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    I don't like my ESXi host see the internet but VMs can. How can I block ESXi host?


    Thank you.

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    I've been searching a bit on this, but not much definitive information.

    Specifically wondering if VMware has a way to throttle vSphere replication bandwidth?


    We are constrained on our 100GB L2 point to point line and seems that when even just one VM is replicating (RPO time), it consumes the whole line, causing other applications to suffer.


    Anyone know if VMware has a setting or with the Replication Appliance?


    I was able to throttle our Nimble storage replication, because Nimble has a setting.

    Long story, but QoS at the router/switch level not an option at the moment.



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    While I was configuring the vCenter for HA in a stretched cluster I was thinking about DRS rules.

    In my opinion you shoud use FT for the witness node of vCenter.

    Why ?

    Well, you need the witness node to make a failover between the active and passive node possible.

    If you place the active node on MER 1 and the passive node in MER 2 (the cluster is tretched over MER 1 and 2).

    Were should you place the witness ?

    MER 1

         - outage of MER 2 ==> vcenter will still be accesible.
          - outage of MER 1 ==> no failover of vCenter possible, active node + witness are down.


    MER 2

         - outage of MER 2 ==> no failover possible, passive node & witness are down.

         - outage of MER 1 ==> failover to passive node possible


    There is always a situation were the vCenter will be offline.

    So why not protect the witness node with FT, and placing the secondary VM in the other MER ?

    The only config issue is that that witness node has hot plug enabled for CPU and Mem.

    After disabling the node wil run FT.


    So what do you think of this setup ?

    Active node in MER 1

    Passive node in MER 2

    witness node in MER 1 protected by FT, where secondary is placed in MER 2)


    Would that be a valid setup for vCenter HA in a stretched cluster ?

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    After having upgraded to VMware Workstation 15 on my Windows 10x64 machine, each of my VMs shows a black flicker from time to time (once every 10 minutes or so).


    This disturbance can be reproduced easily:


    Simply start a VM with a Windows 10x64 OS installed and wait for about 10 seconds after having signed in to the guest OS. Then the first black flicker will occur:


    Guest screen flickering.gif


    After having opened a support ticket I'm having long discussions with VMware Support. They don't seem to be able to reproduce this issue.


    So I'm asking here: Can anyone reproduce this issue?

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    I configured sslvpn on nsx esg. When the client logs into esg normally, the client can't ping the server ip, but can access various applications and services on the server. I checked the firewall and didn't see any problems?

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  • 12/19/18--04:45: Certs on the UAGs
  • We are utilizing UAGs for external access into our Horizon environment. Have been for about a year and a half. The wildcard cert utilize in our environment is coming close to expiring, so we started the process to renew it/replace it where needed.


    One part of our environment setup we've been unsure about, is the need for the wildcard cert (or whatever cert) you use out on your load balancer, and whether that same cert needs to be on the UAGs themselves. We've see inconsistent behavior when testing this, so, I'm just trying to find out if that's actually a needed step.


    The brokers on our internal network all have their own certs from our on site CA. We then planned to swap out our wild card cert out on the load balancer, leaving the UAGs (between the LB and the brokers) with just their out of box self signed certs. Out on the load balancer today we are doing SSL bridging.


    I'm also opening a ticket with support, but, wanted to see what the forums knew about this topic as well.


    Thanks in advance.

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    My WS 15 ran fine on my Win 10 Pro (Windows 10, 64-bit  (Build 18298) 10.0.18298) laptop until I upgraded this morning to 15.0.2 (now 15.0.2 build-10952284).  Now WS 15 kills the OS (green screen) as soon as it tries to start the VM selected.  It also will not allow me to not create a new VM.  On green screen I get kernel_security_check_failure.  Anyone else have this issue?  Is there a way to roll back?

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    When I login to skyline advisor after getting the email that a operational summary report is available, I see a red line that says "there is no finding available for this account" what does this mean?



    And where would I find the operational summary report, I've clicked on the link in the email that takes you to a thread but it's not real clear where I find it?

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    I want to know how much more Vm's my current Vmware infrastructure can sustain? I know its a very broad question and would certainly consider the vm's capacity and the physical capacity of host's too. I just want to know how can I achieve this particular goal and the resources needed to achieve this. I am not particularly looking for a capacity planner product but I need to know the essential knowledge for predicting the capacity

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    Hi All, I need to remove all datastores (storage type A) from a host and add datastores from storage type B to the host.

    I'm having some issues adding both at the same time, so I want to remove storage type A datastores altogether (unmount etc) leaving only the vSAN datastore there, then add B.


    My issue is when I get down to the last few datastores to unmount, I get a warning stating its used for datastore HA heartbeats.


    Sooo My question is (if the host is in maintenance mode) can I still unmount all those datastores without getting an APD issue/warning given HA datastore heartbeats should be using the management network in the first instance? (also can I confirm this somehow?).


    Any thoughts?


    on a side note syslogs are being storage on one of the datastores i need to remove, can these be mapped to the vsan datastore temporarily?


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    Hi All,


         I just plan to upgrade my vcenter from 5.1 to 6.0. When attempt to run the pre-check it facing the error message


    Error: IP Address: x.x.x.x is not present in certificate subject alt name.

    Resolution: Use an ip address or dns name that is present in the certificate subject alt names or regenerate ssl certificates for sso before continuing.


    I not really sure how to resolve this as I saw the KB the step is to deep until i lost. Anyone facing this issue before?

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    I have been asked to add 2 new vSphere 6.5 host that have GPU's to our existing cluster.  Are there any best practices for this?  Will I have to setup affinity rules to make sure VM's that utilize GPU do not move to the host without GPU's?

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    I recently upgraded from vCenter Server 6.5 (Windows) to VCSA 6.5 build 10964411. After the VCSA was installed, I patched the ESXi Hosts to the latest build (10884925). We have 2 networks. Network A and Network B. Network A works (so far its been 6 days) without any issues. Network B is going ok, but since I patched the ESXi Hosts this week, a random ESXi Host goes unresponsive.


    I have to RDP into the Windows VMs and shut them down, then reboot the ESXi Host. After getting back into it and looking at the Events, it shows the issue of hostd detected to be unresponsive.


    Network A and B have the esxact same hardware, build numbers and VCSA builds.


    I try to go into the DCUI and restart Management Network and its stops it, but never starts it. A reboot of the host fixes the issue.


    Any ideas?

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    Imported OVF file for vCloud Director 9.5 in vSphere using "import OVF Template", but not able to login with new password set for root user.



         1. Open vSphere and click import OVF Template

         2. Follow the setup wizard and set root user password.

         3. Setup finished successfully, but cant login using password for root.


    Is there a way to login at this step by resetting password. Have followed above steps repeatedly with any success.

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    hello all

    third day, third strange behaviour ;(

    I have one datastore +-109TB and I want to attach all available space to one VM. Max VD capacity is 62TB so I'm creating first drive 62TB and it  goes pretty fast (obout 4min with lazy zeroed). And after of that I'm creating second VD 40TB with same options and it goes horribly slowly (look at attachement). I have two same servers with same hardwer and storage capacity one ESX6.5u2 second 6.7u1. No difference in this kind of behaviour. Both: MegaRAID SAS 9361-4i RAID6 and HGST disks. ;(


    regards Przemek K

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    I have VMware Workstation 15.0.2 build 10952284 on Windows 10. The guest OS is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64.


    I am trying to update the VMware tools on the guest OS. It gets most of the way through the installation, then pauses at Starting Services, and says it is rolling back. I get the message "VMware Tools Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified." There are no further details about the error. I see VMware tools is not installed (not listed in the Programs and Features Control Panel, and there is no VMWare folder under C:\Program Files (x86).


    I have searched for this error message and come up with some forum messages and KB articles like Troubleshooting a failed VMware Tools installation in a Guest Operating System (1003908). I tried the suggestions in the article, like verifying the correct OS is selected, using the correct ISO, the iso isn't corrupted (it works with my other VMs), and manually removing registry entries. I also tried deleting the files in the %Temp% folder, running setup64.exe as administrator, choosing custom or complete installation. I also tried running setup64.exe /c to do an uninstall, but it says it does not detect any installation to remove.


    I was getting the same error on several VMs with the previous version of VMWare workstation (15.0.1?) but I installed the minor upgrade to 15.0.2 and that fixed the problem on the other VMs (which are mostly clones of the same Windows 7 Ultimate VM). I don't know why this one VM (that I've found so far) is still a problem.





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    Are they close enough that labs on either let you study for passing the VCP6.5-DCV Exam?

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    As far as I have read the new Player version v14 has some more requirements for the used CPU.


    Does that mean that an Intel core i5-2400 Sandy bridge does not work with v14?


    That would mean VmWare player v12.5.7 is the last version for this kind of CPU.


    I experienced difficulties when installing the new v14.


    If v14 does not work I would have expected a warning popup: "CPU not supported for this Player version"

    ... but no warning appeared



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    the customer has three old Lenovo x3650 M4 and would like three current M5. In addition, the customer has vsphere 5.5 U3 and would like to migrate to 6.5 U2. the customer has licensed Vsphere Essentials Plus Kits

    What would be the Basic steps to switch the hardware and have three new 6.5 ESXi hosts and exactly same VMs?


    Thank you so much

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    There seems to be some confusion with this but will Will Workstation 14 or 15 run with i5-2400 Intel processor or not ?


    Thank you.

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