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    can you explain more clearly about Performance degradation Warning message in Admission control:

    Because while i set HA cluster on percentage or Host failure cluster tolerance  on 1 host it means my HA will be work and that's tolerate is 1 Host now why we have to set Performance degradation ?

    would you please give a example




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    I had a Linux VM on ESXi 6.5 and wanted to move to other/new ESXi Host.

    As the VMware vSphere Client is removed from ESXi 6.5 ,

    I tried with the Export option from ESXi Host Client Web Interface and saved 2 files. (disk-0.vmdk & vm.ovf)


    So, now without having the flat.vmdk file , is this possible to restore my VM on new ESXi host ?

    (Please note the old server is canceled.)


    1. Restoring only possible on ESXi 6.5 & 6.7 ?

    2. We have to rename the disk-0.vmdk to disk-0-flat.vmdk ?

    3. We have to use a software to converting the disk-0.vmdk file ?

    4. create a new disk with the same specifications, and then use that new descriptor file to point to the original data disk ?



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    I am running Esxi 6.7 Hypervisor the free version.


    After I installed a second VM with one vCPU I wanted to add another vCPU, then I get the error that I do not have enough Licenses for this operation. My first VM runs with two vCPUs. Does this mean I can only have 3 vCPUs running???


    Is this a limitation of the free version or have I missed something???


    I thought there is only a limitation on physical CPU???

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    Добрый вечер!

    Пытаюсь установить гипервизор ESXI 6.5U2 (чистая установка) на HP ML30gen9, на USB диск (16Gb).

    Загрузка в UEFI mode, т.к. RAID на борту не поддерживет другие режимы.

    Система без проблем устанавливается как через монтируемый образ в iLO, так и с правильно приготовленной флешки с GPT partition.

    Установочный диск видится, на него ставится система и т.д. все хорошо до самого конца.

    Но после перезагрузки система не грузится, т.к. не видит флэшку.

    Все попытки с настройкой BIOS результатов не дали. Версия BIOS последняя.

    Помогите. Что может быть не так?

    C уважением...

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    I been wrecking my brain and trying to find what caused my ESXI machine to have PSOD. Initially there was a faulty CPU, so I removed it, so my server currently is running on one processer. It still works as I have inserted the ram and pcie slot which the CPU1 support. PSOD still happens when I was trying to transfer files out from my Windows Server VM to another network disk. It does not happen immediately, it happen like after 30min or so and I am transferring around 32gig of files. Anyone could help me decipher the log, i am running on the latest lsi_mr3 driver btw.

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  • 12/16/18--01:04: support for SQLite3
  • Hi,


    I want to store some structured data with in Orchestrator, probably as a resource element or package file. I don't want to use a DB server. Ideally looking at a serverless solution. I believe SQLite3 & JSON file(s) stored on the filesystem should also work. Has anyone published in open source any library packages/actions to provide a native Orchestrator interface for emulating SQLite3 or working with JSON files (CRUD)?



    Regards Shekhar

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  • 12/11/18--11:29: Copy Paste does not work
  • Author : John Domenichini

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Copy and Paste Between Virtual Machines and Your Mac Using the Menu

    Publication Name : Using VMware Fusion

    Product/Version : VMware Fusion/11

    Question :

    Hi Team,  After upgrade to Fusion 11 I found out copy paste does not work between macOS (10.14.1) and guest Windows 10. I have reinstalled VMware software in guest os. Checked isolation options are enabled in config. It does not work anyway.  Could you please suggest how can I enable copy paste?  Best regards, Kostyantyn

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    Hi everyone, I have a problem regarding the Workstation Pro 15 library.


    The virtual machines are stored in several folders. When I finish using the machines (turn off or suspend the machines) and close Workstation, and again open the application, the library where the folders with their machines were disappear.


    There's a solution?


    I have tried to reinstall Workstation 15 and I have tried to install other previous versions, and the same thing happens.

    It does not store folders with their virtual machines in the library.


    As they disappear every time I close and open the application, I must manually open the machines ..


    Attached images.


    Before closing the application:

    Captura de pantalla de 2018-12-09 20-27-18.png


    After closing and starting the application (Where is the folder with your machines?):

    Captura de pantalla de 2018-12-09 20-26-25.png


    I hope you can help me and thank you.





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    Thanks to the help I received from the previous post with the same title...I got brave and used the allvolumesattached.bat file.


    It didn't work as anticipated.


    Where would I find logs to troubleshoot if the batch file was called, did the execution fail, etc.


    The batch file runs:


    regedit.exe /s C:\F9V5\F9.reg

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    The Facts:

    Windows 7 64 BIT 6GB Reserved Memory

    No Paging File on the Guest OS

    Non-Persistent Clones

    Office 2016 as an app stack not part of the reference image

    Issue described below is not reproducible on demand


    The symptom:

    Excel users report infrequent crash/freeze with particular spreadsheets


    My gut/experience:

    1. The Excel file is wonky/has old deprecated code
    2. Anti Virus (Trend on hosts)
    3. Network issues (these Excel files reach out to the network)


    My question:

    Paging file? I've been told by instructor to avoid using a paging file. The Googles are all over the place on paging files.

    Does anyone have an opinion/real world experience with 'on or off' virtual memory/page file?


    Thank you!

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    Dear VMWare Community,


    The problem I'm going to bring up was observed on different hardware (e.g. X5650, 2700X, ThinkPad laptops) and software (host on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10) configurations. Machines that I typically use have 3 screens. 2 of them are dedicated to virtual machine and one to the host. Virtual machine is Windows Server 2012 R2 which is supposed to occupy two screens.


    It was all working fine (and still does after downgrade) up to VMWare Player 12.5.9/8 and problem started with 14.x series. At first I thought I would wait and it would probably go away with the next minor release but nothing like that happened and today we have 15.x with the same problem.


    The problem is about mouse pointer stability and occurs only when virtual machine is in multi screen mode. When I switch guest machine to single screen it seems to be working fine, but in the multi screen mode there are problems.The observable behavior is that from time to time (it does not completely prevents you from working with VM, it is rather annoying and considerably reduces your productivity):


    * the mouse pointer flickers without reason (especially when its shape is changing);

    * the mouse pointer disappears without reason (and does not reappear until mouse is moved);

    * the mouse pointer jumps to other location (I think it is usually 0,0 position but hard to tell, because it is invisible) and disappears (in this case usually to get the pointer back /moving your mouse does not help/ I have to first release focus from VM with Ctrl-Alt keys and click on the VM screen);

    * the mouse pointer jumps to some other location and you click something completely different than expected;


    Flickering and mouse pointer disappearance can be observed very easily in Total Commander (for example). Right click on a folder should display small progress bar for about 1s and then popup menu with a visible mouse cursor. When you try this on single screen (all versions) or multi screen mode with Player 12.5.8/9 it works perfectly well. Wen you try the same in multi screen mode with 14/15 you should see the difference. Progress bar flickering almost make is invisible and after popup menu is shown the mouse pointer is not visible. Of course this is not the only problem - just an example which would let you see what it is all (not all in fact because this case does not cover all the bullets mentioned above).


    Some extra facts:

    * does not occur in VMs running in single screen mode (even though the host machine can have more than one);

    * occurs on VMvare Player since 14.x (12.5.8/9 has no issues at all);

    * in all cases latest (matching installed VMWare Player version) VMWare Tools are installed in VM;

    * does not depend on guest VM internal settings like (interface or mouse pointer styles);

    * observed in different hardware configurations (computers and peripherals, e.g. mouse);

    * observed in a clean install environments (Host & VM, e.g. fresh Windows 2012R2 installed in VM + updates + VMWare Tools);

    * observed on Radeon & NVidia graphic cards with different drivers (over last year);


    I'd like to have it finally fixed (after over a year) because I'm stuck on 12.5.x versions. Please let me know if there are any extra details that I can provide and help to fix this mouse pointer stability problem.





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    when trying to access the VMWare ESXI 6.7 Login Page ( from my PC I am redirected to this Page (MergePoint Embedded Management Software):




    If I open the connection on another pcs, it does work.


    I tried, both IP and hostname, I tried FF, Chrome and IE but none of them work on my pc - any ideas?




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    Hi. We 1 controller VM that has disconnected twice from the controller cluster in the last two months. We see vCenter alarms pointing to high memory usage maybe a week before it happens.


    I opened a ticket and was told to rebuild the entire controller cluster, ie delete and install all 3 nsx controllers again. The ticket closed, and I forgot to ask if I can just delete this one node, because I remember several months ago during a fail over test, we are cross-site setup, when we failed back I inadvertantly deleted a primary controller instead of one at our secondary site when we were failing back. It got in a weird state so I think I deleted the VM actually. So I am not sure I screwed the database up on NSX or not.


    Anyway I may open the ticket back up to give that information.


    I am just hesitant to rebuild the entire cluster, and yes I know turning off DRS it should be no issue. I just wanted to try to delete this 1 controller first clenaing and redeploy it. Looking for any comments. Thanks,,,

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    This was working prior to a PC upgrade. I went from a Asrock z77 Extreme 4 motherboard with 16GB of memory and an Intel i5 3570k, to a Gigabyte Z370XP SLI motherboard 16GB of memory and an Intel i7 8700. I transferred my drives, did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.251), My VMs reside on a secondary storage drive so I opened them in workstation. I have tried reinstalling VMware Workstation, recreating the preferences.ini located in %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\VMware\, recreating the virtual machine and reinstalling vmware tools. I checked another VM and encounter the same issue. So I can CTRL+ALT to break input to the host and it will allow me to click one time, after that it acts as if the mouse buttons are not working. Has anyone ran into this or does anyone have anything I can try? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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  • 12/16/18--01:14: boot menu virtual machine
  • i would like to have to opportunity to boot a virtual machine from the boot menu of the host machine. how can i do that? i've already created my virtual machine

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  • 12/16/18--13:00: Mandatory Profile with UEM
  • hi,


    i am new to mandatory profiles.

    can we use mandatory profile with UEM? i mean will the user be able to save application profiles/reg settings ... etc  created in UEM ?

    and in mandatory profile all the users will have same appdata or what other setting/folder will remain the same inspite user changes?


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    The Facts:

    Windows 7 64 BIT 6GB Reserved Memory

    No Paging File on the Guest OS

    Non-Persistent Clones

    Office 2016 as an app stack not part of the reference image

    Issue described below is not reproducible on demand


    The symptom:

    Excel users report infrequent crash/freeze with particular spreadsheets


    My gut/experience:

    1. The Excel file is wonky/has old deprecated code
    2. Anti Virus (Trend on hosts)
    3. Network issues (these Excel files reach out to the network)


    My question:

    Anyone else experiencing this? No page file a culprit?


    Thank you!

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    Hi, I would like to create a shared VMDK between 2 virtual machines

    one VM should write to the VMDK

    and the second VM should have only read permission to the VMDK

    I succeded to create the shared disk with the right SCSI controller

    But, once VM1 is adding a file to the disk, VM2 doesn't see the file and the updates immediately

    There is any solution to solve this problem?

    My main goal as I menition before, is to make a virtual disk that is belong to VM1 and another VM2 can read the data from the disk (And keep see updates on vm2 on new files)

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  • 12/16/18--11:57: Xen Project and VMware.
  • Hello.

    What is the VMware community opinions about Xen, Citrix XenServer and XCP-ng? Why you choice VMware? Please tell me clear.


    Thank you.

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    Hi All. I'm part of a school and we want to allow a user (maybe all users, not sure yet) to edit the network config on the virtual machines.

    We don't want to give them local admin rights as that is to much access for these machines. Is there any way to allow a non-admin user to edit the network configuration of a virtual machine in VMWare player?

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