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    When we enabled the quiesce option then snapshot is failing with below error, without quiesce its working fine.



    “fail with "snapshot creation failed, status 156 WRN - ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is not frozen " Quiescing”


    Troubleshooting performed:


    1. Services restarted,
    2. VM tools re-installed with VSS stopped state.
    3. Vssadmin list writers cleared
    4. Vssadmin list providers cleared
    5. Vssadmin list shadows cleared
    6. Rebooted the server several times


    Thanks advance.




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    Is it supported?

    What is VMware official statement on that? Can't find any information in the internet.


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    I'm using VMware Workstation Pro 15.

    I have a Ubuntu VM and I delete two folders with 60GB size after using them.

    But The Storage on my laptop hard disk not freeing up after deleting these folders and still allocates 150GB on my hard disk.

    I Delete those folders with "rm -rf " command and the Trash is already empty.

    What should I do?

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    Hi there,

    I was creating a simple script to Clone VM from .csv list. It was working well on certain vCenter, however, when tried on different vCenter, the task was created multiple time resulting in an error saying that the vm already exist, I'm not sure why this happens on this server specifically.

    Attached is a screenshot of the error & the script used. 

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    We are planning to integrate our NSX environment with McAfee Move through the guest introspection service.


    Below is the NSX architecture Design:

    Main Site:

    Vcenter Server 6.7

    ESXi host 6.7

    NSX Manager 6.4.3 (Primary)

    McAfee EPO server with Move products and extension


    DR site:

    Vcenter Server 6.7

    ESXi host 6.7

    NSX Manager 6.4.3 (Secondary)


    Our request is how can we design/implement this solution with the existence of DR site ?

    Do we need to integrate McAfee EPO with the two NSX manager (Primary and Secondary)?

    Does McAfee EPO understand the Primary and Secondary roles for NSX manager ?

    What about redirection policies, do we need to configure them twice ?

    Do we need two McAfee EPO server (one on main and second on DR) ? or just a replication for this machine to DR site ?


    Please advise,


    Thanks in advance,

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  • 12/19/18--23:33: das.bypass
  • Dear All,


    After I install ESXi6.0, I found the strange message like "das.bypass", but when i try to check the scree with ALT+F1 or ALT+F2,  I can see the prompt

    What does it mean ? I'm not sure whether it is normal or not


    Can you explain this message("das.bypass")

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    Hi all,


    I just spent an afternoon trying to upgrade to Workstation 14.1.5, but ended up going back to 14.1.2. I thought that such a minor update would not be any problem, but it seems to cause significant problems for me.


    One of my main VMs will not work with 14.1.5; it just has a black screen and cannot be interacted with. If I revert back to 14.1.2 the issue is gone.


    Since they are both 14.1.x releases, I don't think the guest VMware tools are to blame. Also other VMs did seem to work in 14.1.5.


    When running 14.1.5 and it doesn't work, it will generate an error message (if I do something else that generates a message box, like try to shut down the VM using the Workstation UI). In that case the error message is "Unable to connect to the MKS: Too many socket attempts; giving up.


    I also managed to crash the Workstation UI.


    2018-12-20T15:22:00.939+10:30| vmui| I125: MKSControlClient: Too many socket connect attempts; giving up

    2018-12-20T15:22:00.939+10:30| vmui| W115: cui::MKSControlClient::OnMKSControlConnectAbort: MKSControlClient failed to connect (Too many socket connect attempts; giving up).

    2018-12-20T15:22:00.939+10:30| vmui| I125: cui::MKSControlClient::OnSetAttachedErrorMKSControl (C44C030): Too many socket connect attempts; giving up

    2018-12-20T15:22:00.939+10:30| vmui| I125: PANIC: VERIFY D:\build\ob\bora-10950780\bora\lib\mksControl\mksControlSocketPathName.h:113


    Additional things I checked.

    1. Permissions/security settings on the guest VM files.(Due to getting some file access error when trying to boot to firmware).

    2. Status of Workstation services (all fine).

    3. Uninstalling and re-installing multiple times. Every time 14.1.2 works fine, and 14.1.5 does not.


    The host is Windows 10, x64 (10.0.16299.846).

    The guest is Windows 7 x64 (6.1.7601).


    For now I am just going to stick with 14.1.2, but was wondering whether the above has any obvious or well known solution/work around?


    Similar kinds of issues that I could find on google were related (mostly) to upgrading from WS12 (to 14) and guests requiring updated VMware tools. This is not the case this time around.



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    Hi all,


    How do I determine for any given VM if the VM is:

    1.   a 'plain VM' (no parents, no children); or,
    2.   a VM with a snapshot that is used by a child linked-block clone VM; or,
      1. Then for each snapshot determine all its linked block clone children to the end of the line.
    3. a child linked block clone
      1. Then determine all the parents to the first VM and snapshot in the chain.


    Any suggestions on where to start?






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    I have two DL380 server with esxi 5.5 running on the top of both servers. I have connected these servers via cross cables with primary and secondary nic cards. I have made a vswitch and adaptor to connect to VM hosted on the respective servers. when i reboot the machine i can see that i will not be able to ping each other , in order to ping i need to disconnect and connect the adaptor towards the VM. my nic teaming is in active standby . please suggest a way to avoid this issue

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    The computer just crashes wish the Green Screen of Death showing the error KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE anytime I try to run a Virtual Machine, no matter which guest operating system I try to run.


    Same problem with VMWare Workstation 14 and 15.



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    Hi everyone,


    I registered a local vsphere-ui instance with the vCenter Server 6.7.0, which is newly installed with a static ip. When I opened "https://localhost:9443/ui/" in my browser I got the following error


    [400] An error occurred while sending an authentication request to the vCenter Single Sign-On server - An error occurred when processing the metadata during vCenter Single Sign-On setup - Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service - SSL certificate verification failed..


    I found a solution showed in this link Failed to connect to VMware lookup service - David Hill ,but it cannot solve my issue. As the following picture shows, there is no "Toggle certificate" button in the Admin tab. Give me some help, please.


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    I want through powercli to give access to the user on VirtualPortGroup

    I try the following command:


    New-VIPermission -Entity (Get-VirtualPortGroup -name users) -Principal "domain\poweruser" -role "Create VM for poweruser from powercli"



    New-VIPermission : Не удается привязать параметр "Entity". Не удается преобразовать значение "Users" типа "VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.Host.Networki

    ng.VirtualPortGroupImpl" в тип "VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk.Types.V1.VIObject".

    строка:1 знак:26

    + New-VIPermission -Entity (Get-VirtualPortGroup -name users) -Principa ...

    +                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [New-VIPermission], ParameterBindingException

        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConvertArgumentNoMessage,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.PermissionManagement.NewVIPermission


    output PowerCLI C:\> Get-VirtualPortGroup -name users


    Name                      Key                            VLanId PortBinding NumPorts

    ----                      ---                            ------ ----------- --------

    Users              200

    Users              200

    Users              200



    what am I doing wrong?



    VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 10175896,

    vSphere Web Client Version Build 9433921

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    Author :

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Upgrade App Volumes Manager

    Publication Name : VMware App Volumes Installation Guide

    Product/Version : VMware App Volumes/2.14

    Question :

    After the upgrade I can see the dashboard page but all of the other tabs I get a spinning wheel and they never open. I noticed on the dashboard page that the update to 2.14 at the bottom was correct but the "Licensed to: App Volumes 2.13 production license" was still 2.13. I ran the install using as admin.

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  • 12/13/18--01:00: Deleting Snapshot
  • Hi Guys. I'm new to VSphere. I've just completed VMware vSphere Install, configure manage v6.7 training.


    So here's my question. It turns out one of the admins created a snapshot a year ago of one of our servers. This server is critical to patient treatment. If I delete the snapshot is there a way to estimate how long the consolidation of data might take and what, if any, performance issue might occur?

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  • 12/19/18--12:50: Windows 10 Start Menu
  • Just a quick background of my environment....


    Horizon 7.6

    App Vol 2.14

    UEM 9.14

    Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 


    I recently upgraded to Horizon 7.6 due to compatibility issues with previous version and Win10 Ent 1803.  I now have an environment that is compatible according to VMware.  I am having the same old start menu and search issues that should be resolved.  If i have app vol installed on the image then the start menu and search functions are broken.  If I just remove App Vol and recompose the pool then it works again.  It doesn't seem to be related to a writable being attached.  I tested with and without.  I also already added the line to disablehotplug as recommended by VMware. 


    Any other ideas? 

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    Hi there,

    I was creating a simple script to Clone VM from .csv list. It was working well on certain vCenter, however, when tried on different vCenter, the task was created multiple time resulting in an error saying that the vm already exist, I'm not sure why this happens on this server specifically.

    Attached is the script used. And some additional details.


    The vCenter version that works is:

    • Version 6.5.0
    • Build 8024368


    The vCenter that doesn't work (task created multiple times):

    • Version 6.5.0
    • Build 5973321

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    As a Rocks user, I have started to work with vmware for some clustering purposes. I have installed vmware ESXi on one node and I can access to the management dashboard via web. There, I can not see anything about adding another host.

    I have searched and there are some other products such as vSphere and vCenter. I also have read the differences. However, still I don't know which one fits my need. Which product is needed? Any advice?

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    Hi All,


    We are having issue with, in network profile it's showing same name with two different IPs.


    How to remove Machine Name from Network Profile?


    Kindly find attachment for your reference.

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    I created a new vCenter with an IP in our trust vlan and migrated our hosts to it.  Our campus has a central monitoring system that can ping the new vcenter IP, but not the new host IPs. The campus firewall team has allegedly opened the vlan firewall so that all of those IPs can be pinged (although I'm asking them to verify). I haven't changed anything for inbound ports on the host firewall (except to add the subnet for vcenter\esxi\client communication, which is all working), and my understanding from the esxi documentation is that icmp is open anyway.


    Is there anything else I can check on esxi that would block icmp? If I need to add the monitoring IPs to the esxi firewall, which entries would I need to add them to?




    ETA: By the way, I just discovered I can't ping out from the hosts to the monitor servers over the vmk with the new IP. Not sure if that would make a difference since the monitor server should be initiating, but I'm going to try to allow the outbound anyway.

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    Dear All,


    I am looking for powercli script to trigger instant clone feature for non-frozen VM's in vSphere 6.7U1.


    Referred the below link but I am not able to get this working on "non-frozen" VM.



    Was able to get this working by using vCenter MOB and Horizon but I am looking to use this feature using powercli. LucD


    Thank you!!!


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