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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for this thousands and thousands of answers in this community. I am new into this, and I am glad to be part of it.


    Recently I have updated my Mac Book pro 15 to Mojave, and I am using VMWare Fusion Pro 10.1.0 with Windows 7 guest.

    I had no problems with this before, but after this update I am having some, at least, curious network issues.

    I have the VMWare setup as a network bridge (Autodetect), and there is no problem if I am using a wired connection with the host, but I have no connection if the host is using Wi-Fi to access to the network. I have checked the Privacy/Security settings in the Mac, and also the firewall settings. No way.

    If the setting is NAT ot Autodetect with wired connection I have no issues.

    The guest is configured as DHCP. When I have the issue, the guest can't access to the DHCP server, the ping is not responding as well, event if I am do it with the host address.


    Any suggestion?


    thanks in advance

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    We have been using UEM for a year without much issues.  Since last month we have had some issues with our SAN where our UEM shares for the configurations and profiles are stored.  On occasions where the shares are not available, our users are not able to login to their VMs.  We are using Horizon 7.0.3 and floating pools for our VDIs.  We have a ticket opened with EMC to troubleshoot our SAN, but until there is a fix, what can we configure on our end so that if the UEM share is not available, that users can still login to their Windows VDI desktop (understanding that they won't have their UEM settings).  We just need them to be able to login and not be blocked out because of the UEM shares not available.




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    This is somewhat related to my earlier postCan't ping new IPs on esxi 6.0 hosts


    I'm testing email alerts for vcenter monitoring the hosts for network connectivity. It works great, but I'd like to set the alert to not send if I initiate the reboot or shutdown. Does anyone know what I would need to set for that? Another option would be to not send the alert if the host is in maintenance mode.



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    how i can download vmware view client version 4.9 for ios?

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    Not even sure this is the right location to ask this but:


    vCenter 6.5

    vRealize Orchestrator 7.5

    vRealize Orchestrator plugin for vCenter 7.5.0 (default from Orchestrator, no Tech Preview)


    So the problem I'm having is that when I run a workflow to deploy a new VM, the field I specify for Host is populated with the host I right-clicked on (currently anyway, it was a struggle to get here and I don't know if it will stay), but when another admin that doesn't do Orchestrator work does the same thing, it is not populated for him.


    I put in a support ticket about this late in the summer and was told that this was pretty much as designed and the only supported way to run workflows was to use the Orchestrator Java client.  Then the tech found a note about the 'Tech Preview' plugin that was being developed for vCenter 6.7 that had this functionality back in it.  I went to try that and found that the plugin version I had was newer than the tech preview version.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    We need to decommission our ESXi 5.5 environment (host runs on physical server and vm's resides on iscsi datastore) and migrate to a new server running ESXi 6.7 and wanted to know best practice for moving the virtual machines over to the new server?  


    Current Environment:

    VCenter 5.5

    2 ESXi 5.5 hosts

    2 Datacenters (4 vm's on each machine)


    New Environment

    VCSA 6.7

    2 ESXi 6.7 Hosts on two new physical servers with identical specs (different cpu architecture from current environment)


    I would like to move the vm's from the current environment to the new environment and can bring them all down to a powered off state before migration.


    Is there a best practice for this move and what would be your recommendation?  Thank you

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    Is there a way to view if certain service is enabled/disabled of the VM using vSphere Web Client?


    If my memory serves me right, I ran into this before where I found out the SSH service of the selected VM was disabled.  It was using the Web Client, not logging into the server itself.

    But for now, i cannot find it with my vpshere web client 5.5.0 Build 40363694


    Can anyone refresh me? TIA!!

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    The Facts:

    Windows 7 64 BIT 6GB Reserved Memory

    No Paging File on the Guest OS

    Non-Persistent Clones

    Office 2016 as an app stack not part of the reference image

    Issue described below is not reproducible on demand


    The symptom:

    Excel users report infrequent crash/freeze with particular spreadsheets


    My gut/experience:

    1. The Excel file is wonky/has old deprecated code
    2. Anti Virus (Trend on hosts)
    3. Network issues (these Excel files reach out to the network)


    My question:

    Paging file? I've been told by instructor to avoid using a paging file. The Googles are all over the place on paging files.

    Does anyone have an opinion/real world experience with 'on or off' virtual memory/page file?


    Thank you!

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    I have an issue where, I've installed the VMware HealthAnalyzer Appliance and when I go to the url to launch the web console, it's asking for a registration key and directs me to When I go and complete the registration, I receive the email with the reg key and attempt to add it but get the below error:


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    hello all

    Like in attachment I can see HDD status over ESX but cant find over vCenter? Trough ESX I have two categories under monitor>hardware (System sensors and Storage). Where is the corresponding place for "storage" in vCenter?

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    Hi everyone,


    How to remove the CDROM from a snapshot?


    I'm trying to move VMs off of datastores by putting the datastores into maintenance mode.


    Some VMs will not migrate off because the VM has a snapshot with a mounted CDROM.


    The error is:


    Remove-CDDrive : 12/11/18 4:04:12 PM Remove-CDDrive      The CDDrive 'CD/DVD drive 1' is not attached to a VM. The requested operation is only supported for devices attached to VM.

    At line:15 char:16

    +     $r2a = Remove-CDDrive -CD $r2 -Confirm:$false
    +            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo      : InvalidArgument: (CD/DVD drive 1:CDDriveImpl) [Remove-CDDrive], VimException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Client20_VirtualDeviceServiceImpl_TryValidateDeviceOwnerIsVm_IsDatastore,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.RemoveCDDrive



    Below is my code.  It successfully removes CDROMs from VMs but fails to remove the CDROM from a snapshot.  Any assistance would be appreciated.




    # list / remove mounted CDROMs including on snapshots --assumes one snapshot


    $vms|% {

       $r1=get-vm $_.Name|Get-CDDrive

       $r2=get-vm $_.Name|Get-Snapshot|Get-CDDrive

       if (($r1.IsoPath) -or ($r2.IsoPath)) {write-host $_.Name-ForegroundColor green}

       if ($r1.IsoPath) {

       write-host (" Main has CD mounted: {0}"-f$r1.IsoPath)

       write-host (" Removing CD")



       if ($r2.IsoPath) {

       write-host (" Snapshot has CD mounted: {0}"-f$r2.IsoPath)

       write-host (" Parent VM: {0}"-f$r2.Parent)

       write-host (" Removing CD")

       $r2a=Remove-CDDrive-CD $r2-Confirm:$false




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  • 04/22/15--11:52: vROps Powered Off VMs Report
  • vRealize Operations Manager has a built in view/report to show powered off VMs.


    I pulled it up and it does not show two of the VM's that we powered down the night before.  Do I need to adjust something?

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    I found this thread which is old: PowerCLI script to import a physical server to a VM and this which is also old: Automating Converter Standalone using Converter-cli.exe  and this from LucD which is also 5 years old.  Automating Converter Enterprise jobs with PS - LucD notes   So has anything changed at all in the last few years?  Is there a way to do P2V with PowerCLI/PowerShell or is that all C#, Java stuff?

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    vROps has a report called "VMs powered off for a long time".  How long does a VM have to be powered off to be included on this report by default?  How can I tweak the amount of time which is considered a "long time" by vROps?



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    We have a requirement for creating a scheduled monthly report for VMs that are been down for 60 days or more. I thought using the Default View "Reclaimable Disk space from Virtual Machines for a significant time" for creating that report would be the best option. But the date filtering option in that View is not giving an option to pick anything older than a specific date.


    There are option to pick Last specif Days" , also has option to relative and absolute dates > not sure which option is optimal for filtering to see my specific view. Date range seems also seems to be a good option but it need both From and To dates. It would have been nice if we could pick only the "To" Date and leave the From Date any thing older than To date,


    Any help on this is highly appreciated.





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    After moving VM Ware Fusion 11 to a new a new Mac, I get the following message:  "Could not open /dev/vmon: Broken pipe. Please makre sure that the kernal module 'vmon' is loaded."


    Any ideas on how to fix?

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    Super simple goal: Use a USB 3 flash drive connected to internal USB 3 port in MacBook Air inside a Fusion VM running Fusion 11 on Mojave


    Life was simple and good under High Sierra with Fusion 8.5 where USB 3 device worked fine on internal USB 3 ports.  Then later 10.13 revs broke external displays, so I upgraded to Mojave and Fusion 11.    Finally got thru getting USB devices to appear properly with Security and Privacy settings.

    Unfortunately now my USB flash drive shows as an unrecognized device, until I plug it into an external powered USB2 hub - giving me Fusion 5 flashbacks.


    How can i configure this so that the device works properly under Fusion 11 without needing to carry around an external USB hub?  I've now paid VMWare twice for that privilege so would really appreciate it if i can achieve what was previously possible under Fusion 8.5.


    What do I need to do to get my USB 3 flash drive recognized properly in Win7 on an internal hub - just like it was working properly under Fusion 8.5 pre-upgrade to Fusion 11?


    Appreciate your help!

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    Have been trying to figure this out for a while and can not. The end goal is to get the networks for a reservation to tie into our IPAM. I have found several solutions and they rely on either getReservations or gerAllReservations. Each of these errors out for me. I THINK it may be a permissions issue? I get a 403 on the 3rd example but not alot of information.

    I used vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) to deploy this FWIW.

    This works:
    var vcaccafeHost = vCACCAFEHostManager.getDefaultHostForTenant("vsphere.local", true);

    var businessGroups = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getBusinessGroups(vcaccafeHost);

    for each(var bus in businessGroups){




    [2018-12-18 14:15:02.513] [I] ISSS

    [2018-12-18 14:15:02.516] [I] Configuration Administrators


    This does not work:

    var vcaccafeHost = vCACCAFEHostManager.getDefaultHostForTenant("vsphere.local", true);

    var reservations = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getReservations(vcaccafeHost);

    for each(var res in reservations){




    [2018-12-18 14:16:14.500] [E] Error in (Workflow:Get Networks for Reservation / Scriptable task (item1)#17) java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

    [2018-12-18 14:16:14.515] [E] Workflow execution stack:


    item: 'Get Networks for Reservation/item1', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException (Workflow:Get Networks for Reservation / Scriptable task (item1)#17)'

    workflow: 'Get Networks for Reservation' (2719ea9c-f8db-46a9-827f-d70e67b6a79c)

    |  'no inputs'

    |  'no outputs'

    |  'no attributes'

    *** End of execution stack.


    This does not work:

    var vcaccafeHost = vCACCAFEHostManager.getDefaultHostForTenant("vsphere.local", true);

    var reservationClient = vcaccafeHost.createReservationClient();

    var reservationService = reservationClient.getReservationReservationService();


    var tenantReservationPagedResources = reservationService.getAllReservations();


    [2018-12-18 14:18:37.035] [I] DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [vCACCAFEReservationReservationService]-[class] -- VALUE :

    [2018-12-18 14:18:37.056] [E] Error in (Workflow:Get Networks for Reservation / Scriptable task (item1)#6) 403

    [2018-12-18 14:18:37.077] [E] Workflow execution stack:


    item: 'Get Networks for Reservation/item1', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: '403  (Workflow:Get Networks for Reservation / Scriptable task (item1)#6)'

    workflow: 'Get Networks for Reservation' (2719ea9c-f8db-46a9-827f-d70e67b6a79c)

    |  'no inputs'

    |  'no outputs'

    |  'no attributes'

    *** End of execution stack.

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    ESXi 6.0


    we have a couple of .vmdk files that appear to not be associated with anything active, but the modified time on the files continues to get updated.  Are there other possible ways to mount or use a vmdk file within ESXi?

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    I am running the PreCheck to upgrade from vRA 7.4 to vRA 7.5 from vRSLCM.  It fails on only one item:  IISServer: IIS Server Not Responding on the IaaS Windows server.


    I love the Error Recommendation:  "The IIS Server is installed and running, but does not respond.  See if prerequisite checker has other errors."  But, as I said, there are no other errors, just this one.


    I have rechecked all of the pre-reqs in the installation manual  I have also verified and followed the instructions in KB 2138781 and KB 59658  (which are virtually identical).  Still no love.


    Any help would be appreciated.  I would like to know just what this check is checking?

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