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    My Windows machine (host) has a VM running with MacOS Mojave (guest). The host is connected to internet via ethernet. My guest is connected to VPN. Is there anyway for the host to (also) access the guest's VPN connection?


    I've tried changing the VM network setting to NAT and bridged without any results. I've also played with the "share internet" from vpn to ethernet in Mac (guest). Just can't seem to get it working. Is there anyway to get the Windows host to share the Mac's VPN via the same ethernet connection? Just assume I don't have wifi or any other network interface.


    PS: I'm not a network or systems admin pro any pointers are appreciated!

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  • 12/03/18--04:13: NSX on VLAN "0"
  • Hello,


    is it possible to run VXLAN over a physical network which is not tagged with a VLAN ID? like using unmanaged switches?

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    I'm using VMware Workstation Pro 15.

    I have a Ubuntu VM and I delete two folders with 60GB size after using them.

    But The Storage on my laptop hard disk not freeing up after deleting these folders and still allocates 150GB on my hard disk.

    I Delete those folders with "rm -rf " command and the Trash is already empty.

    What should I do?

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    I enabled multi-writer in 2 vm's for the oracle asm, but after powering on the both the servers, the changes were gone from the configuration file.

    i used vShpere Client version 6.0.0 build 6855219, and VMware vCenter Server Version 6.0.0 build 7462484.

    Any suggestion why the changes were not reflected for multi-writer on both the vm's.

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  • 12/16/18--23:45: Vcenter 6.7 license
  • HI there,


    we are planning to upgrade our vcenter from 6.0 to 6.7.

    I read do that for 6.7 does not support backwards, so do I need a new license to upgrade from vcenter 6.0 to 6.7...?


    or can I upgrade the licenses in my VMWare,...


    thanks for all the reply


    best regards



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    Really weird problem.

    When changing location of the windows page file and rebooting, windows will give the error: "windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occurred".


    I have tried pretty much every combination of disk controller/MBR/GPT/Allocation unit Size/Page file size there is.


    Anyone tried or able to reproduce the issue?



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  • 12/14/18--05:55: esxi sync time to guest os
  • Hi


    i have esxi 6.7 and guest os windows server 2016 with vmware tools. the os is connected to the windows domain.


    I have problem in night when i create backup vm by veeam free version(hot backup) and also in that time run script. script should run once but runs 2 time.

    i read this article: VMware Knowledge Base

    is possibly to time is change when veeam create/restore snapshot?

    or where i should be look at the problem to fix it?

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  • 12/17/18--00:39: VM Memory Perfomance
  • Hello,


    I read Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere 6.5 and cant understand real perfomance result.


    I have server 2х CPU E5-2695 v2 (24 cores  (48  with HT) )  and 128GB RAM

    So NUMA node is 12 cores and 64Gb


    I do only one test read from memory (AIDA64)


    When cores <= 12, read from memory ~27GB/s (and totaly independent from RAM size, I test 4,16,32,64,96,116)


    When cores >12, read from memory ~57Gb/s   (and totaly independent from RAM size, I test 4,16,32,64,96,116)


    From Performance Best Practices:

    Virtual machines with more vCPUs than the number of cores in each physical NUMA node (called “wide

    virtual machines”). These virtual machines will be assigned to two (or more) NUMA nodes and will be preferentially

    allocated memory local to those NUMA nodes. Because vCPUs in these wide virtual machines might

    sometimes need to access memory outside their own NUMA node, they might experience higher average

    memory access latencies than virtual machines that fit entirely within a NUMA node.


    For the best performance, try to size your virtual machines to stay within a physical NUMA node. For example, if you have a host system with six cores per NUMA node, try to size your virtual machines with no more than six vCPUs.



    Can anyone explain why “wide virtual machine” have twice more memory performance and contrary Best Practices?

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    there's a bit issue in my nsx-t environment which is a single-tier(tier 0) topology with N-S and E-W traffic.


    two logical switches are created for VMs to connect and these LS can be routed via distributed router(in the tier 0 router)

    the VMs in different subnet can ping to each other and the router ports.

    here's the forwarding table as shown in figure below:


    i found that the distributed router could not ping to and any downlink ports such as and


    an edge VM is created to load the service router(in the tier 0 router) and provide N-S traffic,

    however in the edge VM command line, the service router have a connected route alone, as shown below:


    i did configure the tier0 router with a uplink port (ip: to reach the TOR switch public network(

    but there should be transit route like in the service router...

    from the external network i couldn't ping to and the VMs couldn't reach the service router.

    what kind of misconfigurations would that be?

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    Hi everybody,


    I have NSX 6.4 with several vxlans and software router between them (not an ESX Edge) without a rout to external network.


    Since I've migrated everything from NSX 6.3 to NSX 6.4 I've got  Warnings with the following text


    "Possible DHCP DOS attack seen on the host. Please refer to NSX Manager and VM Kernel logs for details."

    In NSX Manager's System Events I see messages like


    Event DHCP_STARV occurred 2400 times on host <hostname>


    vmkernel log referes to MAC address of software router

    2018-04-06T15:19:03.404Z cpu4:1167695)WARNING: dvfilter-switch-security.throt: SwSecDhcpSnoopTx:600: nic-1167694-eth2-dvfilter-generic-vmware-swsec.1: Possible DHCP DosAttack on port 50331681(13724) 1 times from Mac :



    I couldn't find anything related to this new feature of NSX.


    Is this somethig I should worry? Or this are false alarms?

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    We are designing a migration from SQL cluster to a PostgreSQL.

    Currently we have set-up a SQL HA cluster where we have automatic fail-over of the DB Servers.

    We want to have this also in our PostgreSQL setup.

    Does anyone have experience with one of these products or is there a reference architecture for this?


    ClusterControl | Open Source Database Management System


    Thank you in advance

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    Hi - I am trying to find out CPUID and UUID of a particular VM instance in order to register Palo Alto deployment. RvTools was handy to get the UUID but, I cant seem to find CPUID?

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    A good webpage to reproduce what I see is I use pcoip



    with blast


    Its slight in the images, but there is slight "blocky-ness" to the animation behind which I'm assuming is the h264 encoder. I have no qos enabled either by GPO or Horizon Smart Policies using UEM. Do I need to switch back to PCOIP for better quality, or is there a change we can make.

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      I have a vCenter Server Appliance 6.7. The problem i am facing is that I can not change it's SSO id. I need to change it because it's configured with FQDN vCenter.domain.local. Now, the appliances such as NSX and vCenter HA does reverse nslookup and it doesn't respond well because of uppercase C in vCenter.


    or I can rebuild a new VCSA but I need to retain the configuration.

    Any advice?

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    We want to allow some users to connect to our existing Horizon VDIs while outside the company.

    The difficult part is that we want to configure somehow, so you cannot simply download the VMware Horizon Client and connect to our UAG/Horizon, but rather have some kind of check to see if other apps are running or something similar , so we can be able to not allow the user to have, lets say snipping tool open, while connecting to our environment.

    Is there a way to do this?


    Thank you

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  • 12/17/18--09:02: Getting weird dll error
  • I'm trying to make a simple application, yet it crashes as soon as I try to connect.


    When I do the following:

    var Client = new VimClientImpl();

    Client.IgnoreServerCertificateErrors = true;



    This is the exception I get on the "Connect" line:

    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ''VMware.System.Private.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null''. The system cannot find the file specified.File name: ''VMware.System.Private.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'' at VMware.Vim.VimClientImpl.Connect() at VmActions.vSphereClient..ctor(String hostname, String username, String password)

    I tried looking manually for that dll, and yes, it is missing from files. File with the same name is present in other places, like in "VMware.VimAutomation.Vds" folder, but the version is different(4.4.0).


    Can anyone please help me understand what is going on? Why would it need older version of that dll? Why is it missing and what can I do about it?

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    I deployed a Skyline appliance last week and got it connected to my vCenter 6.5 appliance.  The collector shows green for all statuses but Skyline advisor shows 0 VCs collected, 0 hosts, 0 VM's.  I have configured a custom role with read-only plus the 4 global permissions that VMware says are needed for Log Assist, but Log Assist also has no inventory to select.  I haven't found anything in VMware KB or on the web for similar issues.

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    Hello, This is my platform:

    vCenter: 6.0 U3

    Esxi: vCenter Server 6.0 Update 3c

    vSphere Replication Appliance: VMWare-vSphere_Replication-


    I´m trying to deploy the vSphere Replication Server and after deploy the .ovf succesfully I try to power on the server and obtain this error:

    Cannot initialize "vami.gateway.vsphere_replication_appliance" Network "ONM_SRV" has no associated network protocol profile


    This is not true because this network (ONM_SRV) HAS a network protocol profile. But I didn´t enable the "IP Pool" in this profile.


    Do you think that this is the problem? I mean, maybe I have to enable the "IP Pool" in this profile? Or maybe another different issue?



    And... Is there any impact if I enable this "Ip Pool"?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Everyone,


    I know that this subject have been discussed many times already but I don't seem to be able to find a definitive answer and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the overview of our environment: Windows 10 LTSB (1607 build) optimized with VMware Optimization Tool, Horizon View 7.6, vSphere 6.7, AppVolumes, UEM, Instant Clones ( NVidia GPU Enabled) and no writable volumes, all flash Pure storage. Mounting only max 4 Appstacks per machine



    Logon time is between 55 to sometimes 80 seconds. Brand new user who logs in for the first time to this environment can login within 35-45 seconds. - Initially placed a call with VMware to help with logon time that was taking anywhere between 90-120 seconds and we were able to get it down by adding the following registry key in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\svservice\Parameters  VolDelayLoadTime REG_DWORD set to 15. What is does is that it delays attaching appstacks until after user is logged in. It shortened our logon time but the now for example if I pin some apps from appstack to the Start Menu it will not show up on next logon. All apps that reside on Master image stay just not the Apsstack ones which makes sense because those apps are showing later after logon.


    Even though we shortened the logon time to roughly 60-70 seconds, it seems to me that we are still very slow ant trading off bad user experience with no ability to pin applications to start.


    We are not using mandatory profiles but I'm thinking about creating one to test. Also, our image is joined to the domain whihc I don't think should cause issues with it.


    When I watch the logon screen I see that "applying FlexEngine policy" is taking roughly 20-25 seconds and Preparing Windows takes another 20. Is this normal?


    Does anybody here in the Community have like a guide or manual to successful Instant Clone build including the master image? I'm pretty sure that we followed all of the VMware guides but was wondering if someone might have something else that would be worth implementing to provide better logon times.

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