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    AutoVM is an open source Virtual Private Server (VPS) manager based on in VMware ESXI, gives you full control and automation of hosting companies and VPS Sellers.

    With AutoVM you can assign unique panel for each user to make them fulfilled all about VPS Related.

    This must be noticeable as AutoVM additional tools , except Automatic Monitoring you can give your billing managements to AutoVM! So you can give more-fast services to your customers.


    Some of the features

    • Bandwidth monitoring and manage VPS traffic usage.
    • Install easily without any changes on the ESXI servers.
    • Free modules for manage VPS on the WHMCS client area.
    • Auto Provisioning VM After Payment Successfully.
    • Auto assign IP and Network adapter once VM created.
    • Auto installation of the operating system.
    • Ability to assign the existing VM created for WHMCS users.



    the AutoVM platform is designed to be compatible with default VMware ESXI settings and does not require any changes on the network design. To launch the AutoVM platform, you can run it on the hosting control panel such as CPanel or DirectAdmin.


    Get Started with free licence

    To get and setup the system, please visit the installation article. If you have any questions, please read the FAQ section. If you do not find your answer, please contact us from Client area.



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    Hi Experts,


    In our organisation DaaS is opted for end user, published application is configured for end users, some users profile is not loading, getting very frequent his error, below eeros found in the flexengine logs


    ADMX-based settings were not (fully) processed successfully ('U_P_All_Security.xml')

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.420 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Registry tree 'HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage' not found

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.422 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Folder '<AppData>\Microsoft\Windows\IECompatCache' not found

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.422 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Folder '<AppData>\Microsoft\Windows\IEDownloadHistory' not found

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.422 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Folder '<AppData>\Microsoft\Windows\IETldCache' not found

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.422 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Folder '<AppData>\Microsoft\Windows\PrivacIE' not found

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.468 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Can't delete directory '<Favorites>\Links' (5)

    2018-12-17 22:51:36.511 [WARN ] Profile cleanup: Folder '<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Services' not found



    thanks in advance

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    Everything is greyed out when logged into the Web UI under Manage -> Hardware -> PCI Devices

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    Getting SSLHandshakeException error while executing "copy file from vCO to guest" workflow from vRO.


    Exception: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target (Workflow:Copy file from vCO to guest / Scriptable task (item1)#12)

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    Hi All


    I have a Category called Prod which has various tags within it which are then attached to various VMs. What i would like to do is pull vROPS CPU & Memory demand metrics for all the VMs within that category for a given time period... I have the following so far:



         Connect-VIServer vCenter1,vCenter2 -User user -Password password

         Connect-OMServer vrops -User user -Password password


         $From = '14/12/18 07:00:00'

         $To = '14/12/18 20:00:00'

         $OMvmlist = Get-VM | where {(Get-TagAssignment -Entity $_ | Select -ExpandProperty Tag) -like 'PROD*'}

         $metrics = "cpu|demandmhz","mem|workload"

         Get-OMResource $OMvmList | Get-OMStat -Key $metrics -From $From -To $To | Select Time,Resource,Key,Value | Export-Csv -Path "c:\csv\cpumemdemand.csv" -noTypeInformation


    It seems to give me essentially what i want but to make it easier to use i would like the columns to be Time, Resource, CPUvalue, Memoryvalue. can anyone advise how i can go about doing this? Still very new to powercli so the fact ive got this far is a small miracle...

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    hi there,


    i'm struggling to find out the correct entries to use for outputting the vmware pool settings for number of VDs per pool. I used to have this for get-pool but doesn't register.


    something like showing displayname of each pool and next to it have the number of VDs deployed per pool.


    im using the get-HVPool command


    i tried something like this - (get-hvpool).base (but doesn't give me what i need). Please help.

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    How do you view the graphs on a generated vSAN Observer bundle? When I open stats.html, none of the graphs load in Chrome or IE. Any tips?


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  • 01/02/19--03:35: vSphere tagging permissions
  • Hello there.

    I have two vcsa 6.7u1 in linked mode lab environment. Active directory user have Administrator privileges for one of those vcenters (including tags permissions), but if he tries to create tag he got message the he doesn't have permissions to do that, and furthermore, option of creating category is greyed out. Well, it seems that tags and categories dont have any direct bond to the particular vcenter (oppsotie to custom attributes) and relate to the entire inventory (to the root). And actually if I give the AD user global permissions, then he can manage tags and categories (he can create them too).

    So I guess the correct way to give user permissions to manage tags/categories without granting him global administrator permissions, is to create separate role (e.g. "TAGadmin") with only tags permissions and associate user with this role on global level and not on the vcenter level. Am I right?

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    I was wondering if there a way you can configure alerts in the horizon to send it via emails

    We recently observed a lot of errors were logged into view events but unless I go there I cannot send them via email. I might be wrong.

    So, I'm trying to understand various choices available.



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    According to documentation this tools can be started by:




    For me this is not working.



    vrli0:~ # /usr/lib/loginsight/application/sbin/

    usage: {username}


    How can we start this tool? that can be useful before upgrade if everything is working fine.



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    Unable to logon to vidm console(cloud based) only for domain users eventhough its able to sync users or groups from onpremise enterprise directory.


    Err msg is "username or password is incorrect"

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    An running VMware Fusion 11 on Mojave in Unity mode.  After a while, moving a windows leaves behind not the mac desktop but portions of the windows desktop. Then moving the window will cause sections of it to not rerdraw causing those sections of the window to become inaccessible. Reboot the virtual machine clears it up but after a while the failure happens. Shifting to single window or full screen works but attempting to return to Unity removes the single window for a while and then reestablishes it,.


    I am seeing a lot of Information logs
    Windows Error Reporting APPCRASH vmtoolsd.exe vmtools.dll


    - <Event xmlns="">

    - <System>

      <Provider Name="Windows Error Reporting" />

      <EventID Qualifiers="0">1001</EventID>




      <TimeCreated SystemTime="2019-01-04T16:11:27.640702500Z" />




      <Security />


    - <EventData>

      <Data />



      <Data>Not available</Data>










      <Data />

      <Data />



      <Data />




      <Data />




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  • 01/04/19--08:46: DPI Size cannot change
  • Hello

    When I connect to a VM Desktop with the VMware Horizon Client (PCoIP), the DPI Size can not be adjusted by the desktop, with the RDP protocol the

    problem does not exist

    I had adapted the GPO-Settings (Toogle Dsiplay Settings Control - Disabled and DPI Synchronisation - Enabled).

    Can someone help me please


    Thanks and Greeting


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  • 10/17/18--16:54: windows 10 1809 slow
  • I downloaded the Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019 ISOs the day they became available so I can start working on my templates.


    I built the templates with EFI, paravirtual for the C drive and vmxnet3 adapter. I've been using this combo for other versions of windows 10/8/7and windows server 2008r2/2012r2/1016 without issue.


    So far Windows 2019 (with desktop experience) seems to be ok at least for a basic vm and guest customization. Haven't tried anything else yet.


    Windows 10 1809 on the other hand is very, very slow to reboot after the initial install or even just rebooting after making some changes post install. After installing the OS it took 10-15 minutes for the initial windows setup stuff (user, security settings, etc) to appear . I tried a VM set to BIOS and it seemed faster but was still quite slow. Server 2019 and other versions of windows 10 have no issue.


    The hosts are esxi 6.5 and 6.7.


    I haven't had a chance to try every combo of BIOS/EFI/vmxnet3/e1000e/paravirtual/lsi sas to see if one is the cause of the issue but was wondering if anyone else had noticed any issues or if it was just me?



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    Since I don't see an executable for Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 how can I use UEM to make it the default program for certain file types?

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    When  clicking the join button I receive the above message. I receive the same error message from the HTML5 and Flex clients. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but this vCenter server was linked to another vCenter server's SSO domain. That server is domain joined. I've not had any success finding information about this error. Anyone have any thoughts?



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  • 01/04/19--09:29: clipboard redirect
  • Author : jacquiew

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : VMware Horizon Client for Linux User Guide

    Publication Name : VMware Horizon Client for Linux User Guide

    Product/Version : VMware Horizon Client for Linux/4.10

    Question :

    how to enable clipboard redirect

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    I wish to deploy 2 Microsoft File servers (VMs) that share the same storage.

    • The reason is to provide resilience and high availability.
      • Resilience in that if one of the file servers fails, the other will be able to read/write to the storage.
      • High availability so that we can take one of the servers out of production to apply windows updates and any other maintenance procedures.

    HA/Resilience of the data storage itself will be handled by another DR solution.


    We also want the solution to be relatively simple.


    The simplest solution I can see is to deploy a failover cluster in Windows.

    And to do this is to "Cluster Virtual Machines on One Physical Host".


    The instructions for VMware are fairly clear, but I have questions which I can't find the answer to.

    Any advice or answers people might have will be much appreciated.


    1. When setting up the Failover Cluster in Windows, where is the "private" network used?


    2. I believe the same vmdk is attached to both VMs.

    • When setting up the Failover Cluster in Windows, does it recognise the drive on both VMs (vmdk) as the same disk in Failover Cluster Manager?


    3. Can you read/write to the disk at the same time on both file servers? (I can see that the disk is set to multi-write).

    • I'm not suggesting that we need to, I wondered if this was a limitation.


    4. For the "Cluster-in-a-box" solution, vmotion is not supported/possible.

    • What happens if the host that the VMs are on goes down, will the VMs be brought up on another host?
      • I'm not sure if this comes under vmotion or not.
      • I believe that they are brought up on another host as the guide states "Limit the number of hosts to two when you define host DRS group rules for a cluster of virtual machines on one physical host".


    5. Is it not possible to snapshot the shared disk as it is "Independent-Persistent"?


    I'm hoping that somebody has already setup this environment and will be able to guide me.


    I will be setting up the environment in our testing environment but I don't want to re-invent the wheel twice!





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    1: trying to attach PC's  phyisical memory from      virtual machine

    is there any progoram that i can run cheat engine on it + driver  --> dbk64.sys  ( its detectable from  game protection so i need to hide the driver )


    how to hack my ammo from virtual machine ?// or how to attach PC's physical memory f - YouTube

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    I have an input file with a set of operating system hostnames.  I need to take this OS hostname from the input file and do a get-vm against vCenter

    (Assume VM tools are installed on each VM and it is powered on so that the OS hostname is available)

    If I have these 3 hostnames in my input file:






    How would I pull these and find the VM  names for each as seen in vCenter? 



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