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    Has any one found / have a solution for - Mouse repeatable loses focus after a short time. Focus restored by moving mouse to top of screen over Vmware menu bar.

    No problem on VMW 12.

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    Has anyone seen issues using default "SCP put command" while calling it async on the same source file? Getting this exception: "Failed to put file. Error: inputstream is closed"

    Source file is not being written to while it's read by several workflows. Using locking mechanism seems to help, but I was wondering if there is any other approach can be suggested.

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    I am testing out workstation pro 15 and I see that if I have multiple monitors and run the vm full screen, both monitors are utilized. But what I'd prefer is to have the two "monitors" in windows, not full size. There must be a way to do this?

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    I am experiencing a problem when trying to backup my Exchange 2016 database to a network share on another server.  I am running ESXi 6.7U1 with 2 guests

    Guest VM Server 1 - Running Windows Server 2016 and is my Active Directory controller.  The operating system is installed on C drive and I have 2 others HDD, disk A & disk B, in the server which has been shared with the correct permissions.

    Guest VM Server 2 - Running Exchange Server 2016 and has a scheduled job to backup the Exchange DBS to Server 1 disk B.

    Now, on the very first backup, everything works and the Exchange DBS are backed up to Server 1 disk B fine. Then on the next scheduled backup, it starts and fails with the error:

    "Backup of volume C: has failed. Windows Backup encountered an error when accessing the remote shared folder. Please retry the operation after making sure that the remote shared folder is available and accessible."


    "Detailed Error: The Semaphore timeout period has expired."


    I have recreated disk A and disk B in Vmware, but disk B fails with this semaphore error when backing up.  I have copied a large file from Server 2 to Server 1 disk A & B and the transfer rate is the same.

    I have switched off large offload sending v4 and v6 and still no difference.

    Are there any other other guest network settings I can look at?


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    I don't know where to report PowerCLI bugs ... btw Get-ErrorReport won't work for this bug.


    There is a problem with PowerCLI 6.5 R1. When starting the x64 PowerCLI all PowerCLI modules cannot be loaded because this error: "Could not load file or assembly ‘log4net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." The x86 PowerCLI starts without any problems.




    We've analyzed the problem. The problem is caused by a log4net assembly in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache).


    PowerCLI ships a log4net assembly in the "Modules\VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk" folder. The log4net assembly is explicitly loaded by the PowerShell because it is in the RequiredAssemblies list of the VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk.psd1 module manifest (see VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk.psd1).


    The already installed log4net assembly in the GAC and the log4net assembly shiped by PowerCli:

    • both have the same Version:
    • both have the same Culture: neutral
    • both have the same PublicKeyToken: 692fbea5521e1304
    • but differ in the processorArchitecture
      • log4net in GAC: x86
      • log4net in PowerCLI: MSIL


    The PowerShell seems to raise an error when:

    • it should load an assembly because it is in the RequiredAssemblies list
    • there is an assembly with the same (strong?) name in the GAC
    • the processorArchitecture of the assembly in the GAC does not match the architecture of the PowerShell (x64 for PowerShell x64/x86 for PowerShell x86) and is not MSIL


    Regular "Any CPU" .NET applications behave differently. Assemblies in the GAC with a different processorArchitecture are ignored and not loaded.


    BTW: Removing the assembly from the GAC isn't an option because this will break the software that installes log4net in the GAC: SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework (32-bit), Version


    Steps to Reproduce


    We can repoduce this problem:

    • Create an assembly MyLibrary.dll
    • Build the with AnyCPU and x86
    • Sign both assemblies
    • Install the x86 Assembly in the GAC
    • Create a PowerShell module MyModule
    • Add MyLibrary.dll to the RequiredAssemblies list of the module
    • Open x64 PowerShell
    • Import-Module MyModule fails with this error: "Could not load file or assembly ‘MyLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, ...’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."


    see also comment of Waytraveler:


    Temporary Workarounds


    1. Use PowerCLI x86
    2. Remote log4net from the RequiredAssemblies list of the VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk
      1. You may need to sign the module with you own code signing certificate

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    Иногда бывает что что то случилось и данные не достать так как они разбиты на части в vmdk. Как можно собрать все файлы vmdk в один и просканировать диск и восстановить файловую систему и все файловую структуру. Большинство мне известных программ монтируют каждый диск индивидуально а не все вместе для полноценного результата. Не подскажите как их собрать в один большой файл или программу которая может восстанавливать файлы со всем виртуальных дисков **-s001?

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    I tried following this guide but


    How to Fix macOS Mojave iMessage, iCloud, App Store on VMware


    I get stuck on this step


    Step #2. Now find board-id.reflectHost = “True”. Once you’ve found this text, Change “TRUE” to “FALSE” and then add a blank line beneath it. Add your system definitions at that blank line.


    This entry does not exist in my file.


    Is there such a guide for ESXi?

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    my system : windows 7

    Input  “wmic BaseBoard get SerialNumber”  in win7  CMD


    we can see:



    but in vmware workstation , it appear “NONE


    Is there any way to change the serialnumber of the baseboard or device information in virtual win7?

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  • 12/20/18--09:53: Function keys
  • I can see that the keyboard setting "Use all F1, F2, etc.keysas standardfunction keys" isn't avaliable in the guest machines' System Preferences. Is it not possible to make the "special keys" work in a VMware Fusion Mac guest VM?

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    I want to programmatically delete VMDKs for a VM. There is a deprecated method that works perfectly as it destroys all the components of a virtual disk.




    But because its deprecated i was looking to move to the suggested replacement method. However this only removes the single file, which in my case is the VMDK descriptor, and leaves the flat and ctk files behind.


    vcSdk.filemanager.deleteDatastoreFile_Task(path , datacenter)


    The first method works as is exactly like i want it to but because its deprecated i feel like i should take the time now to move to the new method. What are your thoughts?


    I could take the second method and just add in a try catch block for the flat and ctk files pretty easily as well. Do you know if there is somewhere i can get the path to all the files for a disk? The VcVirtualDisk object only shows the VMDK descriptor file which i assume i could use to find the flat and ctk files.

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    I am trying to do some testing of FileVault with 10.13.6 and 10.14.2.


    With 10.13.6 once FileVault is turned on, the machine asks me to reboot. When I do this, I will get a white no entry sign on boot.


    With 10.14.2 the machine will boot, but it will just hang on the screen showing the users that are allowed to unlock the disk. I will then have to reboot. I can do this from Fusion gracefully. I will then be asked to either reset the users password or do a recovery using the recovery key. This works, but on next reboot it does the exact same thing.


    Has anyone any ideas as to what is going on here?


    Best wishes




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    Hi Friends,


    I am delivering VMware official trainings in Turkey. We are using remote lab provided 3rd party vendor. We would like to built our lab environment. We are planning buy server&storage&network infrastructure systems for it. I need to know how can we make this? Which tool or application did you use to create your own lab environment? Please give me an idea.


    Thanks in advance.

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    We've in the process of upgrading to Horizon View 7.4 but are having intermittent issues with USB Redirection not pulling through.


    The error in the Horizon client just says "USB Redirection is not available for this desktop". Weirdly half the time it works and half of the time it does not, even from the same underlying client.
    Impacts multiple users from multiple desktops.

    Horizon client 4.7.0

    Windows 7 underlying and VDI

    GPO set to Automatically Connect on Startup and When Inserted


    Never happens on older version of Horizon View (6.x), which is still our production environment. Not sure if relevant but another oddity we see is that if a USB device is plugged in during start up, and redirection is working, the USB device installs itself on every login even when drivers are available. This is another thing that never used to happen on older version of Horizon.


    Any ideas?




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    1. It is awkward that the fields look prepopulated with the port number but it is actually just a suggestion.  The font is the same whether it is filled in or not filled in.  Maybe it should be a different font for the suggestion that for the completed field.

    2.  After I get all of the setting in the fields and type my AD Group and click Add Group, then click Set Active Directory Configuration, I get the response Configured successfully!  Then I try to login with either just my username or domain\username or my UPN, it does not seem to work.  Then when I go back in to check my Active Directory Configuration, it is turned back to No instead of Yes.

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    Hi all,


    i am wondering if i have to build the whole NSX-T overlay network like TEP pools, Transport Zones, Edge VMs, N-VDS and so on to be able to use the Micro-segmentation option?



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    i am trying to create a workflow that automatically upgrade vmtools + vm hardwrae version for a specific virtual machine.

    the vmtools upgrade process is working perfectly without any issues, i can list a predefined array of virtual machines with status "tools required updates" and then update them.

    unfortunately,  i cannot find anything related to predefined condition of virtual machine hardware version (vmx-11,vmx-10 etc..) ,

    my goal is to make a query which check the virtual machine current vm version and compare that to the host (esxi) most compatible vm version available.

    how can i create this workflow?

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  • 12/03/18--11:35: Issue validating credentials
  • Getting the same error as it looks like most people are getting.  Is there any reason why you can't just post a solution?


    There was an issue with validating your login credentials against our backend database.

    For Premier Services entitled customers (BCS/MCS/HCS/Telco), please file a Support Request under Product "Skyline Advisor" to get assistance:

    For Production entitlement support customers, please proceed to the Skyline communities for assistance:

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    Where do you go to remove stale Collectors?  We had to deploy a new collector with a new name.  Now we have two and only one is valid.

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    Buenas tardes,


    Tengo funcionando un equipo con Windows y ahora he comprado un Mac. ¿Es posible instalando este disco físico hacer correr el SO tal y como está con VMWare?


    ¿Cual sería el procedimiento?


    Muchas gracias

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  • 12/15/18--14:43: vvol inaccessible
  • Hi,

    Unity hybrid 300 and esxi and vcenter 6

    VASA cert was expired but now fixed and is registered

    but the vvol on emc shows inaccessible / inactive

    restarted management of emc, vcenter and ...

    hosts have PE's but the vvol still inaccessible

    any help would be appreciated



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