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    Yes know I'm late and vCenter 5.5 is no longer supported but I have an urgent need to get my server up. 

    I performed a replacement of our vCenter 5.0 server by creating a new VM and installing 5.5 on it.. Didnt use the vCSA b/c i wasnt sure if our current license could be applied.

    The installation went successfully. I renamed the old server and gave the new server the same name and IP as the old vCenter server. 


    When logging into vSphere Web Client on the new server, with the administrator account it does not log me in. Is it because i renamed the server?


    I get an log in error message makes reference to the original name of the new server and not the new name that I gave it.

    The message is “Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service - https://WIN-016HDKTJ2I8:7444/lookupservice/sdk”


    I hope you can advise on a remedy.

    vCenterInitial  err.jpg

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    VMWare Workstationлюбой версии не видит USB устройства, подключенные к хост-машине. Проблема замечена после установки драйвера USB контроллера (без него VMWare видит USB, но на хосте без данного драйвера USB 3.0 порты не работают с USB 3.0 устройствами - система начинает виснуть).

    Процессор AMD Ryzen 1700, чипсет AMD B450, ОС Windows 10 (стандартные драйвера от MS для USB нормально не работают, об этом написал выше), драйвер AMD USB 3.1 Controller (в обычном режиме не устанавливается, установка производилась в режиме совместимости с Windows 7), ранние версии не устанавливаютсяили вовсе ломают работу USB.

    Как и было сказано, после установки сего драйвера USB на хосте работают как надо, а в программе VMWare Workstation не видны вовсе нигде.


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    Been trying to figure out how to copy a file from USB installation media to ESXi 6.7 host disk during scripted installation for days.


    None of the older suggestions or ideas work, largely I think because:

    %post --nochroot


    no longer works in ESXi 6.7 (the --nochroot option is unrecognized, installation throws a fatal error and halts).


    Can anyone explain how to copy a file from the installation USB to the ESXi 6.7 host during a scripted install?



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    Problem uploading ova file in vmware workstation & ESXI


    Invalid header block: 4947 != 7835.

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  • 01/05/19--05:49: vcap cma 7 blueprint
  • Hello,

         I'm preparing for the vcap deploy from cma and want to prepare some guide some collection of materials VCAP-CMA Deploy 2018 - vWorld  but have some problem with understanding one point in blueprint

    Objective 3.2 – Implement a governance model that maps to given business needs

    can some one show me what should be configured here or what knowledge should I have.

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    I want to run a specific VMware instance when the host PC has started up.


    How do I start the VMware Workstation Player with a specific VMware file and in full-screen mode?



    I have a host-PC running Win10-64bit and on that I want to have the VMware Workstation Player installed to run an HMI (a graphical Human Machine Interface) in a VMware - but I dont know how to autostart the Player with the right parameters.

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    When trying to install ESXi 6.7u1 on SuperMicro SYS-5019A-FTN4 I get following error as soon as installer UI comes up (graphical progress bar appears with black/yellow background). Don't have same problem with ESXi 6.7. Any ideas?


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    Hello guys


    I have a serious issue. I runned ESXi 5.5 on an INTEL NUC DC3217IYE (this was possible due to the help of ESXI-cutomizer). That worked very well a couple of years.

    Recently this host system died, the host does not boot anymore. The mSATA HDD seems to have no damage as I can access it via an mSATA to USB 3 adapter. Unfortunately in Windows I can not see all content of the disk. I tried to install it in a newer NUC, but ESXi does not start due to different hardware.

    Further more I tried to attach the HDD to another server where ESXI 6.0 is running. The HDD gets recognized but can not be accessed as it displays "HDD not ready or failure".


    In the internet I could get another, identical NUC. I hope that I can install the HDD in this new NUC and can access the virtual machines again. I expect to boot the system as it was before. Unfotunately that takes some days until it arrives here.


    I need urgently one of the installed virtual machines from this mSATA HDD. Are there any other possibilities how I can fetch the virtual machine from this HDD ? Or where exactly can I find that machine and how can I fetch it ?


    Any help is higly appreciated.


    Best regards,


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  • 01/05/19--08:35: High availability question
  • I have a vm that I need to have high availability on. Host and VM monitoring is pretty simple, but I have a separate network that if it goes down (it's my wan) I need it to fail over. I'm not sure how to accomplish this.


    Any ideas?

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    in a standalone esxi 6.5, during the import of a vm via web client I stopped it, so now I have an entry in the web client that point to a vmx file that doesn't exists: in the list of virtual machines in the web client I have, as virtual machine name, the path of the vm that doen't exists and in Status field the "invalid" value.


    How I can delete the entry? Is it possible?


    I attach an image with 2 vm, the one invalid and one valid:


    esxi 6.5 webclient invalid entry.png




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    Вопрос в следующем, объединить два dvSwitc в одну сеть, широковещательный домен, необходимость вызвана тем, что в vmnic esxi 5.5 подключены два L2 линка от провайдера, мост на программном маршрутизаторе (pfsense) притормаживает при обработке такого трафика, буду благодарен за подсказку

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    Are there any backward compatibility issues with upgrading UEM to 9.6 and still having 9.3 on the linked clones temporarily until a scheduled golden image refresh?

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    Hallo Community,


    ich habe in meinem homelab einen ESXi 6.7.0.


    Seit gestern kann ich per Browser nicht mehr auf den Webclient zugreifen.


    Wenn ich über "https://<IP ESXi Host>/ zugreifen möchte erhalte im ich Internet Explorer die Fehlermeldung:


    Keine sichere Verbindung mit dieser Seite möglich

    Dies liegt möglicherweise daran, dass die Website veraltete oder unsichere TLS-Sicherheitseinstellungen verwendet. Wenn das Problem wiederholt auftritt, wenden Sie sich an den Besitzer der Website.



    Bisher erhielt ich immer nur die Zertifikatswarnung zum bestätigen.


    Auch mit Firefox und Chrome ist kein Zugriff möglich.


    Der Zugriff per Putty SSH funktioniet ohne Probleme.

    Ich habe bereits per SSH das Serverzertifikat von /"ertc/vmware/ssl/rui.crt" im IE und im Firefox importiert allerdings brachte dies kein Erfolg.


    Ich wäre dankbar für eure Unterstützung.

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    I am trying since 5 hours to silently install the vmware player and it don't works. I've tryed many different parameters. the *.log file says:


    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding PRODUCTLANGUAGE property. Its value is '1033'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding REBOOT property. Its value is 'ReallySuppress'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding EULAS_AGREED property. Its value is '1'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding INSTALLDIR property. Its value is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player\'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying AUTOSOFTWAREUPDATE property. Its current value is '1'. Its new value: '0'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying DATACOLLECTION property. Its current value is '1'. Its new value: '0'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying DESKTOP_SHORTCUT property. Its current value is '1'. Its new value: '0'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding ADDLOCAL property. Its value is 'ALL'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying COMPONENTDOWNLOAD property. Its current value is '1'. Its new value: '0'.

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:791]: Note: 1: 1708

    MSI (s) (A0:00) [20:12:00:792]: Product: VMware Player -- Installation failed.

    Erfolg- bzw. Fehlerstatus der Installation: 1639



    Parameters are:

    VMware-player-15.0.2-10952284.exe /s /l "vmware.log" /v /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress EULAS_AGREED=1 INSTALLDIR="%ProgramFiles(x86)%\VMware\VMware Player\" AUTOSOFTWAREUPDATE=0 DATACOLLECTION=0 DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=0 STARTMENU_SHORTCUT=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE="" COMPONENTDOWNLOAD=0

    It doesn't matter if I'm running it with quotes (") or without, in admin mode, or not. Even just the minimal properties don't work.


    Tryed also:




    [...] /v "/qn [...]"

    [...] /v/qn "[...]"

    [...] /v/qn [...]



    and so on...




    I've really tried everything. Do anyone see the failure?


    Can anyone help me please?



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  • 12/25/18--13:50: Modified computer
  • I have replaced the motherboard in my computer and now have solid state drive.

    I still have the old HD installed in the machine as the F drive.

    I can load the VMPlayer but it doesn't find the virtual machine or the SW I had on it.

    What do I need to do to get going again?

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    We've in the process of upgrading to Horizon View 7.4 but are having intermittent issues with USB Redirection not pulling through.


    The error in the Horizon client just says "USB Redirection is not available for this desktop". Weirdly half the time it works and half of the time it does not, even from the same underlying client.
    Impacts multiple users from multiple desktops.

    Horizon client 4.7.0

    Windows 7 underlying and VDI

    GPO set to Automatically Connect on Startup and When Inserted


    Never happens on older version of Horizon View (6.x), which is still our production environment. Not sure if relevant but another oddity we see is that if a USB device is plugged in during start up, and redirection is working, the USB device installs itself on every login even when drivers are available. This is another thing that never used to happen on older version of Horizon.


    Any ideas?




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  • 01/05/19--14:23: NSX-T - enhanced data path
  • Hi all,


    I followed high level steps as per reference guidance from 2.3 nsx-t installation guide for enhance data path.


    All below been deployed on physical x540-t2 network controller.

    3 Create an uplink policy.

    I created uplink profile with load balanced policy with 2 active uplinks

    4 Create a transport zone with N-VDS in the enhanced data path mode.

    I created overlay and vlan transport zones in enhanced data path mode

    5 Create a host transport node. Configure the enhanced data path N-VDS with logical cores and NUMA


    I created overlay host transport node however I am not sure what I need to do next and wonder if anyone has come across this deployment.



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  • 01/05/19--12:45: Deploying OVA fails
  • Hello.


    I am trying to install owncloud on my VMware ESXi. I click on deploy OVA, then drag it onto the area it says to, then next, I agree to the terms then it says do not vlose window whilst it deploys. The file uploads fine to the server.



    In the Tasks area it says importing VApp, with the progress bar, however the progress bar sits at 0%. I gave it 45 minutes last night before giving up and tried again this morning from scratch and gave it 1,5 hours. Still nothing that progress bar does nothing.


    Can anyone offer any hints as to what I could try next?


    Version 6.7.0 (Build 8169922)

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  • 12/20/18--09:53: Function keys
  • I can see that the keyboard setting "Use all F1, F2, etc.keysas standardfunction keys" isn't avaliable in the guest machines' System Preferences. Is it not possible to make the "special keys" work in a VMware Fusion Mac guest VM?

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    ESXI version: 6.0 U2

    VC Version:Version 6.0.0 Build 6855238

    one of ESXI host always display this erroe, unable to apply DRS Resource settint , DRS is disabled in cluster.




    Event Details:

    Description: Unable to apply DRS resource settings on host XXXX in Cluster1. The operation is not allowed in the current state.. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of DRS.
    Time: Oct 8, 2018 7:01:05 AM
    Error Stack:

    Failed to extend swap file from 0 KB to 33554432 KB.

    Current swap file size is 0 KB.

    Additional Event Details:
    Type Name: DrsResourceConfigureFailedEvent
    VC Build: 7462484
    Target Object Type: ClusterComputeResource
    DataCenter Object Type: Datacenter
    Host Object Type: HostSystem
    Host Build: 6921384
    ChainId: 7296025

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