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  • 12/17/18--14:46: VRNI
  • Author :

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : General

    Publication Name : vRealize Network Insight FAQs

    Product/Version : VMware vRealize Network Insight/3.9

    Question :

    Is it possible to estimate how much bandwidth will be generate between the hosts and the proxy?

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    Hi Everyone,


    Can we pull the lists of VM having Memory reservation and CPU ? Also, how much Memory in GB having reservations and vCPU.




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    I am trying to convert an expandable disk to a pre-allocated one.

    I rebooted, but I still get the error message "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".


    This is the command I am running in cmd.exe:

    vmware-vdiskmanager.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation>vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -r "C:\Users\ME\Virtual Machines\Win10\Win10-disk1.vmdk" -t 2 "C:\Users\ME\Virtual Machines\Win10\Win10-pre-allocated-disk1.vmdk"


    I tried copying the existing vmdk file to a different partition, and running the command with the new path, but I got the same error.


    When I tried running the command in terminal of Ubuntu, I got an error message that the file is not found.

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    I'm unable to get Audio in device work in HOrizon ubuntu 16.04 desktop.

    But AUdio output is working as expected.

    I have enabled RTAV in view agent configuration.

    HOw can i make it work? SHOuld i use RTAV or USB audio redirection.

    Please suggest

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    Hi all,


    Initially I had posted this question in the wrong forum.  Someone was kind enough to respond to my initial thread, which is here:


    Horizon won't launch with Fedora 29


    I'm trying to install VMWare Horizon on Fedora 29 and I can't figure out how to execute the instructions in the above post.  I copy/pasted the relevant part but so far, no good.  Is there any simple command I can use to remove crtbora?  How do I get it to run on Fedora?  It installed fine, I just can't get it to open.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello guys,


    I'm still beginner to know servers, including virtualization, and I need to use the NVIDIA Virtual GPU license on my desktop (Windows 10), which in turn needs VMware, but I do not know how to set it on my device.


    Please Help. Thank you in advance,



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    today I tried horizon agent 7.6 on Linux, without any useful results.

    The situation has not improved since Horizon Agent 7.4 (Januar 2018)


    - USB redirection does not work

    - Smartcard does not work


    usb redirection on RHEL 7.4  [1]

    state of smartcard support on Linux (RHEL 7.5)


    After installing the vhci modules [1] I can confirm that the windows client works fine. (USB redirect, Smartcard works)


    I tried to figure out, why it does not work with Linux.

    After starting /etc/rc.d/init.d/vmware-USBArbitrator, it looks to me that  some component is missing?


    Can someone confirm, that USB redirection is not available for linux clients?

    VMware Knowledge Base


    "This issue occurs because USB Redirection functionality for the Linux View Client is an additional download available to thin client partners only."

    "This functionality is not available for the public version of the VMware Horizon View Client for Linux."





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    I have installed Skyline in our environment. I keep getting "Collection Failed" on the VC_Hosts Endpoint. Here is the actual details:

    Message An error occurred while collecting/uploading. Will rethrow to scheduler. The scheduler might cancel this task and not reschedule it again.
    Payload File -
    Payload Size -
    Last upload 19 minutes ago


    I have restarted the Endpoint multiple times with the same result. At this time I am not getting any inventory data being pulled into the Skyline Advisor. The product has been running for over 24 hours now.




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    I created 3 VMs (Windows Server 2016 and two Windows 10) on VMware Workstation 14.


    Windows Server 2016 is a domain controller and both Windows 10 are added in the domain.


    Network Connection of all three VMs are the LAN Segment.


    I would like to access all three VMs from Internet.


    Please guide me the steps.




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    there's a bit issue in my nsx-t environment which is a single-tier(tier 0) topology with N-S and E-W traffic.


    two logical switches are created for VMs to connect and these LS can be routed via distributed router(in the tier 0 router)

    the VMs in different subnet can ping to each other and the router ports.

    here's the forwarding table as shown in figure below:


    i found that the distributed router could not ping to and any downlink ports such as and


    an edge VM is created to load the service router(in the tier 0 router) and provide N-S traffic,

    however in the edge VM command line, the service router have a connected route alone, as shown below:


    i did configure the tier0 router with a uplink port (ip: to reach the TOR switch public network(

    but there should be transit route like in the service router...

    from the external network i couldn't ping to and the VMs couldn't reach the service router.

    what kind of misconfigurations would that be?

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    Hi Everyone,


    I'm trying to assign hypervisor 6.7u license to host with 2 cpu sockets and get the following message:


    "This host has more sockets (2) than the provided license is valid for (1), please provide a different license"


    On the hypervisor page I see "Recommended minimum: dual socket with four or more cores per CPU"


    Any idea how to generate the appropriate hypervisor license?


    Thank You!

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  • 12/18/18--08:08: Witness Appliance
  • Author : william rogers

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Deploying a vSAN Witness Appliance

    Publication Name : vSAN Planning and Deployment

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

    Question :

    Is it possible to setup a secondary witness appliance if the current environment witness crashes?

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    Hello together,


    since I am using the VMware.powerCLI version 11 I cannot use the open-vmconsolewindow cmdlet anymore?


    I am getting the following error



    get-vm vm1 |Open-VMConsoleWindow


    Open-VMConsoleWindow : A general system error occurred: Authorize Exception


    At line:1 char:18


    + get-vm linmail6 |Open-VMConsoleWindow


    +                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


        + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Open-VMConsoleWindow], VimException


        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : VMware.Vim.VimException,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.OpenVMConsoleWindow


    The remote console version is 10.0.3 build-9300449


    My vcenter version is







    Version Build 9433921



    I noticed that it is working if I am connected to a vcenter with the following version








    Version Build 10244845




    On all vcenter the remote console is working if I open it directly from the vcenter web view


    Maybe someone also seen this problem?


    Thanks in advance



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  • 12/21/18--01:53: Agent + Client -> segfault
  • Hello,


    I have installed:

    1. VMware-horizonagent-linux-x86_64-7.7.0-10973212/
    2. VMware-Horizon-Client-4.10.0-11053294.x64.bundle


    in that order.(RHEL 7.5) Result:


    • Horzinot Agent segfaults


    In particular in the log file:


    2018-12-21T10:29:52+01:00[+0.000]|| W115: Caught signal 6 -- tid 21177 (addr 3D300005201)


    The log shows that the Agent loads the libraries from:


    2018-12-21T10:29:52+01:00[+0.000]|| I125: SymBacktrace[16] 00007f1a64a09390 rip=00007f1a64a6e73a in function (null) in object /usr/lib/pcoip/vchan_plugins/ loaded at 00007f1a64a0c000


    which are installed by "Client".

    Removing the directory "pcoip" removes the segfault.


    Installing the Client first, and then the agent, works too, because the agent deletes the directory /usr/lib/pcoip/vchan_plugins/, which is installed by the client.





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  • 12/20/18--05:30: View 5 and TLS 1.1
  • Hello,


    Does anyone have notes on how to enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 on View security servers (5.0.640055)

    I have the problem that the new Horizon client (4.10) no longer supports TLS 1.0 and I need to enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 on my current environment.




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    Hi ALL,


    We are unable to import 1 or bulk Unmanaged VM from vRA , facing following issue


    Error :

    There was an error deserializing the object of type System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail.

    The maximum string content length quota (8192) has been exceeded while reading XML data.

    This quota may be increased by changing the MaxStringContentLength property


    another point after Import fail is we can see VMs only in Network profile with there respective IPs



    we tried to figure it out the reason but vmware support also unabl to find the solution until now , if any one having same issue please suggest

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  • 12/17/18--02:30: Why are alerts user based?
  • Hi

    Maybe I'm overlooking something, but when I create an alert, I'm the only one that can see and edit this alert. So if an admin creates a bunch of alerts and then leaves the company, we'd be unable to modify these alerts.  Right???? Or am I wrong?


    Workaround would be to create an AD account for alert management that I'd have to login with, but that is not desirable.



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    I am relatively new to vSphere and recently installed 6.5 with Operations Management. After applying a policy on all objects against the 6.0 hardening guide (level 3) I began receiving compliance warnings for both hosts (with distributed switches) and distributed switch uplink port groups that forged transmits, mac address changes, and promiscuous mode are not being rejected. I confirmed that all distributed switch port groups for VMs/vmk's are in fact set to reject under Security, but I cannot find a way to apply those settings on the uplink port groups since the menu is different and there is no Security option. Am I missing something or should uplink ports be exempt from the hardening guide rule?


    Example of warnings:

    <host> has symptom vNetwork.reject-mac-changes - Policy is not set to reject Mac address changes (5.5/6.0 Hardening Guide)     Aggregated MAC Address Changes "true" = "true"

    <uplink port group> has symptom vNetwork.reject-forged-transmit-dvportgroup - The Forged Transmits policy is not set to reject (6.0 Hardening Guide)     Forged Transmits "true" = "true"


    Port group options


    Uplink group options



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    Help me please!

    Approximately 3-4 times a week (sometimes host work 2-3 weeks without violet screen), ESXI falls and a violet screen comes out (you can see the error in the attachement below). I can not understand the reason!


    HOST:Dell PowerEdge T440


    ESXI Version:



    I have opened a ticket in Dell for check for an Hardware Failure, i have sent the log but the support say me that all hardware it's ok. So i have try to update BIOS, IDRAC and all the firmware but the problem still occurs.


    Thanks in advance





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    hello all

    Like in attachment I can see HDD status over ESX but cant find over vCenter? Trough ESX I have two categories under monitor>hardware (System sensors and Storage). Where is the corresponding place for "storage" in vCenter?

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