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  • 01/10/19--14:13: USB card reader
  • Hi all,

    I had difficulties accessing a CF card using a new internal card reader (using USB 3.0 header on motherboard) from my guest OS.

    Hence, I checked whether I could find it in ESXi. Unfortunately I did not. I could find the reader:



    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05e3:0732 Genesys Logic, Inc. All-in-One Cardreader

    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0924:3d61 Xerox

    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1c4f:0016 SiGma Micro

    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0e0f:8003 VMware, Inc.


    But (after inserting a CF card), I cannot find the card anywhere.


    "disk -l" and "ls /vmfs/devices/disks" only show the hard drives.


    I guess I have to mount it, but no clue from where. Hopefully someone can help me out!


    Thanks! J

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    The Skyline team is hosting a free, live webinar during the month of January. Join us to learn about the latest 2.0 release, and see a demo of new features, such as Log Assist. The webinar is 30 minutes long, and will be held during the dates/times below. Please join the session that is most convenient for you.


    January 16th, 5pm PST webinar - register for this session here.


    January 17th, 7am PST webinar

    January 24th, 7am PST webinar

    January 31st, 7am PST webinar


    Register for the 17th, 24th and 31st sessions via this link.


    Hope to see you there!

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  • 01/10/19--12:18: CPU hyperthreading
  • hi,

    What is the  advantage of enablig CPU hyperthreading,? Will it be counted in vCPU to CPU ratio ?

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    I am trying to update from version 4.1.4 on up to current so I can run updated windows software as well. I had to also update my mac os software as well from 10.7.5 (I believe) to el capitan 10.11.6 (I believe). My plan was to update to el capitan and make sure fusion worked and then keep going. I updated to el capitan and my fusion shows up on the upper menu bar on the mac desktop right beside the network icon and clock. I can click on fusion but it says that the virtual machine is currently suspended. I can't seem to unsuspend it. I am currently stuck. if anyone has some good guidance, please call me at XXXXX*


    I would also like to say that I tried making a backup before doing this, but every drive that I connected to my mac didn't show up in the finder or disk utility. I know it was stupid and I surely won't let this happen again. I should have known better. is there a way to update fusion and still work with my virtual machine?


    Moderator edit: Please do not post your phone number on the public forum, do that in DM

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  • 01/10/19--11:47: VM Not Installed
  • Hi Team


    After i have installed VM tools also its not showing "Current"



    Rajesh Kumar M

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  • 01/02/19--09:13: Pro 15: Dialog too large
  • Hello,


    the usual app dialogs are way too large on a 3 Monitor system.




    The dialog comes up with 7832x129 pixels




         Monitor 2 is a 4K Monitor, but set to 2560x1440 / 100 %


         Monitor 1 is a 4K Monitor,  3840x2160 / 100 % ( Main Display )


         Monitor 3 is a 4K Monitor, but set to 2560x1440 / 100 %


    I'm running Windows 10, latest patch level, VmWare 15.0.2 build-10952284


    Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • 01/10/19--15:46: Upgrade NSX Manager
  • I am trying to update the NSX Manager from version 6.2.4 to 6.4.2, but after loading the file, the screen got stuck in Verifying uploaded file,I have already tested it with several browsers and the result is the same.


    Has anyone had this problem?



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  • 01/10/19--16:08: Lost Emulex FCoE Storage
  • This is an odd problem and I feel like I've gone insane.  I've got some big Dell R930s with Emulex Oce14000 cards being used for network and SAN storage adapters (ESXi 6.5).  I received a new Dell R930 that is the same exact hardware as the working units (other than the SFPs that I was given are not Intel and I have had SFP problems in the past).  I know from past experience that I need to have NPAR mode enabled in the BIOS, otherwise I will only have networking and no storage when ESXi boots.  I've got everything configured in the BIOS correctly, networking via the Emulex adapter is present on the new server, but I do not see the storage adapter listed.


    In my troubleshooting attempt, I have broken the working server (we will call it original for the description).  I first tried the Intel SFPs (pulled from original working server) with the card that came installed in the new server; still no storage adapter.  Moving on I think it may be the card itself so I remove the Oce14000 from the working original and try it in the new server.  When I did this and used the Intel SFPs (changed nothing else), my new server suddenly had the storage adapter listed.  I shut the new server down and kept the working Oce14000 from the original server installed, but I now inserted the new SFPs (ones that shipped with the new server) that I suspect to be the problem.  When I boot the new server, I no longer see the Oce14000 listed as a storage adapter.


    The Emulex card in the new server has a newer firmware, I assume this is part of my problem.  This is where it gets weird.  I take the original's working Emulex card and Intel SFPs and reinstall them in their original server, the one that was working just 30 minutes ago.  I change nothing, boot the original server, no storage.  I double checked to make sure that I didn't get the cards mixed up, checked the BIOS on the original server to ensure that NPAR was still active, and made sure the card was properly seated, and confirmed that the firmware was the same version as when I initially removed it.  Powered up, the original working server no longer has a working storage adapter.  I'm at a loss.


    One additional piece of information, running the command "esxcli fcoe nic discover -n vmnic3" yields "vmnic3 is not FCoE-capable; linkspeed < 10Gbps"

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    I have a home lab and do some testing for Oracle DBs to help me learn.  I have ESXi 6.5 installed and I want to enable the multi-writer capability.  I read I need to run this command.


    esxcli system settings advanced list -o /VMFS3/GBLAllowwMW


    I did but got no response so I looked up to see if this was an option and it returned no.  Can I do this with the free version of ESXi?  If so how can I do this?  Thanks


    VMware Knowledge Base

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    I see Solaris 11.4 is supported under ESX, but no listing for under Workstation 14 or 15.


    Where do we stand on getting support for Solaris 11.4 under VMWare Workstation Pro 15?


    I'd hate to have to revert to using Oracle VirtualBox just because VMWare can't figure out how to run 11.4...

    But if VMWare cannot deduce how to do this, perhaps I'd be better off with VirtualBox.

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    Hi All,

    I used ovftool to deploy a vm and got a power on error. Could someone have some experience on possible reasons?

    I searched online and someone mentioned resource limited resource. However, I didn't see such errors on the host.

    Thanks for the help!



    disk progress: 1%^MDisk progress: 2%^MDisk progress: 3%^MDisk progress: 4%^MDisk progress: 5%^MDisk progress: 6%^MDisk progress: 7%^MDisk progress: 8%^MDisk progress: 9%^MDisk progress: 10%^MDisk progress: 11%^MDisk progress: 12%^MDisk progress: 13%^MDisk progress: 14%^MDisk progress: 15%^MDisk progress: 16%^MDisk progress: 17%^MDisk progress: 18%^MDisk progress: 19%^MDisk progress: 20%^MDisk progress: 21%^MDisk progress: 22%^MDisk progress: 23%^MDisk progress: 24%^MDisk progress: 25%^MDisk progress: 26%^MDisk progress: 27%^MDisk progress: 28%^MDisk progress: 29%^MDisk progress: 30%^MDisk progress: 31%^MDisk progress: 32%^MDisk progress: 33%^MDisk progress: 34%^MDisk progress: 35%^MDisk progress: 36%^MDisk progress: 37%^MDisk progress: 38%^MDisk progress: 39%^MDisk progress: 40%^MDisk progress: 41%^MDisk progress: 42%^MDisk progress: 43%^MDisk progress: 44%^MDisk progress: 45%^MDisk progress: 46%^MDisk progress: 47%^MDisk progress: 48%^MDisk progress: 49%^MDisk progress: 50%^MDisk progress: 51%^MDisk progress: 52%^MDisk progress: 53%^MDisk progress: 54%^MDisk progress: 55%^MDisk progress: 56%^MDisk progress: 57%^MDisk progress: 58%^MDisk progress: 59%^MDisk progress: 60%^MDisk progress: 61%^MDisk progress: 62%^MDisk progress: 63%^MDisk progress: 64%^MDisk progress: 65%^MDisk progress: 66%^MDisk progress: 67%^MDisk progress: 68%^MDisk progress: 69%^MDisk progress: 70%^MDisk progress: 71%^MDisk progress: 72%^MDisk progress: 73%^MDisk progress: 74%^MDisk progress: 75%^MDisk progress: 76%^MDisk progress: 77%^MDisk progress: 78%^MDisk progress: 79%^MDisk progress: 80%^MDisk progress: 81%^MDisk progress: 82%^MDisk progress: 83%^MDisk progress: 84%^MDisk progress: 85%^MDisk progress: 86%^MDisk progress: 87%^MDisk progress: 88%^MDisk progress: 89%^MDisk progress: 90%^MDisk progress: 91%^MDisk progress: 92%^MDisk progress: 93%^MDisk progress: 94%^MDisk progress: 95%^MDisk progress: 96%^MDisk progress: 97%^MDisk progress: 98%^MDisk progress: 99%^MTransfer Completed

    Powering on VM: first_nestvm_vc-11238284

    ^MTask progress: 0%^MTask Failed

    Error: Task failed on server: Module 'MonitorLoop' power on failed.

    Deleting VM

    2019/01/09 01:06:36 UTC MainThread ERROR hwelib.common deployvc failed and took 3 minutes and 29.603 seconds. Please check error and try again

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  • 01/10/19--17:17: NSX 6.4 IBGP
  • I want to use iBGP between ESG and DLR.

    Does NSX 6.4 support?


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    After the last fix for the kernel security issue I am finding that I cannot always get WS 15.0.2 build-10952284 to start a VM that was successfully closed.  I can repeat this which is why I am posting.  Attached is the log file from the same VM that closed last night and will not start this morning.  I find I end up having to reboot the host OS Windows 10, 64-bit  (Build 18312) 10.0.18312 (sometimes more than once) to get the VM to start. 


    C:\Users\Don\Documents\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu 64-bit Digi\vmware.log

    C:\Users\Don\Documents\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu 64-bit Digi\Ubuntu 64-bit Digi.vmx

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  • 01/06/19--19:19: vSAN witness on EC2 instance
  • Hi team,


    I need to know if it is possible to launch the vSan witness and Tie Breaker server on AWS EC2 instance?




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  • 01/10/19--19:03: can't login vcenter from web
  • hi dear,


    i have a problem, before i change clock tolerance parameter in token policy and than i have error, i can't login vcenter from web but i can login from vsphere client.

    i use vcenter 6.0U2

    i screenshot the error


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    I had Gpt external HDD and file system is "VMFS_v"

    Mount as

         #vmfs-fuse /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sp/


    Share /mnt/sp to network as NFS and it failed


    How could I achieve this share to network for /mnt/sp ?

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    im a newbie. just trying to understand NSX.

    In my NSX Environment, i must use public ip on the vm, i cannot always use private ip on all vm.


    Can anyone please clear me to understand,
    1. how can i route public ip assigned to vm to the internet through DLR to ESG to Internet Router ?
    2. Or, do i have to use port forwarding if i need public ip on the vm ?

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    My USB Drive is not detected by VMware Workstation, it simply does not list the drive and does not auto-connect the drive to the guest; The drive works fine in the host machine.

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    Hi Team,


    we are trying to navigate from link to VCenter Storage. After clicking on browser back button, we navigate to previous page but side navigation doesn't change.

    Please find attachment below as a reference-


    Error Image will show- side navigation doesn't change on back button of browser




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    I have been trying to make a script to customize a VM after receiving the needed parameters as input, but I am receiving an error when I try to use the command "Set-VM" to set the customization. Here's the customization part of the script:

    $specClone = New-OSCustomizationSpec -OSCustomizationSpec $customization -Type NonPersistent $nicMapping = Get-OSCustomizationNicMapping –OSCustomizationSpec $specClone $nicMapping | Set-OSCustomizationNicMapping –IpMode UseStaticIP –IpAddress $IP –SubnetMask $subnetMask –DefaultGateway $defaultGateway –Dns $dns1, $dns2 Set-VM -VM $vm -OSCustomizationSpec $specClone

    And here's the error:

    set-vm : 1/10/2019 7:56:16 PM Set-VM
    Required property computerName is missing from data object of type CustomizationUserData
    while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.customization.UserData
    at line 1, column 947
    while parsing property "userData" of static type CustomizationUserData
    while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.customization.Sysprep
    at line 1, column 382
    while parsing property "identity" of static type CustomizationIdentitySettings
    while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.customization.Specification
    at line 1, column 257
    while parsing call information for method CheckCustomizationSpec
    at line 1, column 171
    while parsing SOAP body
    at line 1, column 64
    while parsing SOAP envelope
    at line 1, column 0
    while parsing HTTP request for method checkCustomizationSpec
    on object of type vim.VirtualMachine
    at line 1, column 0
    At line:1 char:1
    + Set-VM -VM $vm -OSCustomizationSpec $specClone
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Set-VM], InvalidRequest
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Client20_VmHostServiceImpl_CustomizeVM_ViError,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.SetVM

    Thanks in advance!

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