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    Hello guys,


    I want to know what are the major differences between the Vmware Horizon 7 and Vmware Horizon(with View). I want to upgrade my View Environment but before that I want to upgrade my Vcenter Server. I will make my decision based on the compatibility matrix. I also want to preserve my Thinapps which are on the version 4.7.3. Are there any methods to upgrading Thinapps or is there any other alternative to Thinapp when we upgrade to Vmware Horizon 7?

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  • 08/15/18--12:57: Can't add VC to Skyline
  • I had to reinstall Skyline and am unable to add a VC to it. I remember having the same issue during the original install, but can't remember the workaround. It comes down to the error


    Endpoint test failed. Error message: Couldn't create PropertyCollector facade for getting the VC UUID -> java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't login the client. -> Couldn't login the client. -> General failure. -> invocation failed with "org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)" -> Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused) -> Connection refused (Connection refused)


    I have searched the site and attempted to use some of the answers provided, but results are always the same. I have rebooted Skyline, I have used the FQDN for the VC and also tried the IP. I have told it no separate PSC and then that there is a separate PSC (in my environment the PSC is on a different VM than the VC). I have tried the FQDN as well the IP for the PSC setup. but always error out.


    I also checked taht teh VC and PSC resolve in DNS.


    Kinna lost here and would be grateful for any assistance 

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    A good webpage to reproduce what I see is I use pcoip



    with blast


    Its slight in the images, but there is slight "blocky-ness" to the animation behind which I'm assuming is the h264 encoder. I have no qos enabled either by GPO or Horizon Smart Policies using UEM. Do I need to switch back to PCOIP for better quality, or is there a change we can make.

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    I am facing some issue with dashboards of vROps 7.0.

    Dashboards are getting created properly but after exporting and then importing back to same vROps, its going into continuous configuration mode ( not showing any details in some of the widgets and even we are not able to configure anything onto it). Please let us know in case we are missing  anything. Also could it be related to vROps installation.

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    I am receiving invalid json in my machine properties  from vRA custom forms with both externally sourced values and constant values.


    example of the invalid json:



    Note the double double-quotes around the custom property value.


    Example of externally sourced values via vRO action:

    var props = new Properties();

    props.put("P", "Production");

    props.put("S", "Sandbox");

    return props;


    Example of the same options using constant values:



    I am only experiencing this issue when using custom forms.

    The json property values are not double double-quoted when using the standard forms and custom properties.


    Has anyone else experienced this behaviour with the custom forms?

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    My Project goal is to build Home Server/Desktop with ESXi, where I could run my Windows, Ubuntu Linux and NAS VMs.

    Build Specs

    Intel i5-6500, Gigabyte H170 Mini-Itx motherboard, 16GB DDR4 2133 Memory

    There is only 1 PCIe slot which is used by additional SATA card.(so cannot use additional VGA card)


    I have installed ESXi 6.0 U2 and tried creating Windows 8.1 x 64 bit VM and Windows 10 VM.

    VMkernel DEEP 6.0.0 #1 SMP Release build-3620759 Mar  3 2016 18:41:52x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 ESXi


    So far I have successful at PCI passthrough of onboard SATA controller and Wireless Controller. Which tells me Vt-d is working without issues.

    Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H AHCI Controller

    This needed addition of this line in /etc/vmware/

    # INTEL Sunrise Point-H AHCI Controller

    8086  a102  d3d0     false


    But somehow when i assign onboard VGA(Intel HD 530) for passthrough; VMs get stuck after booting.


    Everytime VMs hang right after


    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:7: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:6: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:5: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:4: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:3: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:2: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge4:1: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: PCIBridge4: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)

    2016-04-05T22:36:50.967Z| vcpu-0| I120: pciBridge7:7: ISA/VGA decoding enabled (ctrl 0004)


    There is no errors shown, so I don't have much to go on here.


    I have tried different combinations of below parameters but still nothing.



    pciPassthru1.msiEnabled = "FALSE"

    smc.present = "TRUE"


    I have even tried disabling Intel HD530 in Safe Mode and reboot. Enable it later from device manager, while i am in Remote Desktop. But VM just gets stuck right there and my Remote Desktop shows black screen. [Ping still responds]

    Also tried disabling and uninstalling VMWare SVGA 3D,


    It seems like ESXi is not letting full control of Intel HD530 graphics.

    I know Integrated gfx passthrough is not recommended by Vmware; But ideally I would also like to use the same machine Graphics output, so that I don't have to access my VMs remotely when needed. (I could get rid of my old machines)

    This setup works fine with XenServer and I am able to see my VM display from Host machine HDMI output.

    [But again XenServer cannot do a USB or Bluray Drive passthrough]

    I am attaching vmware logs here and my vmx file. Could anyone please see if you can find any error or settings that I could work with to fix the issue.


    Note: VM works fine without graphics passthrough or in Safe mode.


    Let me know if anything else is needed.

    Appreciate your time.




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    We're tying to deploy a Taskbar pin to all users. We created the pin and grabbed it from the <AppData>\Romaing\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar


    The shortcut itself is distributed but the Pin on the taskbar is not. What are we missing?

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  • 12/14/18--12:36: Can't download root CA
  • Hey all,

    I just deployed a new vCSA and went to download the trust CA certs and instead of downloading the certs it opens a page of jibberish or wing-dings.



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          I am working in Vcenter plugin for Vrops. Can anyone please help me in identifying how the ServerInfo is being populated in  com.vmware.vise.usersession.UserSession?.

    In many Cases i see this

    "userSessionService.getUserSession().serversInfo[0].name" value is coming as FQDN(i.e hostname.domainname), but i recently saw one case where it is giving only the host name and not the domain part of it. Is it taking from DNS?.How can i check this value?


    Kindly help me



    Dhayaanandh P

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    Fusion Pro 11.0.2

    Mojave 10.14.2 guest on Mojave 10.14.2 host.


    After enabling FileVault on guest, when booting, FileVault "logon" screen does not show mouse movement.  Must use arrow keys to choose the user account and then "return" to enter password.  Mouse cursor does not move.


    This was not a problem prior to Mojave.


    Downgrading the virtual hardware version from 16 (the most recent) to 14 (the prior available) is a successful work-around, but not a solution.


    Is this a known problem?


    This was reported in SR 18014870112.

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    Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 10.07.49 AM.pngMac bookpro (Mid 2015) Mac OS version is 10.14.2,VMware version 11.0.2,When I was going to create a new mac os vm, I made a mistake as shown in the diagram

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    I have a pile of DELL R720 servers that are running ESX 6.5 and 6.0.  I am trying to upgrade them to 6.7.  However some are showing the upgrade as incompatible but with Vcenter 6.7 the scan no longer shows what the incompatibilities are.   How can I find out if its a VIB issue like the 6.5 upgrade and which ones?  Are there logs somewhere that will give more detailed information?



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    vCenter 6 was connected to My EMC storage via storage provider

    Today it was inaccessible and I tried to register it manually but it says certificate is expired and it shos a certificate which was granted to EMC storage by vcenter the first time the VASA connection was established (seems it is this way by design)

    But I cannot find where and how I can renew this certificate or force to use another certificate so VASA is still unavailable

    Please help me on this



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  • 12/14/18--10:57: New Server Build w/ESXi 6.7
  • Have two clients that want to go joint together on a server. Just looking for another set of eyes


    T440 Dell Tower Server

    Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 1.8G, 8C/16T, 9.6GT/s, 11M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400

    48GB RDIMM 2666MT/s Single Rank
    RAID 10 for HDDs or SSDs in pairs (Matching Type/Speed/Capacity) - this will be for the data lun

    PERC H330 RAID Controller

    [8] 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 512n 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive


    VMware ESXi 6.7 U1 Embedded Image on Flash Media

    [2} Windows Server®2016, Standard Ed,Secondary OS, No MEDIA,16 CORE

    [2] 5-pack of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, USER


    ISDM and Combo Card Reader with 16GB VFlash SD & 16GB microSDHC/SDXC Card

    iDrac9, Basic

    On-Board Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1Gb LOM

    Secondary Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1Gb Network Interface Card

    Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 495W

    Redundant Fan with Fresh Air Cooling Option

    UEFI BIOS Boot Mode with GPT Partition


    Company A Requirements:
    CA-SRV-01 DC/DB/FS (quickbooks db, xactimate db)

    2 cores 8GB ram 80GB partition


    CA-RDS-01 (5 users)

    2 cores 16GB ram 80GB partition

    Company B Requirements:
    CB-SRV-01 DC/DB/FS (quickbooks db, logistics software db)

    2 cores 8GB ram 80GB partition

    CB-RDS-01 (5 users)

    2 cores 16GB ram 80GB partition


    Onboard SDCard to boot esxi 6.7
    RAID 10 for data storage 8x1TB (arrays of 4 discs - 1 array per company)

    2x1TB hot spares


    On paper it looks good to me. I have supported medical practices ts environments but never hosted the DB segment of it as thier services were all hosted via the cloud. Everything these clients will be utilizing will be on premise with this vm-host. Employee growth is not expected to exceed another 2-3 people (6 users total) for both companies. The server has enough room to grow excluding that its a single socket server. So upgrading would be easy as just the proc would require replacing and re provisioning resources.


    Just looking for opinions, I appreciate the extra set of eyes.

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    I seem to only be able to find information on mapping a .iso on the datastore to a VM. I wish to map a .iso located on the host's datastore so that the host itself can boot from it. Is this possible? Currently running ESXi 5.5 and this is an effort to upgrade to 6.5 without having to SSH and use ESXCLI.

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  • 12/14/18--20:00: VMware SAN
  • Author : william rogers

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : About Administering VMware vSAN

    Publication Name : Administering VMware vSAN

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

    Question :

    Purpose for this

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  • 12/14/18--20:06: Vsan
  • Author : Evgeni Ivanov

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : About Installing and Administering VMware vSphere Update Manager

    Publication Name : vSphere Update Manager Installation and Administration Guide

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

    Question :

    detailed information please

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  • 12/14/18--21:07: sample
  • Author : Evgeni Ivanov

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : About Installing and Administering VMware vSphere Update Manager

    Publication Name : vSphere Update Manager Installation and Administration Guide

    Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

    Question :

    sample question

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    My java plugin can use 3rd party jars that is not  OSGI bundle packages.file:///D:/study/vsphere-web-client-sdk-6.7.0-10244866/flex-client-sdk/docs/FAQ.html#using-bundlor


    I tried to  "inline"(or nest) the library insede my plugin bundle:


    • Add this to your MANIFEST.MF
      Bundle-ClassPath: .,myOtherLib.jar 
    • Include myOtherLib.jar at the root level of your plugin jar. It will be searched by the class loader along with the other classes from your plugin. 
    • If you generate the manifest with bundlor you may need to add a list of packages in Excluded-Imports: and Excluded-Exports: to be sure your plugin bundle doesn't export or import things that will interfere.


    but that also did'nt worked got errors as:


    Error retrieving deployment data for the plugin package at /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity/com.emc.asd.powerpath.licenseappliance-2.3.0 The bundle at /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity/plugins/jaxws-rt.jar should have Bundle-SymbolicName and Bundle-Versionheaders in its MANIFEST.MF


    Can someone please help me fixing this.


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    I setup my Skyline collector a couple months ago, and thought that I had my login paired up.  I went to login today as I got a message that my collector was upgraded.  I migrated the collector to an organization, but am getting the message again when I try to access the advisor.

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