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    I'm testing vSphere 6.7 FT but I don't find the  .ftgeneration file for the protected VMs.

    Wher I can find it ?

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    We are having a network redesign and the environment is using the standard vSwitch but we need to move to DV switches for a number of reasons. What's the best way to do this? I did it probably 5 years ago and it was very manual task where you remove one NIC from a host and reconfigure it to DV switch cut over VMs then do the same on the other NIC. I am hoping the process could be easier now.


    We are currently using vSphere 6.0 U3 but will be 6.7 U1 by the time DV switches are implemented.



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    Hi All,


    I recently installed RVtools,(RVtools is a free tool and lite weight tool to view and get information on all the esxi/esx host)


    In RVtools on one of the option vhealth check there i can one of the suggestion as


    "Possibly a Zombie VMDK file ! Please Check"


    what does it mean , and what can be done to remove that error.


    Does any one got the similar message.




    Raju Gunnal

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    In vRealize Orchestrator 7.4, I have a case where I need to execute a workflow as another vRealize Orchestrator user in an automated fasion. According to the API Explorer, Workflow.execute supports three parameters: properties (Object), uname (Object), and pwd (string). I have the following code:


    var wf = Server.getWorkflowWithId( 'work-flow-identifier-uuid' );
    var wfParams = new Properties({ param1: 'value1' });
    var user = ''; // have also attempted with the administrator@vsphere.local account
    var pass = 'myPassword';
    var token = wf.execute( wfParams, user, pass );


    However, this throws the following error:


    Cannot execute workflow : SSO server error


    What am I doing wrong? My suspicion is that it does not want a string for the uname parameter, but am unsure what else I can provide as an argument here. Or if there's a better way I can achieve running a workflow as a different user programatically, I'm all ears.

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  • 12/20/18--14:52: View Composer Server Upgrade
  • We are updating all of our servers to ver 2016 from 2K8 R2 and it time for the view Servers.  I have all the Connection Brokers done but no I need to do the Composer Server.  Might there be a KB out there to assist with this?  The database is on a different SQL server so i was just hoping it was as simple as adding one the new and removing the old but i kind of doubt it.  Anyone have any insight to this process?  Any help is appreciated.  Running Version 7.4.  Thanks



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    Hello guys,


    I'm still beginner to know servers, including virtualization, and I need to use the NVIDIA Virtual GPU license on my desktop (Windows 10), which in turn needs VMware, but I do not know how to set it on my device.


    Please Help. Thank you in advance,



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    I have installed Windows Server 2016 on the latest version of ESXI 6.5.0b but it's almost unusable.

    The VM has 2 CPU and 2GB of RAM with VMware Tools 10.1.5 (5055683) and is used for Active Directory for my lab but it's really slow.

    For example for open DNS I take almost 10 secs.


    On ESXI I get High VM Memory Usage alarm but if I check on task manager on the guest vm ram usage is always around 40% and CPU is around 3 4% max and even if I put 4 gb the problem is still there.


    Is this a know problem or there's something that I can do to slove this problem beside downgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2?


    My Host ESXI specs are:


    Asus X99WS-IPMI


    128GB RAM DDR4

    1x SSD 250GB + 4xSSD 500GB on LSI 9260-4i on RAID 0

    ESXI Booted from USB Stick





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  • 12/20/18--17:35: VMWare High Availability
  • Hi,


    I am new to VMWare and hope someone can advise me regarding the VMWare configuration.

    Please refer to the attached word document named Inquiry_VMware.docx


    Page 1, I have 2 hosts and 3 virtual machines. Host 1 has no virtual machine. Host 2 has 3 virtual machines.

    Page 2, It show that vCenter HA is not configured, does it mean if any of my virtual machine failed, it will not failover from the master host to the slave host ?

    Page 3, It show that no of vSphere HA heartbeat datastores for host is 1 less than required 2, how to rectify this and does it effect anything ? So far my virtual machines are running fine.

    Page 4, May i know the failure of "Guest not heartbeating", does it mean vCenter unable to detect the host ? Does warning in page 3 will affect this ?

    Page 5, Currently my application and database are located in virtual machine named "EGSC-MFS". There is one time that the VM swap to the slave host due to master host breakdown, there is some downtime for my application before the slave host started up the VM and took over the master role. I would like to use Fault Tolerance in order to have zero downtime, may i know how should i configure this Fault Tolerance properly ?


    Thank you so much for your time.



    En Chong.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am running a pool of Ubuntu 16.04 full clone VMs that are being used for development.

    After recent OS updates the View client connects, displays a black screen, then closes. The console is able to display the OS fine but the Agent wont fully connect.

    The VM appears as Available in Horizon View, so the Blast agent appears to be running.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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    I am trying to create a new Virtual Machine to run macOS 10.14 Mojave in Fusion 11.0.2, running on a macOS 10.14 Mojave host machine.


    When I try and create the new VM, I get an error: "Unable to create the installation medium." This is just when it tries to create the new VM, before it even attempts to start the VM.


    I am installing using the downloaded 6GB macOS 10.14 Mojave installer from the App Store.


    Please help! Has anyone else had this problem? I really need this to work!



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    I'm doing storage hardware authentication. my company provides iscsi block storage. When setting up the authentication platform, I do not know how to build pass-thru RDM and non-pass-thru RDM storage array. Do you know the detailed difference and steps?

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    I'm doing storage hardware authentication. my company provides iscsi block storage. When setting up the authentication platform, I do not know how to build pass-thru RDM and non-pass-thru RDM storage array. Do you know the detailed difference and steps?

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    can any one assit me to create a standard switch and assing the physical NIC to that switch.


    i was able to create standard switch and create a port group , but not able to do pnic to that switch. appreciate....

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    Author : rtsoneva

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : 在 vSphere Web Client中根据基准组修复主机

    Publication Name : vSphere Update Manager 安装和管理指南

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

    Question :

    Error resolving class com.vmware.vim.binding.integrity.fault.HostPatchVsanHealthCheckFailureAfterExitMM

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  • 12/20/18--19:40: VCSA 6.5 inventory
  • need info about like Embedded /External, Disk usages, PGDB USername and Password

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  • 12/20/18--18:28: Vmware Horizon
  • Author :

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : PCoIP Clipboard Settings

    Publication Name : Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon 7

    Product/Version : VMware Horizon 7/7.5

    Question :

    Can we enable file transfer on PCOIP connection

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    I been wrecking my brain and trying to find what caused my ESXI machine to have PSOD. Initially there was a faulty CPU, so I removed it, so my server currently is running on one processer. It still works as I have inserted the ram and pcie slot which the CPU1 support. PSOD still happens when I was trying to transfer files out from my Windows Server VM to another network disk. It does not happen immediately, it happen like after 30min or so and I am transferring around 32gig of files. Anyone could help me decipher the log, i am running on the latest lsi_mr3 driver btw.

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  • 12/08/18--12:19: ESXI 6.5 - Need help
  • I have a free esxi 6.5 that I am evaluating for three months now. I am receiving several warning logs for vmotion, FT, and others. Unfortunately, I do not have vcenter even vsphere client. Would there be a way to disable this? I did not configure this to be enabled.


    Thank you

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    One of my hosts see's a Unity 300 VVOL as inactive (inaccessible)

    FC HBA : Qlogic ISP2532 : Detailed info: 0000:08:00.1 1077:2532 103c:3263 vmkernel vmhba3


    At the command line I see Protocol Endpoints (PE) are present but Accessibe: False


    Host Id:

       Array Id: EMC:CKM0017

       Type: SCSI

       Accessible: false

       Configured: false

       Lun Id: naa.60060160feb04400176a2064ed094543

       Remote Host:

       Remote Share:

       Storage Containers: 19e13b36-adb6-4937-9551-9adf1d15a8f9



       Host Id:

       Array Id: EMC:CKM0017

       Accessible: false

       Configured: false

       Lun Id: naa.60060160feb0440094f4bc480ba6455f


    Updated the firmware to 2.8 (latest Qlogic firmware for ESXi 6 U3) and it is stated in site that it supports VVOL (Secondary LUN)
    Restarted host
    Still no chance


    Any idea?

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    Hi - I am trying to find out CPUID and UUID of a particular VM instance in order to register Palo Alto deployment. RvTools was handy to get the UUID but, I cant seem to find CPUID?

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