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    I am running VMware 5.5 and I have VM that I would like to transfer to another offsite VMware. Can I attach an external HDD to one my USB port on the host and copy this VM over? VM is not active and switched off?

    VM is 400GB so I need to find the best way to achieve this. If I can connect it to USB port how would I copy my .vmdk to this external HDD?




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    When I open Skyline Advisor I get the following error message:


    There was an issue with validating your login credentials against our backend database.

    For Premier Services entitled customers (BCS/MCS/HCS/Telco), please file a Support Request under Product "Skyline Advisor" to get assistance:

    For Production entitlement support customers, please proceed to the Skyline communities for assistance:


    Is there something I am missing or something else that needs to be done?

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  • 12/17/18--04:12: License Key
  • Author : Alyc Helms

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Create New Licenses

    Publication Name : vCenter Server and Host Management

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.0

    Question :

    I have license key and i used it in server and activated i need to check if this key is original or cracked and if i have support with this key  and i can use this key with anther server

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    I am curious if anyone is using the new side-channel-aware scheduler and what your experience has been.  I ran the analysis script and everything was green (No expected impact...).  While I didn't notice a real increase in CPU utilization, I did notice an increase in CPU Ready Time and Co-Stop Time.  I am not sure those values were considered by the readiness script.  What has your experience been?  I never had an issue with Co-Stop, now I have some VMs hitting 3+% fairly often and Ready Times have doubled.

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    Hi All,


    I have been doing the Workspace ONE UEM Deploy and Manage on demand lab and I am stuck. As per the course manual I was able to add a test user to AD but when I try to configure directory services in workspace One Identity Manager that doesn't seem to work. I have 3 alerts under the sync log for the directory that I am trying to integrate in to IDM.


    The end result should be - Identity Manager should sync with AD and the users under that domain should sync in Identity Manager console.


    Sync Log Alert Message


    Directory object not found:cn=wsoadmin,cn=users,dc=corp,dc=local   Alert Type = error

    Directory object not found:cn=wsouser,cn=users,dc=corp,dc=local    Alert Type = error

    Directory object not found:cn=test01,cn=users,dc=corp,dc=local       Alert Type = error


    Any guidance is much appreciated.



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    I am building a Docker Container that runs the 4.2.0 Linux 64 bit Ovftool in an OpenSuse 42.3/SLES12 SP3 environment and when I run my command inside the container I get the following error and segfault:


    2018-12-10T23:44:16.520Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Using VIM API version: 6.0

    2018-12-10T23:44:16.522Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Determine if server is a standalone host or vpxd

    2018-12-10T23:44:16.522Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] VI API type: VirtualCenter

    2018-12-10T23:44:16.522Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Login to server based on username and password

    2018-12-10T23:44:16.522Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Setting VI connection message locale (via login) to:

    2018-12-10T23:44:16.523Z verbose OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] [SigHandler] Signal caught: 6



    Terminate process signal received - aborting operation2018-12-10T23:44:16.523Z panic OVFTool[7F63529AE7C0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default]


    --> Panic: PANIC bora/lib/unicode/unicodeCommon.c:329


    --> Backtrace:

    --> [backtrace begin] product: VMware Workstation, version: e.x.p, build: build-5965791, tag: OVFTool, cpu: x86_64, os: linux, buildType: release

    --> backtrace[00][0x0036C8E4]: Vmacore::System::Stacktrace::CaptureFullWork(unsigned int)

    --> backtrace[01][0x001C7E64]: Vmacore::System::SystemFactoryImpl::CreateBacktrace(Vmacore::Ref<Vmacore::System::Backtrace>&)

    --> backtrace[02][0x00369954]

    --> backtrace[03][0x00369A5D]: Vmacore::PanicExit(char const*)

    --> backtrace[04][0x001952F4]

    --> backtrace[05][0x00195398]

    --> backtrace[06] ovftool.bin[0x00442905]

    --> backtrace[07] ovftool.bin[0x00229F40]

    --> backtrace[08] ovftool.bin[0x0022A0F1]

    --> backtrace[09] ovftool.bin[0x0025DD17]

    --> backtrace[10] ovftool.bin[0x0025F93D]

    --> backtrace[11] ovftool.bin[0x001CF44F]

    --> backtrace[12] ovftool.bin[0x001577E7]

    --> backtrace[13][0x00020725]

    --> backtrace[14] ovftool.bin[0x00160BA9]

    --> [backtrace end]

    Aborted (core dumped)


    However when I run the exact same command I am able to deploy the OVA Template just fine to my vCenter. I am running the command with the following parameters (I have deleted the password related args etc).


    ovftool --X:logToConsole=True --X:logLevel="verbose" --targetSSLThumbprint=XXX  --diskMode=thin -ds=03_data --name=myTemplate --network="VM Network" --overwrite myTemplate.ova vi://


    My theory on why it's not working is that certain Environment Variables or Libraries are missing inside my container however I have not been able to identify which ones are erroring out exactly.

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    I've been searching a bit on this, but not much definitive information.

    Specifically wondering if VMware has a way to throttle vSphere replication bandwidth?


    We are constrained on our 100GB L2 point to point line and seems that when even just one VM is replicating (RPO time), it consumes the whole line, causing other applications to suffer.


    Anyone know if VMware has a setting or with the Replication Appliance?


    I was able to throttle our Nimble storage replication, because Nimble has a setting.

    Long story, but QoS at the router/switch level not an option at the moment.



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    You can reduce the need for external load balancer integrations by using UAG 3.4.


    Read more :


    Release Notes for VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.4


    Demo :


    What's New in VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.4 | Andreano Lanusse | VMware


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    is not validating the license.
    what  could be happening?


    your help, please

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    Need help! Disk 1 was in "predictive failure" for about 2 week. We purchase a replace HD on amazon and pop it in this morning. It went through a "rebuild" process and during that process, disk bay 2 started having an "alert" in Critical array. After it rebuild, the new drive was still showing a "predictive failure" issue and disk bay 2 became normal after. So I reached out to HD vendor to send a replacement. I had to pop the drive to get serial # and after I pop it back in, both disk 1 and disk 2 is in "alert" status! Please help! Everything appear to be working as in VM is still up and running and the other 2 drives are still working (4 drive total) but does this mean I have 2 bad drive now? Or if I pop a good replacement drive in tomorrow, everything will rebuild? I'm super nervous but my replacement drive won't be here till tomorrow!



    12-17-2018 3-42-00 PM.png

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    Hello guys


    I’m benchmarking virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro and compare it with other hypervisors.

    I have problem with benchmarking HDD efficient. I’am using cristal disk mark 6.0. I don’t know how but virtual machine windows 7 64 bit(guest OS) on wmware workstation pro 15.02 has better results than Host OS – Windows 10 pro. Is it possible?


    Below are results from Host OS system.


    Below are results from Guest OS system



    These tests were repeated at least five times for every case: 500MB, 100 MB and 50MB. Presented tests are average results.


    Can someone explain me what is happening? Maybe Vmware has some features what support and increase virtual disk efficient.


    The same problem is in Passmark performance test Disk.


    Below are results from Host OS system





    DISK – RANDOM SEEK + RW - 9.7 MB/s


    Below are results from Guest OS system



    DISK MARK 3471



    DISK – RANDOM SEEK + RW – 296.0 MB/s


    Virtual machine and HOST OS is placed on HDD disk SATA III.


    Maybe I am doing something wrong. How should I do correct benchmark HDD and RAM?

    CPU test looks correctly.



    BEST REGARDS marcelkg

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  • 12/17/18--13:35: vm tags
  • Author : Martina Laleva

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : About vSphere Virtual Machine Administration

    Publication Name : vSphere Virtual Machine Administration

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.5

    Question :

    how do tags work

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    Hi all, thanks in advance for the help.


    Due to contract constrains i need to connect to a VDI using VMware and RDP connection, but i have a MacBook Pro and the only options to connect is PCoIP and VMware Blast. But on Windows machine i can locate RDP on the same menu as well, so i need to know if i can do it, and if positive, how can i do it.


    Thanks !

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    I have a vsphere 5.5 infrastructure with windows and linux servers running across 3 hosts. I use remote desktop connection or open console to connect and manually install windows updates on all windows VMs but recently one of the VMs will drop the connection almost immediately after i login to it via RDP.  I tried to open console from the vsphere Web Client interface to access the particular VM but it only opens a blank black window. I am not sure if this is entirely windows or vmware problem or both.  I know RDP is enabled and the user name i use is allowed to remotely connect to this VM because its what has always worked for months until last week. How can i regain remote desktop or open console access to this virtual machine? Please help.

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  • 12/17/18--13:59: PLEASE NOT SYSPREP
  • My company is moving away from semantic software which means I can't use the Clone Prep Tool. I have been looking to find something of the same but I keep getting directed back to Microsoft's Sysprep.
    I would really rather not use Sysprep. What other third-party programs are out there that can compare to Semantic's Clone Prep Tool? 

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  • 12/17/18--06:28: VSAN disk group testing
  • Hi All,


    VSAN rigorous testing.I have some doubts again,Could some one please clarify my doubts if possible?


    My setup is as follows:-


    3 ESXi servers with 6.7.0

    7 test windows/Linux VMs are running including VCSA 6.7.0

    VSAN version is 6.7.0 with allflash configurations.

    DG---->2* 2TB SSD disk/per ESXi host(each ESXi host has one disk group and 1* 2TB is going for cache tier and another 1* 2TB is going for capacity tier).Totally 3 ESXi servers   6 TB-->cache tier and another 6 TB--->capacity Tier

    In storage policy:- FTT is set as 1 and selected RAID 1 configuration.



    Last week testing scenario is as follows:-



    * Removed 2 TB(cache disk) from first ESXi server and inserted 1 TB cache disk(non-uniform configuration).After inserting non-uniform 1 TB SSD disk and DG configuration,we saw the object sync was in progress,however the 1 TB disk shown as unhealth.

    we dont know what happened to that 1 TB SSD disk(new cache disk).Soon after,the VCSA appliance stopped responding.While taking 1st ESXi reboot,all the VMs running shown as invalid.

    * While checking the vm status(get all vms) from cli,i shown as skipping.


    # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

    Skipping invalid VM  '24'

    Skipping invalid VM '25'

    Skipping invalid VM '28'



    We dont know what was the cause behind this and soon after all the VMs went invalid/inaccessible(after ESXi reboot).This is due to non-uniform configuration of cache disk or not ?  Im not pretty sure.


    This is the logs of ruby(VCSA) and We could not recover any VMs.


    /localhost/VC-VSAN-310/computers> vsan.check_state 0

    2018-12-14 08:58:54 +0000: Step 1: Check for inaccessible vSAN objects

    Detected 41 objects to be inaccessible


    vsan.check_state 0 -r

    2018-12-14 09:02:22 +0000: Step 1: Check for inaccessible vSAN objects

    Detected 2cc80f5c-f242-c40e-fb39-d4ae52886942 to be inaccessible, refreshing state

    Detected 0f9f095c-6e37-8624-d45a-d4ae52886942 to be inaccessible, refreshing state

    Detected 2cc80f5c-1a5b-1228-c0ee-d4ae52886942 to be inaccessible, refreshing state

    Detected 986a095c-7ce5-572b-f5d5-d4ae52886942 to be inaccessible, refreshing state



    After this issue,we have built a new VSAN setup freshly and like to test again with same 7 test VMs.FTT-1 and RAID 1 storage policy(3 ESXi servers only).



    1) Remove one cache  SSD disk from first ESXi host and will try to see the impact.By default,we have enabled dedupe and compression.I like to know what will happen if we remove any SSD disk(either cache or capacity from first ESXi server)?

    I guess there should not be any impact to all the running virtual machines. Am i correct ? If i use de-duplication and compression on 3 node on all flash cluster,will there be any impact?


    I saw this community from Bob.


    Any feedback or suggestions?



    Manivel RR

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    We have two ESXi 6.5 hosts with multiple guests using a Dell shared storage array.


    All the VMs except for vSphere VM had hard drives "thick provisioned".  There was about 1.36 TB of free space on the array. 

    On a guest (Exchange 2013) server, we deleted a 1.2 TB edb file.  Windows showed about 1.5 TB of free space on that partition (thick provisioned).  We attempted to copy the 1.2 TB file from a Storagecraft backup on a NAS to the Exchange Server.  After the copy was about 50% complete, guests started locking up and not just the Exchange server. 


    We could not login into vSphere.  We logging into ESXi on the hosts and they reported that the virtual hard drive could not expand due to space being out of space. 

    We then checked on the Dell array and it went into Emergency mode due to less than 1 MB of space being free.  It locked all partitions and all VMs are currently locked up.


    We worked with VMWare and Dell support.  We attempted to run unmap via SSH but it ultimately fails with an I/O error due to the SAN being locked.


    Dell's answer is to order more hard drives and expand the array. 


    The question is:  How does VMWare handle files copied to the guests?  Does it use some temp file location?  Do we have to "unmap" the space anytime that we delete files and if so, how long would it take on a large file (or will we know when the space is truly available without crashing the system)?


    If anyone has a magic bullet that would be great but really what I want to know is how can we ensure this never happens again?


    Thanks in advance.


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  • 12/17/18--14:46: VRNI
  • Author :

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : General

    Publication Name : vRealize Network Insight FAQs

    Product/Version : VMware vRealize Network Insight/3.9

    Question :

    Is it possible to estimate how much bandwidth will be generate between the hosts and the proxy?

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  • 12/17/18--13:34: allocate resources to a user
  • Dear community members,


    is there a way  to allocate the certain amount of CPU , RAM ,Storage  and VM's to a user ?


    thank you in advance

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    Currently i m running vmware esxi 6.5 on Dell 620 Server.

    Due to some reason i can't connect this server to Internet.

    I want to share my wireless access connection to ESXI.

    In vmware work station i can do it.

    Appreciate for you advise.




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