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    Hi All,

    Having searched around the we for a while, cannot find an answer to our particular scenario - throwing the question out to this forum.


    We have recently renewed and upgraded licenses from ENT to ENT Plus.  With the new licenses ready to go, looking at upgrading hosts to ESXi 6.5.  This naturally means upgrading the vCenter server instance(s).


    We have 3 geographically separated sites with all hosts running ESXi 6.0U3.  All three sites are in a hub and spoke model, site A as the hub with redundant links out to sites B and C.  Currently there is a single external PSC (located at Site A) and a vCenter server at each site in linked mode.


    Site A (Sydney 1)

    2 Clusters

    Cluster 1 has 2 hosts running 7 VM's

    Cluster 2 has 8 hosts running 39 VM's


    Site B (Sydney 2) - Redundant 100Mbps links to Site A

    1 Cluster of 10 hosts running 39 VM's


    Site C (Brisbane) - Redundant 50Mbps links to Site A

    1 Cluster of 4 hosts running 36 VM's


    In the future Site A will be collapsed into Site B.  Taking this on board, am looking into the feasibility of reducing the number of vCenter servers (ideally into a single instance).  Reading around - whilst it is possible to manage a remote site.  Ruling out connectivity, I believe number of hosts and VM's at the remote site is one of the factors to be considered, however cannot find any information as to what the ideal limit is to depict local or remote vCenter server instance.


    Am thinking of face lifting the architecture to be a single integrated PSC and vCenter server located at Site B, managing all three sites.


    Feedback on which direction (collapse or leave as is) to take would be appreciated.

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    Hi all,

    I have this structure in my Wokflow :

    Screenshot - 2019-01-09 , 13_57_31.png


    Can I execute a code linked to variable under Menu 2, only when I click Next


    Screenshot - 2019-01-09 , 14_02_22.png



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    I Need assistance in creating a report with vSAN storage space. We have a few vSAN clusters and I need to make a weekly report with the storage space of all our vsan clusters


    Thank you

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    Hi all,


    I am having an issue.. with mojave on workstation pro.  I only get a choice of one resolution 1024x768.    I do have the tools installed, but I did an uninstall and reinstall as well.. just in case...

    Any ideas what to do next?


    The host is win10 and the native resolution is 3840x2160 (17"  thinkpad p72)  I don't need 3840x2160... but a few more choices past 1024x768 would be nice



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  • 01/06/19--19:05: OVF deployment issue
  • Hi


    When I deployed VMs through vCenter, and found a dynamic disk appearing , and why?Thanks

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    Hi all,


    I'm on vRA 7.5, and have the latest/greatest versions of both Chrome and Mozilla. When I attempt to order an AWS server against a specific location the subnets that are listed out in the drop down are always skewed:



    This graphical behavior always happens no matter if I use Chrome or Mozilla. I tried to tweek some of the styles through my browser's inspector to see if I could perhaps update the CSS files on the appliance to clean it up a bit. Unfortunately I was only able to change the size of the dropdown, not the menu that pops up underneath.


    One thing I did learn after looking through the CSS was that this GUI appears to have been written in ExtJS. If that's the case, I'm thinking that the picker being used to show the subnet values might need to be updated to use the matchFieldWidthattribute set to false. This would allow the picker underneath to extend longer than the parent combobox. This Fiddle illustrates the difference in behavior:


    Sencha Fiddle


    Is this something that can be addressed in a future release? Thanks!

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  • 01/09/19--16:58: Migration/Move of UEMShare
  • It seems that UEM is not honoring the new share I specified in the setting folder..   I created a new share, copied all the items from the original share onto the new one, and finally update the location of the share in UEM.  It seems that all the desktops are still writing to the old share regardless of what is listed here.



    Is there something I'm missing?

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  • 12/18/18--03:18: Sloooooooooow VCSA 6.5
  • I replaced a vCenter 5.5 with a VCSA 6.5.

    I simply deployed the VCSA so there are very few things to confngure.

    The user interface of the VCSA looks extremely slow.

    As it looks like a black box, what can I do in order to troubleshoot performance?



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    I have had a lot of kernel panics when booting OSX guests if I configure 3 or more cpus.  It never panics with 1 or 2 cpus, rarely happens with 3 cpus, and almost always happens with 4 or more cpus.  Stragely it does eventually boot after many failed attempts.


    I don't see the problem on an ESXi server so I'm guessing it may point to a hardware problem on my laptop (Late 2016 15" MBP w/ touchbar), but the machine passes all Apple hardware diagnostics.  Is it possible this a known problem with Fusion?  Is it possible to set cpu affinity to prevent Fusion from using certain cpu cores?  I believe I have a directory full of boot failure logs but I forget where they are written.  Should I attach a bunch of them?


    Thanks in advance!


    Edit:  The same behavior occurs on Fusion 10.1.0 as well as 10.1.1.  It appears that several other people experience the same issue, so it may indeed be a bug in Fusion.

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    when entering the username and password vmware vsphere client connects but after 20 seconds it is disconnected and one of the errors sent to me is the following call "EventManager.CreateCollector" for the object "EventManager" in vCenter Server.


    also when I want to connect again this dialog box appears




    thank you, you can help me.


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    I have been a Fusion Pro user for many years.  I frequently run Debian or Ubuntu 64-bit guests on a MacOS host.  Sometimes I run just one VM at a time, other times I run a few.  Everything has been pretty great for the past few years ...until either MacOS Mojave or Fusion Pro 11 came along (or both).  Now I'm having a really tough time.


    I currently have a 2018 MacBook Pro Core i9 with 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD and Radeon Pro 560X.  I also have a 2012 iMac Core i7 with 32GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 680MX.  Both run MacOS Mojave (10.14)


    My iMac (and previous MacBook Pro) had been running MacOS High Sierra and Fusion Pro 10 for the past few months without issue and my new MacBook only ran Fusion Pro 10 for a few days before Fusion Pro 11 came out.  It has been downhill ever since.


    Both computers are now running MacOS Mojave with Fusion Pro 11 and my VMs are really hard to work with on both machines.  The guests behave otherwise normally unless I let them sit idle for several minutes and then I get the spinning beach ball when trying to interact with them again.  It takes anywhere from 30-40 seconds to a few minutes for the VMs to start responding to me again.


    Most of the time it takes so long for them to respond that I end up force-quitting Fusion.  When I open it back up, the VMs are still running and are responsive again (which I find odd because they aren't resuming; they are just still there running)... until a I let them sit idle again and then it's back to beach ball time.


    I have tinkered with the guest RAM and processor settings on several different VMs.  I have also tinkered with the sleep and automatic suspend settings on the guests.  All to no avail.  I have been running VMs like this for years with few to no problems and certainly nothing like this.


    I have tried open-vm-tools and the VMWare Tools on different VMs to see if they offered any differences (uninstalling the other each time before switching).  They don't help.  In previous versions of Fusion I have been using open-vm-tools with great success but now it's buggy (I had to write a script to restart open-vm-tools at login in order to get the screen to resize when dragging by the corners).  VMWare Tools hasn't worked for me in a long time and when I tried it again with Fusion Pro 11 I met the same lack of success.  It installs fine but my screen won't resize and I can't get an actual full-screen mode to work (with VMWare Tools).


    Is anyone else experiencing this slow performance with Fusion Pro 11 and MacOS Mojave combined?


    If anyone has any suggestions on how I might fix the problem I'll be incredibly grateful.  The situation I've got now has me wondering if I need to try falling back to Fusion Pro 10 or High Sierra.  I really don't want to do that.


    Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer.




    Message was edited by: ITdojo - corrected a typo.

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    We are migrating few users email id to a different mail address due to change in organizational structure. We would like to keep the old profile and create the new profile with the new mail id . So found the below script which works fine in physical machines. When tried with virtual desktops throguh UEM it creates the New profile as OutlookNEW but fails to set it as the default profile.


    reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles\OutlookNEW

    reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook" /v DefaultProfile /t REG_SZ /d "OutlookNEW" /F


    UEM Settings



    Please Advice

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    Reading this article: VMware Knowledge Base



    "Note: Windows does not recognize USB hard drives that are formatted in the HFS+ (Mac) file system. You have to use Disk Utility to format the hard drive in the FAT32 or ExFAT file system."

    (however article does't list version 11 as :"Related")


    It doesn't mention NTFS at all..


    However, i encountered a simial problem on the weekend. A was plugging in USB drive which was NTFS formatted, Got a dialog from VMWare Fusion abut 'unable able to connect to controller, and device may function improperly .. ' Windows didn't get the chance.


    Pulled it and formatted it on a physically machine as FAT32, plugged it back in to Mac, and connected it to VM fine and began copying


    This is one one USB drive i tested, but wanted a more better answer....... Are NTFS drives compatible with Fusion at all ?  It defiantly not Windows, so that leaves/assumption VMWare Tool or Fusion itself... or perhaps USB drive, but once formatted as FAT32,it worked  fine in Fusion.

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  • 01/09/19--19:11: Using Nginx with Vsphere
  • Hi experts,


    I have 2 vsphere 6.5.0 hosts, eg &


    Now, I need to access the vsphere hosts via sub-url. eg:

    1. ----->

    2. ----->


    Plz note that:
    1. I have no vCenter servers and not plan to purchase it since we are a running small business

    2. Due to some limtation, I don't have multiple domains (even have no sub-domains). In this case, I have to use sub-url to identify different vsphere hosts


    Thanks in advance

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  • 12/11/18--15:55: Linux vmrc 32bit
  • When tried to run the VMware-Remote-Console-10.0.3-9300449.x86_64.bundle on a 32bit Linux box it returns :


    This is a x64 bundle and does not match that of the current

    architecture.  Please download the x86 bundle.


    Okay. But where I supposed to download it ?

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  • 10/03/18--07:48: upgrade from workstation 11
  • I've been a workstation user since the days of a student license. Due to financial constraints (I'm retired), I was never able to afford to upgrade from Workstation 11 which I'm still on.

    As things have improved for me, I'd like to upgrade as 11 has problems on my latest Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04) but the current upgrade options to Workstation Pro 15 assume you have at lest Workstation 12.

    Is there an upgrade path or is it an outright purchase?

    I'd prefer to stay with VMware rather than one of the alternatives.




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  • 11/20/18--09:50: Enable copy-paste in VMRC
  • Tried all the links - including vmware -- enabled setting for and --> --> FALSE and all other options available on VMWARE as well as google results... still not able to enable copy - paste . even added same lines to esx config file .. rebooted VM, ESX .. still no luck .. can anyone help me how to enable it in ESX 6.5 ?

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    I've inherited an environment with two ESXi hosts and a vCenter Appliance Server that is running on one of those hosts.  It does not have a history of issues but after a recent unexpected loss of power to the SAN the vCenter Appliance, which resides on the SAN, is now malfunctioning.  Our VM's are running fine and can be managed on the hosts directly but I need to get the vCenter appliance functional again.


    Following KB steps to perform an FSCK resulted in issues being found and fixed but the underlying problem remains.  I found that /var/logs/vmware didn't exist, instead there seemed to be a file named vmware in /var/logs.


    The only vCenter backup is a snapshot of the appliance from over a year ago.  Changes to the environment since then have been the removal of some VM's, no new VM's were added, some VM's virtual hard drives were expanded, and one VM had an additional VHD added. There have been no infrastructure changes (SAN, domain, etc.) in that time. I was able to perform a current backup of the vCenter Appliance database as detailed in KB2091961 using the script.  I then made a current snapshot and reverted to the 1+ Year old snapshot.  The vCenter server seemed to come up functional, ESXi hosts were visible, but of course it showed VM's that had since been removed, etc.  I proceeded to restore the backup that I had just made and it broke the vCenter Server with the same issue of VXPD will not start.  The /var/logs/vmware folder is however now accessible and I have followed the suggested steps of ensuring there is adequate storage and making sure the time is correct, etc. 


    Attempting to access vCenter via web browser results in '503 Service Unavailable' however I can still log in to management at port 5480 and can SSH into it.  The best lead I currently have is the following from a log file which makes me feel like something is unhappy up in the database regarding the datastore details.


    info vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=Vsan] Done creating VSAN dynamic MOs for -15.

    error vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=Datastore] [VpxdDatastore] Failed to load DATASTORE table from database: vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound

    warning vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=VpxProfiler] ServerApp::Init [TotalTime] took 3719 ms

    error vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=Main] [VpxdMain] Failed to initialize 5Vmomi5Fault21ManagedObjectNotFound9ExceptionE(vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound)

    error vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Failed to intialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down...

    info vpxd[7F5ABDDB37A0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Forcing shutdown of VMware VirtualCenter now


    After exhaustive research I've about given up on fixing the problem and would like to look at rebuilding.  My questions are...


    1. If I restore an old snapshot is there a way to get vCenter to refresh itself in regards to the VM tweaks (VHD size increases/additions) that have been made since then?  If yes then it seems my problem is solved and I would just need to delete the VM's that were removed awhile back.
    2. If no on question 1 then what are some suggested next steps to get a working vCenter appliance backup up and running?  I have read about resetting the inventory service but I'm unsure exactly what the effects of that are.
    3. What is the behavior when an old vCenter snapshot is restored, how does it affect the VM's whose settings have been modified since?


    Thank you.

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  • 01/09/19--20:49: iso镜像安装问题
  • VMware Workstation安装自己封装的ISO镜像文件,报错如下:

    The following problem occurred  on line 1 of the kickstart file:

    Specified nonexistent disk in clearpart command




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    Spectre and Meltdown patch is not available in 6.7 version, will a vCenter Server upgrade from 6.5 update 1 to 6.7 update the Spectre and Meltdown patches as well or do i have to go through 6.5U1G to update the patch and then move to 6.7?

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