Could not get snapshot information: Insufficient permission to access the file.

    Module 'Snapshot' power on failed.

    Failed to start the virtual machine.


    Here's what's in the vmware.log.


    2017-10-20T10:14:58.438-04:00| vmx| W115: FILE: FileLockCreateEntryDirectory stat failure on 'C:\Users\VM1234\Documents\Virtual Machines\WIN_7_PRO\WIN_7_PRO.vmsd.lck': Permission denied

    2017-10-20T10:14:58.439-04:00| vmx| I125: SNAPSHOT: SnapshotConfigInfoReadEx: Failed to lock 'C:\Users\VM1234\Documents\Virtual Machines\WIN_7_PRO\WIN_7_PRO.vmsd': 'Insufficient permission to access the file'.

    2017-10-20T10:14:58.439-04:00| vmx| I125: SNAPSHOT: SnapshotConfigInfoReadEx failed for file 'WIN_7_PRO.vmx': Insufficient permission to access the file (3)

    2017-10-20T10:14:58.439-04:00| vmx| I125: Module 'Snapshot' power on failed.


    I've given the all users administrative ("Full Control" ) rights to the C:\Users\VM1234\Documents\Virtual Machine folder.  I even copied the virtual machine folder to a root folder - same error.


    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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    I'm running a Windows 10 VM inside of VMware Workstation Player 15 on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS laptop with an internal 1920x1080 display and a external 1920x1200 monitor. VMware Tools is installed in the VM.


    The Windows VM is supposed to always run in full screen mode on the external monitor with the 1920x1200 resolution. This works in general, but when I suspend the VM, vmplayer will always switch to windowed mode and resizes the window (and with it the VM's screen) to something very small before suspending the VM. As a result, on resume of the VM, all program windows in the VM have resized themselves to fit the small screen resolution, and I have to manually make them large again, which is rather annoying.


    I previously ran the same setup with Oracle VirtualBox. It didn't have this issue but I had to abandon this platform for other reasons.


    Is there any way to tell vmplayer to stick to fullscreen mode? Running "vmplayer -X <VM name>" does not help, none of the VM settings in the GUI seem to address this, and I also couldn't find any useful setting for the vmx file.


    How to prevent this automatic window resize?

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    Host: Mac mini (Late 2012), 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, running latest version of Fusion (11.); Guest: Windows 7 Professional


    I recently decided to build a new Win7 VM, after the one I built sometime ago fell so far behind on updates it just sat there like a bump on a log, hogging resources and slowing down my Mac.


    The new VM is finally up to date enough it no longer needs to phone in, has been cleaned up, optimized etc., and is now ready for me to install the few apps for which I still require Windows.


    However, when I plugged in my Apple SuperDrive, VMWare complained I need Boot Camp drivers so I can access the SuperDrive??


    What did I do wrong and how can I get the guest OS to recognize the drive?

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  • 12/19/18--16:21: vCenter Single Sign-On error
  • I am running the vCenter Server Appliance version 6.7 and I am using LDAP for authentication. When I first set up vCenter the LDAP authentication was working perfectly fine and continued to do so up until sometime last week. The problem that I am having is that under the users and groups tab when I select my LDAP domain I get the error "A vCenter Single Sign-On service error occurred" and I am unable to see any of the users. However, I am still able to log in to all of the LDAP user accounts without any errors. I am also unable to set permissions on objects by user but I am still able to add the users to groups.


    I am using the vCenter Server Appliance version 6.7 running on ESXi version 6.7. I am using Open LDAP for authentication. I have both forward and reverse DNS records set up for both the vCenter server and the LDAP server. I have tried re installing vCenter Server to fix the problem as well as trying a different LDAP server, both of which did not solve the problem.


    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    hey.. i am trying to get the HA, DRS status and DRS automation level in powershell script.. I am able to get the total output but i  am also looking for conitional output if HAenabled is false and DRS automation level not set in CSV.. can someone please h

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    I would like to install a system such as WIDNOWS / LINUX on ESX. I have a picture on PENDRIVE. How can I indicate the pendrive disk in ESX?

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  • 12/30/18--12:44: NSX-T Edge to multiple Vlan
  • Hi,


    I am starting to test NSX-T 2.3.0 to an test enviroment. I have 3 VLAN physical networks connectect to my vCenter via switch with a trunk. Inside m virtual network i created 3 different network with the same netowork range of the physical network. From the NSX-T guide I understood that I need a physical router to connect the multiple physical netowrk to my virtual environment.


    Any idea how to solve?



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    hello guys,


    my datastore missing, please help...



    it was 2 datastore, but 1 missing after reboot.

    storage 2.JPG

    but the disk is detected. thx for your help

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    I had a pair of 4 TB disks go south this week.  These are in a Dell R415 with 6/i PERC.  They were in a RAID 1.  One completely failed and the other was showing predicted failure.


    I ordered a pair of drives, put one in place of the failed one, but since they were not exactly the same, the rebuild failed.  So I popped all the drives, cleared the config, configured two RAID 0's with the "failing" drive in one and the new one in the other.  I copied all the VMs to the new datastore and got all VMs running.


    I then took the system down, popped all the drives, cleared the config, put the other new drive in and rebuilt the config as RAID 1.


    I will add here, there is a second RAID 1 of two 200 GB drives, which is the boot volume.


    Upon booting the system and connecting to vSphere client, I found that the 4 TB datastore was missing:


    Rescan All... did not show it.  I tried Add Storage > Disk/LUN and see this:


    I highlight "Local DELL Disk (naa...." and click next, then see this:


    I have tried a PERC reconfig, no change.  Logging into EXS using Putty and looking at devices shows:


    So, it appears my volume is there, but I cannot get it back as a datastore.


    Any ideas?


    Thank you!

    Clay Goss

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    Hello, this is the first forum post i have ever made in my life, but i really cant figure this one on my own. I would really appreciate the help, if someone knows how to!

    I recently moved my 6.7 ESXi hosts and 6.7 vCenter server to a distributed switch. Everything seemed to go fine, I can still access my 3 hosts form web and i can ping everything (including VCSA). However, i can't access VCSA from web anymore, with Chrome i just get a message saying refused to connect. Can't access it with any other browser either. I've tried rebooting my vCenter multiple times, didn't help at all. I also tried checking if all the services are up and running. However, then i get these strange errors i couldn't find pretty much any info about online:


    Command> service-control --status --all

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.796Z  Error: Service name "applmgmt" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.816Z  Error: Service name "content-library" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.837Z  Error: Service name "vcha" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.857Z  Error: Service name "pschealth" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.878Z  Error: Service name "sps" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.898Z  Error: Service name "sca" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.936Z  Error: Service name "vmcam" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.956Z  Error: Service name "vmware-vpostgres" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.976Z  Error: Service name "vsphere-client" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:41.997Z  Error: Service name "vapi-endpoint" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.017Z  Error: Service name "vmware-postgres-archiver" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.037Z  Error: Service name "vsm" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.057Z  Error: Service name "updatemgr" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.078Z  Error: Service name "vmonapi" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.098Z  Error: Service name "vsan-health" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.119Z  Error: Service name "rbd" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.156Z  Error: Service name "vpxd-svcs" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.176Z  Error: Service name "statsmonitor" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.264Z  Error: Service name "imagebuilder" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.284Z  Error: Service name "vsan-dps" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.304Z  Error: Service name "cm" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.342Z  Error: Service name "mbcs" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.362Z  Error: Service name "vpxd" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.382Z  Error: Service name "netdumper" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.403Z  Error: Service name "rhttpproxy" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.423Z  Error: Service name "vsphere-ui" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.444Z  Error: Service name "eam" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.464Z  Error: Service name "perfcharts" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.519Z  Error: Service name "analytics" is invalid.

    2018-06-16T11:58:42.539Z  Error: Service name "cis-license" is invalid.


    lwsmd vmafdd vmcad vmdird vmdnsd vmware-pod vmware-sts-idmd vmware-stsd vmware-vmon


    Could these be a part of the problem? If i try to start all the services, it only starts the ones already running again, doesen't even try to start those others with the invalid name.


    Command> service-control --start --all

    Operation not cancellable. Please wait for it to finish...

    Performing start operation on service lwsmd...

    Successfully started service lwsmd

    Performing start operation on service vmafdd...

    Successfully started service vmafdd

    Performing start operation on service vmdird...

    Successfully started service vmdird

    Performing start operation on service vmcad...

    Successfully started service vmcad

    Performing start operation on service vmware-sts-idmd...

    Successfully started service vmware-sts-idmd

    Performing start operation on service vmware-stsd...

    Successfully started service vmware-stsd

    Performing start operation on service vmdnsd...

    Successfully started service vmdnsd

    Performing start operation on profile: ALL...

    Successfully started profile: ALL.

    Performing start operation on service vmware-pod...

    Successfully started service vmware-pod


    I haven't made any actual changes to vCenter configuration, other than moving it to a dswitch. Everything worked just fine before. Oh, and i'm just on a home lab, trying to work on my practical part of my thesis work. Does anyone know what's happening here? I'm happy to provide you with more information if needed/possible.

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    In the virtual machine information screen, for the installed network adapter, it says pass-through (direct-path I/O) : yes. But, in the edit screen, there is no mention of this option. I am having trouble connecting to things on the network with this VM and want to try disabling direct-path I/O. Is there a way to do that?


    I have seen many articles saying to uncheck the box for it, but there is no box. The user interface I see (web based configuration directly to ESXi (no vCenter)) does not match what other articles are saying. And then most articles talk about PCI devices or something. I don't see what those are saying either. The VM is powered off.

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    i am new on the Orchestrator environment and i would like to try a test.

    I created on the Vrealize Automation a Blueprint to deploy X virtual machine (clone from template) with incremental prefix (vm1, vm2. vm3..).

    No I need to create a workflow to deploy each vm's in the specific Resource Pool that I already created on the vCenter. Example vm1 in ResourcePool1, vm2 ResourcePool2 etc etc.


    Any idea?




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    With VMWare Fusion 11 (macOS 10.13.6) running either Windows 7 or 10, I am no longer able to print to my Brother MFC printer. (The printer does not appear as a choice in the Windows print dialog.)


    In VMWare Fusion > Virtual Machine > Settings > Printer I have "Share printers with Windows" checked.


    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Brother software.


    I would be very grateful for a solution.


    Thank you,



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    Não estou conseguindo atualizar a hora no VMWARE ESX 6.7.0 (Build 8169922) FREE.


    Primeiro problema

    Vou no Manage / System / Time & Date, em edit ou actions e seleciono para mudar para horario manual, mas mesmo após salvar quando retorno continua habilitado o ntp.


    Segundo problema, não encontrei fuso horário para alterar, logo ele está 2 horas adiantado em relação ao horário correto de brasília.

    Segue vídeo do problema.



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    Trying to set up VMware player to get Windows XP to run under Windows 7. XP is loaded and it will play games. SP2 installed with only minor difficulties. I can read the CD player, and I have installed VB 6 which was the main reason to do this thing in the first place. VB appears to work. I cannot get any network connection or USB input or read from my hard drives so I cannot access my VB files and could not output a file if I could get the rest to work. Where should I look to proceed?

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    In Ubuntu 18.04, in the GNOME shell, when a different keyboard layout is selected than the default of the OS, scrolling in Windows guests (Linux guests not tested) is erratic. This results in randomly scrolling up or down when the mouse is moved in the VM in some scrollable panes, such as the start menu. This occurs on all guests, including those in an ESXi cluster, and even in the installer of the guest OS. This lead me to believe this is a host-guest interaction issue, and unrelated to the VM itself.


    I have narrowed this problem down to the keyboard layout selector in the upper right corner. It only occurs in the GNOME shell, which is the default in Ubuntu 18.04, and can be reproduced across several systems using VMware Workstation for Linux 14.1.2. You can reproduce this issue as follows:


    1. Install Ubuntu 18.04 as host OS

    2. Make sure you login using the GNOME shell (Unity works as expected)

    3. Add seven different input methods (one additional would be fine, but we are testing here). It does not matter which exactly you pick

    4. Start up a Windows 10 guest OS (again, does not matter, but for testing purposes this is fine)

    5. In the Guest OS, go to the Start menu, and try to scroll in the 'All apps' section (not all scrolling is broken, but the start menu is)


    When the first option in the keyboard layout selector is chosen, this works as expected.

    When the second option in the keyboard layout selector is chosen, when the mouse is scrolled or moved, the menu will scroll UP immediately. Scrolling down using keyboard works, but when the mouse is moved again, it will scroll up immediately.

    When the third option in the keyboard layout selector is chosen, the menu will scroll DOWN immediately.


    This will repeat: when the fourth option is chosen, it works as expected. The fifth option will scroll UP. The sixth option will scroll DOWN. The seventh option will work as expected, etc.


    The workaround is simple: simply set the input selector to the first option when erratic scrolling occurs, but I believe this bizarre interaction bug should be fixed.

    Also posting it here in the case someone else encounters this issue.

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    What do you think of adding drivers for NFS shared folders for mac guests? Us mac host users would enjoy the benefit of faster folder syncing!

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