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  • 12/23/18--06:05: Bind numa node to a socket
  • I am a noob in vNUMA nodes ESXI vsphere. I know that each vNUMA node should be associated with a socket ID. Are there any settings for a virtual ubuntu machine for enabling NUMA nodes? How can i make sure a socket is bound to a numa node?


    I have 1 numa node as shown in the picture

    nUMA node

    I does not seem to be enabled.I dug deep and found that this should not be -1.

    cat /sys/class/net/eth0/device/numa


    Ubuntu 14 on ESXi sphere 6 version Cores 24 Core per socket 8 socket  3 Numa node       1 

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  • 12/23/18--12:46: Datastore disappeared
  • Hello, I need some help since I cannot see my datastore anymore.


    I have a server Dell Poweredge with PERC H310 controller. This server had three SATA 4Tb configured as RAID5. This virtual disk was being seen from ESXi as a datastore named "DATI".

    A couple of weeks ago one of these disk being degraded. I had some trouble finding SATA replacement, so I decide to move to SAS disks.

    I bought 3 SAS Dell disk (4Tb). These are the operation I did in order to migrate the VM from the old datastore to a new datastore.


    -put the defective SATA disk offline

    -remove all SATA disks

    -insert the three new SAS disks

    -restart the server

    -create a new virtual disk with SATA RAID SAS named DATA1

    -put one of the SAS disks offline and remove it (so two bay are available)

    -insert the two SATA disks still OK, accepted as foreign

    -now I can see two virtual disks (SATA and SAS) both 7Tb

    -start ESXi and create a new datastore with the new SAS virtual disk

    -copy 5 VM machines to the new datastore (lot of time spent here...)

    -unregister VM from old datastore DATI and register these VM on datastore DATA1

    -start these 5 VM: all VM (Windows server, some 2008 one 2012 with Veeam Backup&Replication Suite) started an successfully working


    Now I was ready to complete the migration from SATA to SAS, so I decided to remove these old SATA drives. So I:

    - shutdown ESXi server

    - removed the two old SATA disk and mounted the third SAS disk (so this RAID5 can be completed)

    - power on server, enter in PERC controller and put this third disk online

    - restarted the server and started ESXi


    Now the trouble: datastore DATA1  disappeared in web console. I can see the disk as storage:

    Schermata 2018-12-23 alle 21.33.39.png


    In the output of the command  esxcli  storage filesystem list I can see the disk:


       UID: unknown.vmhba1-unknown.2:0-naa.6b083fe0e9e63c0023b10b410d2f4655

       Runtime Name: vmhba1:C2:T0:L0

       Device: naa.6b083fe0e9e63c0023b10b410d2f4655

       Device Display Name: Local DELL Disk (naa.6b083fe0e9e63c0023b10b410d2f4655)

       Adapter: vmhba1

       Channel: 2

       Target: 0

       LUN: 0

       Plugin: NMP

       State: active

       Transport: parallel

       Adapter Identifier: unknown.vmhba1

       Target Identifier: unknown.2:0

       Adapter Transport Details: Unavailable or path is unclaimed

       Target Transport Details: Unavailable or path is unclaimed

       Maximum IO Size: 131072


    When I enter in the /vmfs/volume directory I see something but I'm not sure what is this link:

    Schermata 2018-12-23 alle 21.43.21.png


    I don't want to do it all over again. Please could you tell me how can I have this datastore available in the ESXi ?


    Thanks a lot.


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    vCenter has all the data but I still I couldn't find a way to retrieve host, data center and cluster mapped to a VM ?

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    I narrowed down my search to ryzen 5 2600 or i-5 9600K - for home NAS and virtualization.

    The two resource intensive activities will be 5G oracle database maintenance and queries + Plex + Resilio Sync...everything else (mail server, web server) is very low use.

    I intend to instal ESXi on bare metal (Type 1)

    I have two questions A and B:



    What are your thoughts on these two CPU in terms of:

    1. Performance and temperature/cooling req.?
    2. Ryzen 5 2600's support for virtualization; I heard AMD is less mature for virtualization compared to that true?
    3. Installation issues with ESXi and Ryzen 5 2600 (some reported purple screen of death)


    I've read so any sites RE more CPU is better than faster CPU, and vice verse, that my head is spinning. The sources are incredible contradicting.



    What about these mobos:

    1. Intel: ASRock > Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac
    2. AMD:  Specification for B450I GAMING PLUS AC | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global


    I heard that many get Purple Screen of death on any motherboards with AMD components.



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    I just migrated 4 hosts from 5.5 to 6.0U3 and three worked fine, the last one HOST05, upgraded but I lost the network connections. I thus re-installed the V6.0U3 OS from an ISO and am in the middle of setting it back up for the cluster and found the following, strange setup:


    All existing hosts have the vmk0, the Management kernel on VLAN036, on the DV switch. They have a secondary management IP allocated as vmk2 on VLAN037 on the standard switch.

    My new host HOST05 has the vmk0 (VLAN036) on the local switch and the vmk5 (secondary Management IP) on VLAN037 on the same standard switch.


    My question is, how do I move vmk0 from the standard switch to the DV switch?


    I tried to migrate vmk0 from the standard switch to the DV switch using:


    - Select DV switch.

    - Manage Virtual Adapters.

    - Add.

    - Migrate existing virtual adapters.

    - Select "Management Network" (which is vmk0), change destination port group to port group with VLAN036 on DV switch.

    - Finish




    Call "HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig" for object "networkSystem-973651" on vCenter Server "MyvCenterServer.mydomain.local" failed.

    Network configuration change disconnected the host 'HOST05.mydomain.local' from vCenter server and has been rolled back.

    A change in the network configuration disconnected the host 'HOST05.mydomain.local' from vCenter Server. The change has been rolled back.


    I tried the same from the web client with the same result.


    So it looks like it won't migrate the vm kernel due to the loss of comms between the vCenter server and host. So how do I do this?


    I tried launching the thick client and attaching directly to the host and using the above method, but when it comes to choosing the destination port group to attach the vmk0 kernel to, I get nothing in the drop-down.

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    I have XP installed in a VM already on this MacBook Pro.

    Fusion 8.5 on Mac with OS X v10.13


    I bought a licensed Windows 10 Home Installer on USB Stick


    How do I get from the USB stick to installing into the VM I created for it?


    Do I need to convert to an .iso first? steps to do this?


    thanks for any assistance

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    This is Scientific Linux 7.3 (derived from RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.3), on VMware Fusion 11.0.2, running on Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6). The guest uses NAT networking.


    My program uses, and starting the program involves initializing that library. Using the Fusion nameserver (, that takes 10 seconds -- DISASTER. When I change /etc/resolv.conf to use the same nameserver my Mac uses, program startup is instant.


    I could live with that, as I have no need to do DNS lookups on local hosts. But the NetworkManager keeps changing it back! (After every pause/resume, perhaps other times)


    I do not know the internals of that library, or what specific aspect of the DNS causes the delay; "nslookup" responds instantly. BTW a High Sierra guest running the same program (built for a Mac) does not have this problem.


    How can I fix this? -- either getting to not delay program startup, or configure the NetworkManager to use a better DNS (or at least stop resetting to the bad one).

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    hello guys,


    my datastore missing, please help...



    it was 2 datastore, but 1 missing after reboot.

    storage 2.JPG

    but the disk is detected. thx for your help

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    Is NIC Intel i112-AT supported in ESXi?

    Compatibility check states that i112 is supported......Does that include i112-AT?


    Does AT extension matter?



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    I have a problem with the Enhanced Authentication Plugin with vCenter 6.7 build 10244745. I installed it, is available but when I try to login with the check box "Use Windows session authentication",


    I have the following error with chrome 71 and Firefox 64 :


    Client Integration Plugin error calling initializeSSPI

    No Plugin Detected ... Connection error: Connection timed out


    If someone already had this kind of problems, I will be happy.


    Thank you in advance.


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  • 12/19/18--23:33: das.bypass
  • Dear All,


    After I install ESXi6.0, I found the strange message like "das.bypass", but when i try to check the scree with ALT+F1 or ALT+F2,  I can see the prompt

    What does it mean ? I'm not sure whether it is normal or not


    Can you explain this message("das.bypass")

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    Hi there,

    I was creating a simple script to Clone VM from .csv list. It was working well on certain vCenter, however, when tried on different vCenter, the task was created multiple time resulting in an error saying that the vm already exist, I'm not sure why this happens on this server specifically.

    Attached is the script used. And some additional details.


    The vCenter version that works is:

    • Version 6.5.0
    • Build 8024368


    The vCenter that doesn't work (task created multiple times):

    • Version 6.5.0
    • Build 5973321

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    I wish to increase a VM disk size. Is this possible in the 6.7 web client?

    I have searched but been unable to find how to do this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just made a fresh install of VMWare 6.7 and it seemed like an automated install. After the installation was done I tried to login but it is asking for a root password. During installation, the install program did not prompt for a root password. In fact all I did was insert the cd and reboot the machine and the installation did the rest to finish without my input. Now I am stuck I have tried loging in without a password but failed. I even tried a lot of suggested passwords such as vmware, password, changeme etc with no luck. please help

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  • 12/23/18--23:55: windows10 未开启Hyper-V
  • Author : Andy Mann

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : 使用远程连接和共享虚拟机

    Publication Name : 使用 VMware Workstation Pro

    Product/Version : VMware Workstation Pro/14.0

    Question :

    VMware Workstation 与 Hyper-V 不兼容。请先从系统中移除 Hyper-V 角色,然后再运行 VMware Workstation

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    Dear All,

    kindly help me on what to do to resolve these issues , they are all health related issues in my Resource Cluster

    I discovered the issues when i went to check the health status of my resource Cluster . All the below mentioned status were showing red.


    1. Network

    2. Physical disk health retrieval issues

    3. vSAN object health

    4. ESXi vSAN Health service installation

    5. vSAN Health Service up-to-date

    6. vSAN CLOMD liveness

    7. vSAN cluster configuration consistency

    8. Software version compatibility

    9. Disk format version




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    I have a simple Windows 10 Pro vm configured in VMWare Workstation 15. I have a Canon laser printer configured as an IP printer. Evertime I print out from the VM I just get a blank sheet being printed.


    This problem is driving me mas, any help or idea's would be appreciated.


    Many thanks and Merry Christmas


    Best Regards




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    Good day! After installing the update on VCSA and the web interface, the VUM control disappeared.

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    Does anybody know how to  delete an external network via powercli?


    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi all,



    I am looking for javascript to check average performance statistics of CPU of cluster for last 7 days.

    Please provide me javascript for this.

    I have to use this  script in vRealize orchestrator to fetch average performance statistics of CPU of cluster for last 7 days.

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